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March 17, 2021

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 dec: 1073741843
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21w11a is the fourteenth snapshot for Java Edition 1.17 released on March 17, 2021,[1] which fixes numerous bugs, many of which are relating to textures and rendering issues as well as adds new mechanics related to copper.



  • Added F3 + L shortcut to generate and persist performance metrics from in-game, similar to /debug.
    • Metrics are saved in .minecraft/debug/profiling/<timestamp>.zip.
  • Added the electric_spark, scrape, wax_off, and wax_on particles.
  • Added the cluster_max_harvestables item tag.
    • Contains all pickaxes.



Amethyst Cluster
  • Breaking by hand, piston, or other means now drops 2 amethyst shards instead of dropping none.
  • Breaking with any pickaxe can now be used to drop 4 amethyst shards instead of an iron pickaxe or higher.
Big Dripleaf
  • Breaking the stem now drops the block.
  • Now can be fertilized with bone meal on the stem to make the dripleaf grow.
Block of Copper, Cut Copper, and variants
  • Honeycomb can now be used to wax them, to match Bedrock Edition.
    • Yellow particles are formed when waxing the block.
  • Using a dispenser with honeycomb waxes them, matching Bedrock Edition.
  • Axes can now be used to scrape off wax and oxidation (one stage at a time).
    • White particles are formed when scraping off wax from the block.
  • Lightning now may clean oxidation, reverting the oxidation process by one or several stages.
    • Chances of cleaning and number of reverted stages are higher the closer to the struck block.
  • Waxed copper blocks can be crafted into 4 copper ingots, to match Bedrock Edition.
Brewing Stand
  • Changed potion icon in the brewing stand GUI to reflect the new bottle texture in the Texture Update.[2]
  • Removed some stray pixels from the GUI texture.
Cave Vines
  • Renamed the parts from "cave vines head" and "cave vines body" to "cave vines" and "cave vines plant", respectively.
    • The IDs have also changed.
  • Now all parts give a light level of 14.
    • Previously, only the bottom-most part gave level 14; others gave only 10.
  • Now slow down the player.
  • Can now be climbed.
Gilded Blackstone
  • The texture has changed.
Glow Lichen
  • Bone meal can no longer be used on it if it has no blocks to spread to.
  • Can now be used on a composter.
Grass Block
  • Changed part of the dirt of the side texture of snowy grass to match regular grass.[3]
Hanging Roots
  • Now renders randomly offset from the center.
  • Removing the support block for it no longer allows it to float.
  • Slightly shrunk top part to prevent z-fighting with fire.[4]
Lightning Rod
  • Can now be waterlogged.
  • Now turns completely white when struck by lightning.
  • Now has a new block state: powered, used to determine whether the rod turns completely white when struck by lightning.
  • Now emits particles when in contact with rain.
Moss Block
  • Can be combined with cobblestone or stone bricks to make the mossy versions of those blocks.
    • Vines can still be used, in addition to moss blocks.
  • In addition to axes,[5] hoes are now an appropriate tool to collect it.
  • Changed one pixel on the pumpkin's top texture to remove the possibility for a small swastika to be displayed.[6]
Rooted Dirt
  • Changed the textures of acacia, birch, dark oak, jungle, oak, and spruce signs to reflect new textures in the Texture Update.
Small Dripleaf
  • The facing direction of small dripleaf is now determined by which direction the player is facing when placing it.
  • Changed the top texture of the smoker.
Spore Blossom
  • Removing the support block for it no longer allows it to float.
Tinted Glass
  • No longer causes suffocation.
  • Mobs can no longer spawn on top of it.


Jungle Doors
  • Changed the texture of the jungle door item to reflect the block texture in the Texture Update.[7]
Spectral Arrows
  • Fired spectral arrows are now entirely golden to reflect the item texture in the Texture Update.[8]
Sugar Cane
  • Changed the texture of the sugar cane item to better reflect biome tinting added in 1.7.2.[9]


  • Changed the texture of the siamese cat type, mostly brightening it.
Guardian and Elder Guardian
  • Removed some stray pixels from the texture file.
Villagers and Zombie Villagers
  • Moved the librarian top overlay texture to correct side of torso.[10]

Non-mob entities[]

  • Changed the back texture to reflect the planks texture in the Texture Update.

World generation[]

  • Tweaked the cave sizes.
Lush caves
  • Reduced the amount of floating water in lush caves.
  • Slightly increased the frequency of diamond ore blobs.
  • If any ore replaces tuff, it will now be deepslate ore.


  • Frozen hearts now have a different texture in Hardcore mode to reflect the regular heart texture.
Spectator mode
  • Added subtitles for amethyst blocks chiming.
  • Added subtitles for waxing and removing wax from copper blocks.
    • These are "Wax on" and "Wax off", but are not triggered in-game.[11]
  • Changed the subtitles for stripping logs and wood from "Axe scrapes" to "Axe strips".
    • "Axe scrapes" is now used for copper blocks. However, it is not triggered in-game.[11]


  • Added cave vines and cave vines plant to the climbable block tag.
  • Added tuff to the deepslate_ore_replaceables block tag.
  • Added tinted glass to the impermeable block tag.
  • Removed tuff from the stone_ore_replaceables block tag.


127 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.17
  • MC-1483 – Snow covered grass/podzol/mycelium block side texture does not match original block.
  • MC-9591 – Players are able to create ghost lily pads.
  • MC-12363 – Lava / water / powder snow bucket desync when using it while rapidly turning.
  • MC-70850 – False negatives during occlusion culling.
  • MC-71530 – Spectators can't see through lava.
  • MC-86645 – Scroll bar goes higher than chat overlay.
  • MC-145501 – Librarian and zombie librarian torso top texture is incorrect.
  • MC-150054 – Spectral arrow texture on item and entity aren't consistent.
  • MC-150784 – Brewing Stand bottle outline incorrect.
  • MC-154006 – Overworld wood signs use the outdated wood texture on all sides.
  • MC-160195 – Jungle door inventory texture is outdated.
  • MC-160388 – Painting back texture has not been updated with the texture update.
  • MC-169717 – Blocks in recipe book groups are rendered in front of item tooltips.
  • MC-195806 – Smoker's top and bottom textures have inconsistently colored pixels.
  • MC-197561 – Carved pumpkins and jack o'lanterns create swastikas.
  • MC-197883 – Jigsaw Structures causing DataFixer spam.
  • MC-198805 – Floating pixel in the tailfin of a guardian/elder guardian.
  • MC-202186 – Houses in Zombie Villages disappear when spawned using /locate.
  • MC-202760area_effect_cloud does not enforce a maximum radius.
  • MC-211513 – Trident returning to owner not in the same world can cause permanent player kick.
  • MC-212123 – Player lighting is inconsistent in the inventory and appears darker on the front.
  • MC-214568 – Setting a lectern on fire causes z-fighting.
  • MC-216227 – Sugar cane item texture is no longer accurate from 13w36a forward.
From the 1.17 development versions
  • MC-203554block.amethyst_block.chime has no subtitle.
  • MC-203561 – Amethyst crystal cluster drops items when block is moved directly by a piston without actually breaking the block.
  • MC-203623 – Inconsistency: Breaking amethyst crystals with hands doesn't drop the item, but breaking the block they are placed on drops them.
  • MC-203676 – Tinted Glass suffocates entities inside of it.
  • MC-203753 – Spyglass use statistic never increases.
  • MC-203918 – Mobs can spawn on tinted glass.
  • MC-204016 – When filling a lava/powder snow cauldron with lava/powder snow, it is placed on the ground instead of in the cauldron.
  • MC-204115 – Pushing an amethyst cluster off of a block with a 1-tick pulse using a sticky piston doesn't drop any items.
  • MC-204862 – Tinted glass is not included in the impermeable tag.
  • MC-205913 – Lightning rod can spawn skeleton horses with skeletons.
  • MC-206588 – Blocks dripstone can be attached to are inconsistent.
  • MC-206787 – World Border is rendered upside down.
  • MC-206805 – World border texture moves up and down with the player.
  • MC-207557 – Frozen hearts in hardcore mode look identical to frozen hearts in survival mode.
  • MC-208295 – Moving water with a piston and amethyst cluster.
  • MC-212226 – Bone Meal can still be used on a Glow Lichen when it is unable to grow.
  • MC-212410 – Cannot compost glow lichen.
  • MC-213269 – Waxed Copper Block cannot be crafted back into ingots.
  • MC-213271 – Parity issue: Copper blocks cannot be waxed by either using honeycomb items on them or using dispensers with honeycombs.
  • MC-213583 – Crash upon importing world generation settings with over 256 layers.
  • MC-213743 – Spectators can't see through powder snow.
  • MC-213764 – Removing the block supporting a spore blossom allows the spore blossom to float.
  • MC-213765 – Cave vine blocks are inconsistent in ID from other similar blocks.
  • MC-213768 – Removing the support block for hanging roots allows it to float.
  • MC-213778 – Cave vines cannot be climbed.
  • MC-213782 – Cave vines do not slow you down like other vines.
  • MC-213798 – Cave vines head and body emit different light levels.
  • MC-213816 – Hanging roots don't get destroyed by flowing water.
  • MC-213886 – Bone meal cannot be used on dripleaf stems.
  • MC-213911 – Cave vines body and cave vines head share the same name.
  • MC-213980 – Moss appropriate tool is axe rather than hoe.
  • MC-214290 – Crash upon importing world generation settings with a layer that is less than 0 blocks high.
  • MC-214780 – It is not possible to create a superflat world with over 256 layers.
  • MC-214868 – Big dripleaf won't drop the item if the top is underwater.
  • MC-214951 – Superflat worlds start generating at negative coordinates, causing a dark horizon.
  • MC-215036 – Snow layers in "Snowy Kingdom" superflat preset generate 64 blocks above the ground.
  • MC-215384 – Azaleas cannot be used as a fuel.
  • MC-215417 – Sky going dark y level ignores data pack dimension y axis limits (minecraft:overworld effects).
  • MC-216018 – Redstone Ready and Water World presets have the default spawn point at wrong Y-level.
  • MC-216134 – Gilded blackstone texture does not match the new side texture of blackstone.
  • MC-216184 – Player takes no fall damage on blocks above Y=316.
  • MC-216737 – When replacing tuff, ores still generate with a "stone" background below Y=0.
  • MC-216945 – Teams become dysfunctional when any entity leaves the team.
  • MC-216965 – Flat "slices" of terrain generating in cracks.
  • MC-217303 – Potential optimization target in DepthBasedReplacingBaseStoneSource.
  • MC-217546stat.fallOneCm is not updated when falling onto a block above Y=316.
  • MC-217802 – Some blocks generate at wrong Y height in a superflat world.
From the previous development version
  • MC-218587 – Lightning rod still can't be waterlogged.
  • MC-218594 – Debug chunk borders don't render properly.
  • MC-218596 – Debug pie is blacked out.
  • MC-218597 – Water has no fog anymore.
  • MC-218603 – Screen turns dark grey when switching dimension.
  • MC-218604 – Hanging roots can generate hanging on other hanging roots, making them float.
  • MC-218609 – Mipmapping causes some block faces to become too dark.
  • MC-218610 – Banners are unimpacted by light levels.
  • MC-218626 – Cannot enchant items.
  • MC-218633 – Smooth lighting has brighter outlines.
  • MC-218635 – With fast graphics, the freezing overlay renders black, and covers the whole screen black in first person.
  • MC-218640 – Broken spyglass overlay on fast graphics.
  • MC-218641 – Red vignette shown when outside the world border is too intense.
  • MC-218645 – The carved pumpkin overlay turns the screen completely black when using fast graphics.
  • MC-218652 – The green nausea overlay no longer renders.
  • MC-218653 – Glowing effect no longer changes to team color.
  • MC-218655 – Floating water generates excessively in lush caves.
  • MC-218660 – The nether portal overlay no longer renders, whilst using fast graphics.
  • MC-218695 – Shulkers do not flash red when hurt or killed.
  • MC-218712 – Debug pie has purple box when moving an enchanted item.
  • MC-218713 – Right clicking to open alternate recipes does not show the recipes.
  • MC-218729 – Noise cave entrances cause unnatural, smooth edges in terrain.
  • MC-218734 – Caves generate with very blocky areas.
  • MC-218748 – At sunset, a blue line appears in the northern and southern skies.
  • MC-218753 – Ambient occlusion of the player seen in the survival inventory has changed.
  • MC-218793 – Two white lines appear on the Mojang loading screen.
  • MC-218817 – Cave Vines can generate without supporting blocks.
  • MC-218825 – M1 ARM Macs crash when using Fabulous Graphics mode as was the case in older versions, but no lack of support warning is shown.
  • MC-218830 – World border is white.
  • MC-218834 – You can see block hitboxes very clearly under powder snow/lava.
  • MC-218845 – Mojang logo screen flashes blue before changing to red.
  • MC-218852 – World border is occasionally shown as a solid color upon being loaded.
  • MC-218877 – The red flash when a mob is hurt/killed appears to be slightly dimmed.
  • MC-218881 – When selecting text in the end, the sky gets highlighted.
  • MC-218911 – The background of hover-event text becomes blue when text is selected in an anvil or chat.
  • MC-218945 – Spyglass has a gradient effect while freezing.
  • MC-218979 – Cave ceilings and floors sometimes too flat or blocky.
  • MC-218988 – Fire is rendered dark in the player/horse/llama UI.
  • MC-218990 – Transparency buffers start with blue background instead of empty background.
  • MC-219002 – The wither's wither armor has a blue aura around it.
  • MC-219006 – The background opacity of subtitles and chat, are affected by a potion effect UI fading out.
  • MC-219014 – Charged creeper layer makes clouds and entities invisible.
  • MC-219036 – World border is shown as a solid color when picking up items or experience orbs.
  • MC-219039 – World border does not render when below the world.
  • MC-219049 – Reloading resource packs no longer shows the progress bar while the transparent background is shown.
  • MC-219105 – Entity hitboxes can be seen whilst inside of powder snow/lava.
  • MC-219108 – Chat scroll bar is offset.
  • MC-219111 – Social interactions scroll bar appears broken.
  • MC-219126 – Spyglass allows looking through blocks.
  • MC-219180 – Slime blocks, honey blocks, stained glass, and ice are fully lit when moved by pistons.
  • MC-219208 – Using enchanted items allows looking through blocks.
  • MC-219212 – Entity shadows can be seen whilst inside of powder snow/lava.
  • MC-219224 – The background opacity of command syntax help is affected when highlighting text.
  • MC-219278 – Being inside of a block no longer shows the block texture.
  • MC-219281 – Dying ender dragon is rendered too bright.
  • MC-219392 – Lead/fishing line is no longer affected by the fog from powder snow/lava.
  • MC-219597 – End portal and end gateway textures expand as the player travels further from the block.


Videos made by slicedlime:


  • This version has the same data version as Combat Test 7b, even though these versions should not be compatible with each other.
  • 21w11a contained the largest number of bug fixes in a single snapshot, with at least 127, beating 20w22a at least 3.