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January 20, 2021

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 dec: 1073741835
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21w03a is the sixth snapshot for Java Edition 1.17, released on January 20, 2021, which adds glow squids, glow ink sacs, glow lichen, glow item frames, and fixes bugs.[1] This is the first snapshot to be released in 2021.



Glow Item Frames
  • Placeable entities which appear to glow.
  • Do not affect the light level, only appearing as if lit up themselves.
  • Items placed inside also glow.
  • Crafted using an item frame and a glow ink sac.
  • Includes application to maps.
Glow Lichen
  • A naturally occurring light source found rarely in caves, growing on any face of a block.
  • Has a light level of 7.
  • Obtained with shears, otherwise breaks.
  • Does not spread naturally, although bone meal can be used to spread it.
    • It spreads to adjacent spaces horizontally, up to 4.
  • Can be waterlogged.
  • Unlike vines, it does not pop off when underwater, and is not climbable.
  • Up to 6 can be put on the same block space, merging into one block.


Glow Ink Sacs
  • Dropped by glow squids when killed.
  • Can be used to craft glow item frames.
  • Can be used to make text glow on signs.
Spawn Eggs
  • Added glow squid spawn egg.


Glow Squid
  • Originates from the mob with the same name from Minecraft Earth.
  • Underwater mob that behaves like a regular squid.
  • Does not naturally spawn yet.
  • Is attacked by axolotls without provocation.
  • Drops glow ink sacs when killed.
  • Does not affect the light level, only appearing as if lit up itself.
  • Stops glowing for a short time and swims away fast after taking damage.



Dripstone Blocks
  • Can now be tinted with glow ink sacs to make the text glow.
    • Glowing signs do not affect the light level, only appearing as if the text itself is illuminated.
    • A new lit block state had been added to indicate whether the sign text is lit up.
    • Regular ink sacs can be used to remove the glowing effect.
    • Now has sounds for being dyed.


Death messages
  • Added unique death messages for dying from falling on a stalagmite.
    • "<player> was impaled on a stalagmite" and "<player> was impaled on a stalagmite whilst fighting <entity>".
    • Previously, this death would use the generic fall damage death messages.
Recipe book
  • Changed Lava drips into cauldron to Lava drips into Cauldron.
  • Changed Water drips into cauldron to Water drips into Cauldron.
  • Changed Shulker bullet explodes to Shulker Bullet explodes.
  • Changed Shulker bullet breaks to Shulker Bullet breaks.


Block Models
  • Made the vine's block model much simpler.
  • Changed the error message for failing to connect to the authentication servers. Now says they are "not reachable" instead of "down for maintenance".
  • Added glow squids to the axolotl_always_hostiles entity type tag.
Obfuscation map
  • Changed the license included in the obfuscation map.
World Selection
  • Added unique warnings for downgrading a world.
  • Removed the following languages due to incomplete translations:
    • Gothic
    • Kabyle
    • Maori
    • Mohawk
    • Nuk
    • Ojibwe
    • Talossan
Customized World
  • World height/depth can now be adjusted to a max of Y=-2048 to Y=2031, mountain and cave generation will scale accordingly similar to amplified world type.[2][3]


47 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.17
  • MC-89880 – Spawner with weight 0 crashes the game.
  • MC-91522 – Shulker rendering position desync and generates ghost shulker when destroying shulker-ridden boat or minecart.
  • MC-92349 – Players cannot tempt animals with food while other players are closer to the animal.
  • MC-92867 – Setting JSON text value to null throws exceptions and crashes.
  • MC-96322 – Shulkers are unable to attack from boat.
  • MC-99098 – Shulker open and close hitbox is not updated, when they ride boat, minecart or mobs.
  • MC-105344 – Shulkers in boats and minecarts do not sit up if previousely attached to blocks sideways.
  • MC-108717 – Shulkers cannot be pushed back.
  • MC-111196 – Using a monster spawner to spawn shulkers spawns white shulkers.
  • MC-113177 – Shulkers cannot be pushed inside non-solid blocks.
  • MC-119051 – Random transparent line in shulker box GUI texture.
  • MC-121897 – Gaps in an animation's used frames throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • MC-131564 – Models that have locked uv in blockstates ignore texture rotation.
  • MC-139265 – Shulkers do not teleport correctly when going through a portal.
  • MC-156109 – Turtles do not follow players in Creative mode holding seagrass.
  • MC-161334 – Shulker boxes cannot be opened if next to a shulker mob.
  • MC-168900 – Shulkers teleport with original dimension coordinates after passing through portals.
  • MC-174216 – Shulkers riding a vehicle sometimes appear in the ground after reopening world.
  • MC-174876 – Shulker spawn egg spawns shulker inside soul sand, snow layers, farmland, grass path and honey block.
  • MC-183067 – Shulkers can push marker armour stands.
  • MC-183884 – Shulkers are afraid of being next to another shulker.
  • MC-186172 – Shulkers open into blocks when unable to teleport.
  • MC-190677 – Shulkers are notaligned to the grid for a split second after being spawned in.
  • MC-193386 – Shulkers spawned attached to the groud attaches themselves to a wall after another shulker is spawned.
  • MC-194089 – Shulkers at some Y positions refuse to get a Peek value.
  • MC-200195 – Boats do not try dismounting the player on land.
  • MC-202202 – Servers are unable to prevent a player from dismounting a vehicle, causing a desync.
  • MC-203373 – Shulker bullet subtitles are not capitalized correctly.
  • MC-203397 – Ceiling vines rotate when other vines are placed in the same block space.
  • MC-208639 – Chiseled Blackstone Recipe unlocks when you get polished blackstone, not polished blackstone slab.
  • MC-210791 – Dropping an item on a shulker launches the item off.
From the 1.17 development versions
  • MC-203571 – Right-clicking an empty bundle sometimes plays hand animation.
  • MC-204337 – Bundle use stat never increases.
  • MC-205076 – Game mode selection is ordered differently.
  • MC-206118 – "type" in loot table number providers is not optional anymore.
  • MC-206510 – Game crashes when trying to shift-click a chest into the inventory of a donkey whose chest is being removed.
  • MC-206550block.pointed_dripstone.drip_[liquid/cauldron] has no subtitles.
  • MC-206923 – Dripstone subtitles are not capitalized properly.
  • MC-207250 – Dripstone caves biome name is not properly capitalized.
  • MC-207254 – Dripstone caves generate merging dripstones in impossible ways.
  • MC-207293 – Dripstone generated in dripstone caves can replace lava sources which looks weird.
  • MC-207335 – Mobs cannot spawn in dripstone caves.
  • MC-207388 – Issues with chunk rendering when height limit is large.
  • MC-207900 – Summoning "dust" or "dust_color_transition" particles kicks nearby players when on a server.
  • MC-208336 – "player" sub-predicate of "entity_properties" predicate only passes if game mode is specified.
From the previous development version
  • MC-208611 – Shulker boxes and bundles duplicate items when destroyed by two fire blocks simultaneously.
  • MC-208666 – Shulker boxes and bundles drop their items twice when thrown into a lava cauldron.


  • This is the only snapshot released in January 2021.


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