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November 11, 2020

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 dec: 1073741830
 hex: 40000006

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20w46a is the second snapshot for Java Edition 1.17, released on November 11, 2020,[1] which adds powder snow among other changes.



Powder snow
  • Entities that walk over it sink into it.
  • Can be picked up and placed with a bucket.
  • Leather boots can be worn to prevent entities from sinking into powder snow blocks.
  • Entities in powder snow slowly freeze.
    • Once frozen, damage is slowly dealt to the entity.
    • Wearing leather armor is intended to slow the freeze effect, and a full set of leather armor is intended to stop the freeze effect. However, this feature was not implemented properly.[2]


Powder snow bucket
  • Using a bucket on powder snow creates a powder snow bucket.
  • Powder snow buckets can be used to place powder snow.
  • Powder snow buckets can also be filled from cauldrons filled with powder snow.

Command format[]

  • Modifies the inventory of a block or entity.
    • This command has three forms:
      • /item <target> replace <item stack> [<count>] – same as old /replaceitem
      • /item <target> modify <modifier> – modifies item (without copying).
      • /item <target> copy <source> [<modifier>] – copies item for source to target(s), optionally applying modifier
    • Possible sources and targets: entity <selector> <slot> or block <x> <y> <z> <slot>
    • For example, /item block ~ ~ ~ container.0 copy entity @s enderchest.0 will copy first item from player's enderchest to first slot of container player is currently standing on.
Item modifiers
  • Reuse functions syntax of a loot table to describe item modification in /item command.
  • The function part of loot tables can now be defined as separate data pack resource in item_modifiers directory.
    • Such files can contain a single function (i.e single JSON object) or an array of functions.


Loot tables
  • Rolls, set_damage, and possibly other parameters now require "type:uniform" (or other valid values for "type") when using min-max for numbers. set_count has had the same requirement for a few versions.
  • New condition: value_check
    • Checks range of value.
    • Parameters:
      • value – see "New value providers" section (currently combination of random generators and score)
      • range – min/max range
  • New function: set_enchantments
    • Modifies enchantments on item.
    • Parameters:
      • enchantments – map of enchantment id to level value (can be score or random number)
      • add – if true, change will be relative to current level. If false, level will be replaced with current value (default behavior)
  • New value providers: score
    • Returns scaled scoreboard value.
    • Parameters:
      • score – scoreboard name
      • target – same as target in score predicate
      • scale – scaling factor (float)


  • Added a new particle type: snowflake.



Amethyst bud
  • Can now be obtained using a silk touch pickaxe.
  • The unused "base" pattern has been renamed to the "field" pattern and given proper translation strings (its ID is still "base").
  • Can now be filled with powder snow during snowfall.
  • Using a bucket on a cauldron filled with powder snow empties the cauldron and creates a powder snow bucket.
  • Can also be filled with powder snow by using a powder snow bucket on it.
Copper block
Lapis lazuli block
  • Renamed to "Block of Lapis Lazuli".
Lightning rod
  • The range of attracting lightning has been doubled.
Structure block
  • Default mode of structure blocks is now "Load". "Data" is now hidden by default.
  • "Data" can be accessed by clicking the mode button while holding the Alt key.


  • Now has a GUI when hovering over it.
    • Shows contained items in its GUI's inventory slots when hovering over it.
  • The strength of the poison effect has been decreased from IV to II.[3]

World generation[]

  • Biome-specific sky colors now blend more smoothly.



Command format[]



Death messages
  • Added death messages for freezing:
    • "<player> froze to death".
    • "<player> was frozen to death by <entity>".
Loot tables
  • Loot tables can now access scoreboard values by UUID.
  • Loot table values inside random number generators can now be nested.
  • Changed condition: score
    • entity parameter has now been replaced with target. It can either contain value from old entity field (like this) or be an score holder name in form {"name": "..."}.
  • Changed function: set_damage
    • This function now has add parameter. If true, change will be relative to current damage. If false, damage will be replaced with current value (default behavior)
  • Changed function: set_count
    • This function now has add parameter. If true, change will be relative to current item count. If false, item count will be replaced with current value (default behavior)
  • Changed function: copy_nbt
    • source parameter can now be set to {"storage": <namespaced id>}, to access command storage.


Data packs
Menu screen
  • Buttons tied to a set of values can now be scrolled through.
  • Clicking ⇧ Shift on a menu button changes it to the previous value.
  • The debug mode can now only be accessed by holding Alt instead of ⇧ Shift while clicking on the world type button.
Translation strings
  • The "World Type" string no longer contains a colon (":"). The colon is still visible in-game, however.
  • Changed "Use VSync" to "VSync".
  • Removed the unused string for enabling VBOs, "Use VBOs".
  • Added strings, "Mode", "Type", "Triggering", and "Track output". These are read out by the narrator for buttons in the command block UI.


41 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.17
  • MC-2490 – TNT animation ends at 80 ticks, ignores fuse length changes.
  • MC-53518 – Endermen don't attack endermites spawned using spawn eggs or /summon.
  • MC-80468 – Inconsistency between block names.
  • MC-99189 – Client overrides map data of map with id 0 when a new map is created.
  • MC-99259 – The wither health bar doesn't go up during spawn.
  • MC-106690 – Servers sends SPacketMaps packets even if the map data did not change.
  • MC-110903 – Cannot remove horse saddle using /replaceitem.
  • MC-143821 – Using an empty map in creative mode can create an additional map with ID 0.
  • MC-147729 – Crafting via the recipe book can delete items if picking up items while crafting.
  • MC-158466 – Server Crash (Exception ticking world: ConcurrentModificationException).
  • MC-162910 – Additional map is created when using an empty map in Creative in a newly created world.
  • MC-170659 – Loss of precision in entity_scores conditions.
  • MC-182954 – "block.minecraft.banner.base.<color>" displays raw translation string (is untranslated).
  • MC-183771 – Gamemode switcher icons in the F3+F4 menu are not centered.
  • MC-183917 – Min and max are both required in entity_scores condition.
  • MC-185605 – Kelp generates on top of magma blocks.
  • MC-188448 – Food pops off of campfire when extinguished.
  • MC-189482 – LAN World screen buttons are selected in the wrong order when using Tab ↹.
  • MC-195461 – The upper part of potted cactus/bamboo texture is not visible if there is a half block above it.
  • MC-195827datapackFailure.title line in en_us.json file has double spaces between the translation string and the equivalent text.
  • MC-196425 – "Off" is not completely capitalized for the Distortion Effects and FOV Effects sliders, which is inconsistent with other sliders.
  • MC-197276 – Pufferfish gives Poison IV instead of II.
  • MC-198514 – Creating a superflat world with nothing but air crashes the game.
  • MC-198535time_check predicate condition requires both min and max value.
  • MC-198725 – Crash when clicking "Presets" after setting the superflat preset with a non-existent biome.
  • MC-199988 – When accessing a UI of a structure block from /setblock the texture changes from data to save.
From the previous development version
  • MC-203551 – Putting lava in a cauldron makes the water bucket sound.
  • MC-203562 – Shulker boxes animate when shulkers do.
  • MC-203574 – Decorations don't generate in the Nether.
  • MC-203621 – Unable to pick up experience orbs.
  • MC-203622 – Arm when using spyglass aligned wrong on Multiplayer.
  • MC-203631 – Amethyst buds do not drop themselves with silk touch.
  • MC-203643 – Command modified bundle has a bigger progress bar than a slot.
  • MC-203644 – Cats & ocelots are missing one of their legs.
  • MC-203646 – Some mobs won't despawn when switched to peaceful.
  • MC-203648 – The armor stand model floats above its base.
  • MC-203746 – Levitation particles go on forever when killed by a levitating creeper.
  • MC-203880 – Floating creepers/creeper with no AI.
  • MC-204054 – When using the spyglass with a shield on your secondary hand, the shield appears on the zoom.
  • MC-204221 – Calcite has transparent texture but is opaque in-game.
  • MC-204861 – Datapack format potential conflicts.


Video made by slicedlime:


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