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July 15, 2020

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20w29a is the third snapshot for Java Edition 1.16.2, released on July 15, 2020,[1] which changes the syntax of spawning commands and fixes bugs.


Command format[]

/spawnpoint and /setworldspawn
  • Added an angle parameter for setting the default facing angle of a respawning player.
  • Syntax:
    • /spawnpoint [<targets>] [<pos>] [<angle>]
    • /setworldspawn [<pos>] [<angle>]
      • angle: Floating point yaw angle in degrees. Supports the relative ~ modifier, which defaults to the direction the executing player is facing.



Pillagers and vindicators
  • The attack animations of unarmed pillagers and vindicators have been changed.


Creative inventory


Custom world generation
  • worldgen/noise_settings can now contain noise configurations.


22 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-153230 – Players in spectator mode can stop minecarts.
  • MC-157774 – Bouncing off side of blocks while creative flying.
  • MC-158735 – Pillagers without crossbows hold their arm up in a way that may be offensive to some people.
  • MC-166718 – Mobs no longer suffocate inside of soul sand, farmland, or grass paths.
  • MC-176778 – Camera is reset when a block reappears due to high server latency.
  • MC-176836 – Unarmed vindicators raise their arm in an offensive way when attacking.
From 1.16
  • MC-185019 – Worldgen settings with empty structures parameter generates all structures extremely frequently.
  • MC-189788 – Certain mobs in boats sometimes take drowning damage while the boat is moving.
  • MC-190559 – Baby striders do not die when it is raining and they are in lava.
  • MC-190875 – Creating a custom superflat world with a structure that cannot generate in a given biome, then running /locate on that structure, softlocks the game.
  • MC-191031 – Players in spectator mode can interact with boats.
From 1.16.1
  • MC-191623 – Ender dragon battle music does not stop after the ender dragon has been defeated.
  • MC-192021 – Enchantment glint effect on transparent blocks not properly rendered on Fabulous graphics.
From the 1.16.2 development versions
  • MC-193560 – Enchantment glint does not render on elytra in specific circumstances.
  • MC-193662 – Player flying in creative mode that is slightly above blocks when they sneak-jump are restrained to that block.
From the previous development version
  • MC-194173 – Hitboxes are rendered offset while picking up items or experience on graphics settings Fast and Fancy.
  • MC-194200 – Birch trees are not generated correctly in the birch forest and birch forest hills biomes.
  • MC-194220 – Totems of undying give Fire Resistance II instead of the maximum Fire Resistance I.
  • MC-194257 – Several instances of snowy being misspelled as snovy in the vanilla_worldgen configuration.
  • MC-194298 – Bone meal cannot create flowers.
  • MC-194300 – Structure data of pillager outposts, villages, and bastion remnants get lost when updating a world to 20w28a.
  • MC-194464large_oak_foliage_placer incorrectly serializes to blob_foliage_placer.


Video made by slicedlime:


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