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Not to be confused with Java Edition 21w20a.
Minecraft 20w21a
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May 20, 2020

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20w21a is the eighteenth snapshot for Java Edition 1.16, released on May 20, 2020,[1] which adds experimental support for custom worlds and fixes bugs.


A warped forest biome in the overworld using the new generator.


Customized worlds
  • Added experimental support for new custom worlds.
  • The "Edit World" menu now has an option to export world settings to a JSON file.
    • Previously exported world settings can be imported during world creation.
  • Many new parameters are exposed but marked as experimental, meaning they can be used but may later be removed.
client.json arguments
  • disableChat
    • Disables the receiving and sending of online chat.
  • disableMultiplayer
  • Added functionality to import/export world settings.
Sound events
  • Added an unused[2] subtitle for traveling through a nether portal, "Portal noise fades".
  • Added a subtitle for activating a nether portal, "Portal noise intensifies".
  • Added a subtitle for cat purring, "Cat purrs".
  • Added a subtitle for donkey eating, "Donkey eats".
  • Added a subtitle for fox teleporting, "Fox teleports".
  • Added subtitles for mules neighing and eating; "Mule neighs" and "Mule eats", respectively.
  • Added subtitles for parrots imitating hoglins, piglins, and zoglins; "Parrot growls", "Parrot snorts", and "Parrot growls", respectively.
  • Added subtitles for zombies attacking and breaking wooden doors; "Door shakes" and "Door breaks", respectively.
  • Added subtitles for using cartography tables, looms, and stonecutters; "Map drawn", "Loom used", and "Stonecutter used", respectively.
  • Several of these subtitles do not show up in game, but are specified in sounds.json.



Redstone dust
  • Right-clicking an isolated redstone toggles it between a cross and a dot.
    • A dot of redstone does not power surrounding blocks, and a cross does.
    • Redstone which is connected to anything is not toggleable.
  • Now have a hardness of 1.


Nether sprouts
  • Are now positioned in the center of the inventory slot as opposed to the bottom.


  • No longer walk around when admiring golden items.
  • If a piglin is hurt while admiring a gold ingot, the ingot now disappears without completing a barter.

World generation[]

  • Increased the chance of ores to generate in the basalt deltas to balance against the reduced amount of netherrack in this biome.
World types

Command format[]

  • Structure names are now specified as lowercase.
  • Added the ability to control the height.
    • Syntax: /spreadplayers <center> <spreadDistance> <maxRange> under <maxHeight> <respectTeams> <targets>
      • maxHeight specifies the maximum height for resulting positions.


  • Lily pads are now considered junk fishing loot rather than treasure.


New Mojang logo on the loading screen.

New Minecraft logo.

Menu screens and splash
NBT tags
  • The Dimension NBT tag is now a namespaced ID string instead of a number, which is used in player.dat.
Obsidian platform
  • Obsidian platform now can get regenerated when a non-player entity enters the End through an end portal.
  • Changed the subtitle for zombie villagers converting from "Zombie vociferates" to "Zombie Villager vociferates".
  • Changed the subtitle for zombie villagers being cured from "Zombie snuffles" to "Zombie Villager snuffles".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Blast furnace crackles" to "Blast Furnace crackles".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Enchanting table used" to "Enchanting Table used".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Respawn anchor is charged" to "Respawn Anchor is charged".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Respawn anchor depletes" to "Respawn Anchor depletes".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Respawn anchor sets spawn" to "Respawn Anchor sets spawn".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Turtle egg breaks" to "Turtle Egg breaks".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Turtle egg cracks" to "Turtle Egg cracks".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Turtle egg hatches" to "Turtle Egg hatches".
  • Removed the subtitle "Horse lands".
  • Removed structure settings from flat level preset strings as it was broken due to the addition of customizable worlds.
  • Removed wither roses from the #prevent_mob_spawning_inside block tag.
  • Old customized worlds (from before Java Edition 1.13) now say "Old Customized" in the world selection screen.


45 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-51126 – Arrows disappear until the player relogs when they shoot them at low angles from a boat.
  • MC-89361 – Player selectors fail finding player/Player is not correctly moved from the end to the nether.
  • MC-91368 – Ender dragon taking damage from thorns in creative mode.
  • MC-97247 – Map making sound uses equipment sound subtitle.
  • MC-97507 – Using item which modifies the held item shows "Gear equips" subtitle.
  • MC-107103 – Trying to interact with an entity 3 or more blocks away without seeing its eyes only interacts client-side.
  • MC-113068 – Zombie banging on door subtitle is called "Block broken".
  • MC-123155 – When any non-player entity enters an End portal the obsidian platform is not regenerated and the entity can fall into the void.
  • MC-128658 – Nether and end biomes do not use correct blocks in Buffet world type.
  • MC-147516 – Hostile mobs will sometimes stop attacking/following their target when directly next to it.
  • MC-147691 – Enderman does not hit or damage the player if they keep standing still.
  • MC-153319 – Result of UUID selector is nondeterministic.
  • MC-166292 – Subtitle from foxes eating chorus fruit: "Player teleports".
  • MC-167076 – Seagrass, sea pickles, and tall seagrass do not obscure direct sunlight when waterlogged.
  • MC-169764 – Fish flopping sound shows both "Footsteps" and "Fish flops" subtitles.
  • MC-177080 – Sounds for traveling through a portal have no subtitle.
  • MC-177088 – Polar bear step sound does not have subtitles.
  • MC-183249 – Carving mask BitSets created for lower chunk statuses.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-170930 – Nether sprouts item not visible when held in the hand in first person.
  • MC-172090 – Piglins would rather hold a golden item instead of a crossbow.
  • MC-172207 – Parrots do not imitate hoglins, zoglins and piglins.
  • MC-172255 – Piglins immediately dismount any entity that they are riding.
  • MC-175656 – Piglins will keep gold ingots in their inventories if attacked while admiring them.
  • MC-175989 – Strider sounds are not translated through in-game subtitles.
  • MC-177438 – Turtle egg's name inconsistently capitalized across different subtitles.
  • MC-177830 – Blackstone and basalt prevent ancient debris and other Nether ores from generating.
  • MC-178130 – Zombie villagers are called "Zombie" in some subtitles.
  • MC-178212 – Nether planks, their variants, and hyphae are harder than stems.
  • MC-178298 – Ancient debris and nether gold ore cannot generate in basalt deltas.
  • MC-180257 – Crash when setting LodestonePos of compass to something other than NBT compound.
  • MC-180852 – There is no space on the beacon's secondary power effects in the UI.
  • MC-181270 – Trying to open old worlds (in Region format?) without version information in snapshots does not show warning screen.
  • MC-181298 – Game crashes when trying to generate a Nether biome superflat world with ruined portals.
  • MC-181439 – Player or dispenser using a bucket at world height limit will play bucket sound despite failing.
  • MC-181463 – The buttons are not selected in the right order using Tab ↹ in the new world creation menus.
  • MC-181499 – Buckets cannot be emptied into a source block, but still produce a sound when trying.
  • MC-181511 – Chunks with redstone are removed.
  • MC-181522 – Chunks that have not been explored since 1.13 are resetting.
  • MC-181535 – Placing water with a dispenser facing a water source drops the bucket.
  • MC-181611 – Vindicators stop attacking the player when they are standing really close to them.
  • MC-182514 – 15 block states per sub-chunk limit during world upgrade.
  • MC-182743 – Wither skeletons do not spawn inside of wither roses.
  • MC-182912 – Piglins still do not change their current crossbow for a new enchanted one.
  • MC-183786 – Named seeds that are not numbers are not being recognized.
From the previous development version
  • MC-183966 – Bonus chests generate on servers.


Video made by slicedlime:


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