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May 6, 2020

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20w19a is the fifteenth snapshot for Java Edition 1.16, released on May 6, 2020,[1] which fixed bugs and made tweaks to mob spawning.


World generation[]

The Nether


  • Added a statistic for distance by strider.





  • Now uses the top texture on the bottom face.
Crimson and warped doors
  • Texture changed to include hinges.
Crimson and warped roots
Nether sprouts
  • Now require shears to be obtained.
  • Are now randomly offset, similarly to grass and flowers.
Redstone wire
  • Now visually connects when traveling up soul sand, 8-layer snow stacks and the back of upside-down stairs.
  • Particles are now generated across the entire area of the redstone wire; previously they only appeared at the center.
    • This now causes the particles to appear at the incorrect positions when millions of blocks away from the spawn point, due to precision loss[2] (see Java Edition distance effects).
Twisting vines and weeping vines
  • Lowered the amount that they grow when using bone meal.


  • Mobs can no longer spawn within blocks occupied by a wither rose (except wither skeletons).
  • Spawning has been tweaked to more closely follow mob caps.
    • Mobs in soul sand valleys and warped forests will create a radius around them that prevents other mobs of the same type from spawning, which gets bigger as more mobs spawn.
  • Now have their own mob category and mob cap.
Hoglins and piglins
Iron golems

World generation[]

The Nether


Creative inventory
  • Block categories and tag names are no longer bold.
Recipe book




45 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-87949 – The shield use statistic is not working.
  • MC-89956 – Levitation has no effect if gliding with elytra.
  • MC-116293 – Functioning clock and compass in recipe book.
  • MC-125613 – Datapack tag #stairs does not use #wooden_stairs.
  • MC-132236 – When executing /reload and then pressing L to open advancements, it instead tells me that there are no advancements unless I click.
  • MC-145862 – Villagers try to sleep in occupied beds.
  • MC-152084 – Villagers occasionally stand up out of beds at night, then can never sleep in that bed again.
  • MC-152170 – When a villager takes the bed of another villager, then the bed's previous owner will not look for a new bed.
  • MC-157077 – Villagers will not sleep in beds at night.
  • MC-158542 – Iron golems do not stop spawning.
  • MC-160250 – Naturally-generated villagers are not pathfinding towards their POI; POI detection range is too small.
  • MC-164205 – Endermen do not spawn in the End if difficulty is set to Easy.
  • MC-166764 – Villagers spawned during world generation have a lower follow range than villagers spawned by other means.
  • MC-168139 – Enchanted armor pieces worn by entities lose their enchantment glint when looked at from certain angles.
  • MC-168673 – Iron golems congregate all in the same place in some villages.
  • MC-170612 – Villagers spawned by meeting points have frozen AI and do not move when that chunk is freshly generated.
  • MC-172524 – Letters of name tag render inconsistently when sneaking (within the same name tag).
  • MC-173115 – Mobs can spawn inside of wither roses.
  • MC-174568 – Rail updates are 3–4x times laggier since 1.13.
  • MC-174648 – You can unhighlight the recipe book button of crafting interfaces.
  • MC-179989 – Smithing table and anvil UI does not have "Inventory" title above player inventory.
  • MC-181566 – Powered redstone dust only emits particles at the center of the block.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-172107 – Piglins and hoglins do not get zombified in the End.
  • MC-172899 – Piglins with blocks (pumpkins) equipped on their heads show z-fighting.
  • MC-173015 – Crimson roots, warped roots, and nether sprouts are not randomly offset.
  • MC-174024 – Spawn rates for dolphins and squid are higher than before.
  • MC-174909 – Endermen do not teleport when on magma blocks.
  • MC-175251 – Fish are spawning in with extremely high numbers. Over 200 different entities of cod every five minutes.
  • MC-176356 – "Distance by Strider" statistic is missing.
  • MC-177839 – Blackstone and blackstone walls use the blackstone side face on the bottom, while blackstone stairs and slabs use the blackstone top face on the bottom.
  • MC-178487 – Saddles on untamed horses no longer render.
  • MC-180064 – Piglins would rather use an unenchanted crossbow instead of an enchanted crossbow.
  • MC-180297 – Player name color in list appears too dark.
  • MC-180372 – Loading old beta or 1.0 worlds crashes the game.
  • MC-180407 – Piglin bartering is limited to dropping a single item stack from the loot table.
  • MC-180410 – Enderman spawn rate seems very low on upgraded worlds.
  • MC-180575 – Dispensers now always plays "dispenser failed" when dispensing glowstone.
  • MC-181353 – Warped and crimson doors have no hinges.
From the previous development version
  • MC-181418 – Entity names can no longer be colored.
  • MC-181424 – Fish (and other items from fishing) cannot be caught with a fishing rod.
  • MC-181461 – Enchantment glint does not render on elytra, shields, and tridents.
  • MC-181479 – Map marker labels do not render properly.
  • MC-181524 – Redstone does not visually connect when going up soul sand.
  • MC-181944 – Font of category/section text in creative mode item selection screen is much thicker than in 1.15.2.
  • MC-182595 – Parity issue: blackstone does not generate in ore blobs in nether wastes.


Video made by slicedlime:


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