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April 29, 2020

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20w18a is the fourteenth snapshot for Java Edition 1.16, released on April 29, 2020,[1] which changes the behavior of redstone and fixes bugs.



Death messages
  • Added a new death message for being killed by another player's firework using a crossbow.
    • "[player] went off with a bang due to a firework fired from [item] by [player/mob]"



  • Can now be waterlogged.
Redstone dust
  • A single redstone wire is now represented as a cross.
  • Redstone will provide power to blocks on sides it shows a visual connection to, and not do so on those sides without a visual connection.
  • A wire on top of a block, which is redirected from below, will now power the sides it is redirected to.
    • Wires that redirect upwards to wires on non-conductive blocks used to only be redirected visually, now this redirection applies to their behavior as well.
  • A wire that is redirected to go over a block will now always provide power to the block. This is most noticeable when the wire has signal strength 1.
  • Redstone dust's hitbox now better adjusts to its shape.
  • Renamed crimson and warped wall signs from "<Type> Sign" to "<Type> Wall Sign".
Smithing tables
  • Changed the "Upgrade gear" title to "Upgrade Gear".
  • Can now redirect redstone wire.
Twisting vines and weeping vines
  • Now drop themselves only 33% of the time, increased with Fortune, for a 100% chance to drop with Fortune III.
    • Will always drop 1 vine when broken with shears or a tool enchanted with Silk Touch.


Banner patterns
  • Renamed the piglin banner pattern to "Snout".


  • Mobs that are riders of other mobs and entities no longer despawn.
  • Therefore, passengers of boats and minecarts no longer despawn.
  • Can no longer spawn in stacks of 3 or higher.
Zombified piglins
  • Zombified piglins that spawn riding striders will no longer despawn.

World generation[]

Ruined portals

Command format[]

  • Changed the failure message for not being able to find a valid biome from "Could not find a <biome name> within reasonable distance" to "Could not find a biome of type <biome name> within reasonable distance".


  • Added player check to every trigger (except impossible).
    • Due to addition of player, existing contents of location, slept_in_bed, hero_of_the_village, voluntary_exile can now be placed in location field instead of top-level object.
      • Old syntax is still supported, but deprecated.
  • Entity checks in triggers can now use loot table condition syntax.
    • All conditions in top level array must be met for whole condition to trigger.
    • To access new functionality, top level element must be JSON array.
      • JSON objects are interpreted as old notation.
  • Full list of extended triggers:
    • New field player in every trigger.
    • bred_animals: parent, partner, child
    • channeled_lightning: victims
    • cured_zombie_villager: zombie, villager
    • fishing_rod_hooked: entity
    • killed_by_crossbow: victims
    • player_killed_entity: entity
    • entity_killed_player: entity
    • player_hurt_entity: entity
    • summoned_entity: entity
    • tame_animal: entity
    • target_hit: projectile
    • villager_trade: villager
Death messages
  • Changed "<player> fell off a scaffolding" to "<player> fell off scaffolding".
Debug screen
  • Added a new line detailing mob spawning.
    • SC represents the number of chunks in which mobs can spawn. It is the same value given in debug reports as spawning_chunks.
    • M, C, A, W, and M represent the number of mobs for each group that contribute to that group's mob cap. The groups are Monster, Creature, Ambient, Water_Creature, and Misc. They're also in debug reports.
  • In the Targeted Block and Targeted Fluid fields, the coordinates of the targeted block or fluid are now shown as well.
    • The "Looking At" field has been removed in favor of this.
  • Changed the message "You have no home bed or respawn anchor, or it was obstructed" to "You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed".
  • Changed "End Portal opens!" to "End Portal opens".
  • Changed "Husk converted to Zombie" to "Husk converts to Zombie".
  • Changed "Zombie converted to Drowned" to "Zombie converts to Drowned".


Multiplayer screen
  • Changed "Online play is not rated" to "Caution: Third-Party Online Play".
  • Changed "During online play you may be exposed to chat messages or other types of user generated content that has not been rated, and may not be suitable for all ages." to "Caution: Online play is offered by third-party servers that are not owned, operated, or supervised by Mojang or Microsoft. During online play, you may be exposed to unmoderated chat messages or other types of user-generated content that may not be suitable for everyone."
  • Added a enable-status option to the server.properties file which if set to false will suppress replies to status requests from clients.
    • This makes the server appear offline in the multiplayer screen.
  • Added control over how much entity data a server sends to clients: entity-broadcast-range-percentage server property, controlling how close entities need to be before being sent to clients.
    • Higher values mean entities are visible further away from players but cause more network traffic.
    • Specifies a percentage of the default value so, for example, 50 specifies half of the default range.
World selection
  • Changed "Failed to access level" to "Failed to access world".
  • Changed "Failed to delete level" to "Failed to delete world".
  • Changed "Game rules" to "Game Rules".
  • Changed "Disable Elytra movement check" to "Disable elytra movement check".


88 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-2255 – Redstone wire uses different criteria for connecting visually and logically.
  • MC-8645 – Redstone wire receiving level 1 power from a block, pointing at another block with wire on it will not power that block.
  • MC-9405 – Top piece of staircase redstone dust doesn't power blocks on the same height in the direction it is powered from unless only connected to something on the other side.
  • MC-11211 – Unable to perform many right-click actions when targeting the top face of blocks placed at y=255.
  • MC-13727 – Arrows shot from bow bounce on horse when moving or not and damage if fire arrows.
  • MC-105132 – Horse, spider and llama spin around when walking next to the fence or wall.
  • MC-111381 – Rendering rotations for shulkers are set in onInitialSpawn method.
  • MC-117806 – Dispenser with a filled bucket at y=255 facing upwards replaces filled with empty bucket despite no fluid being placed.
  • MC-127149 – Land mobs cannot properly walk on the waterlogged blocks.
  • MC-131634 – Getting burnt if on top of non-full block.
  • MC-137336 – Redstone dust's hitbox is inconsistent with other blocks when branching.
  • MC-143904 – Adding a non-rail block to the #rails block tag will crash the game when placing a minecart on it.
  • MC-147255 – Beds in the Overworld will explode if in a nether wastes biome.
  • MC-153508 – Redstone dust traveling up the side of a block cannot be targeted.
  • MC-155742 – Iron golems tend to congregate on the north side of villages.
  • MC-162385 – The background of /title text does not fade with the text.
  • MC-166269 – Wet wolves become black for an instant after shaking off water.
  • MC-166296 – Mobs picking up and equipping items does not play the equipping sound.
  • MC-166895 – Underlines in Written Book Text disappear with subtitles.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-170840 – Broken spawn rates in soul sand valleys and warped forests.
  • MC-170944/locatebiome messages do not fit for all biome names.
  • MC-171523 – Inconsistent strings for warped and crimson wall signs.
  • MC-172172 – Adult piglins spin around while following the player.
  • MC-172253 – Equip sound does not play when piglins equip items.
  • MC-172643 – Piglin's snout glows when wearing enchanted armor.
  • MC-173067NullPointerException when a structure containing a campfire is placed during the world generation.
  • MC-173198 – Target blocks are transparent and do not transfer redstone signals.
  • MC-173385 – New Nether lighting system does not affect fluids, entity-like blocks (chests, etc.) and entities.
  • MC-173747 – Armor enchantment glint does not render.
  • MC-174573 – Nether vines can drop multiple copies with Fortune (free duplication).
  • MC-174593 – Inconsistent pluralization in "fell off a scaffolding".
  • MC-174811 – Zombified piglins are able to spawn on top of nether wart blocks.
  • MC-175107 – It is possible to get Bad Omen VI in Survival mode.
  • MC-175740 – Game crashes when a dispenser is used on a non-beehive block in the #beehives tag.
  • MC-175741 – Game crashes when a cat attempts to sleep in a non-bed in the #beds tag.
  • MC-176028 – Striders can spawn in stacks of three or more.
  • MC-176032 – Striders can float.
  • MC-176054 – Baby strider passengers float/passenger offset is too high.
  • MC-176135 – Striders riding other entities are not cold.
  • MC-176203 – Striders with Levitation walking on lava do not levitate.
  • MC-176221 – Striders spin when trying to pathfind towards players with warped fungi/warped fungi on sticks while being leashed.
  • MC-176459 – Baby striders can spawn with saddles.
  • MC-176468 – Adult striders can spawn with saddles.
  • MC-177105 – Hoglins, piglins, villagers, and zoglins look at their target's feet instead of its head.
  • MC-177127 – Unnecessary exclamation point in subtitle "End Portal opens!".
  • MC-177173 – Baby zoglin age status value is not stored in the NBT tag.
  • MC-177557 – Using compass on the top of a lodestone at y=255 sets compass but does not play sound.
  • MC-177561 – Compasses used on the top of lodestone at y=255 do not break when the lodestone is destroyed.
  • MC-177771death.attack.fireworks.item displays raw translation string (is untranslated).
  • MC-177790 – Piglin Banners are named block.minecraft.banner.piglin.<color>.
  • MC-177794 – Globe banner pattern is not required to add the globe to a banner.
  • MC-177816 – "Failed to access/delete level" should be "world".
  • MC-177911 – Cave generator does not cut through blackstone.
  • MC-177951 – Game crashes when fire starters are used on a non-campfire in the #campfires tag.
  • MC-177976 – Baby piglins can pick up soul campfires.
  • MC-178013 – Zombified piglins riding striders can despawn, leaving saddled striders.
  • MC-178129 – Entity conversion subtitles use inconsistent tenses.
  • MC-178336 – The message "You have no home bed or respawn anchor, or it was obstructed" does not make it clear that the player's respawn anchor might have been depleted.
  • MC-178817 – Chain blocks do not have a waterlogged state.
  • MC-178943 – Piglins/hoglins spawned in bastion remnants can outrun players.
  • MC-178949 – Bastion remnants cannot be generated in superflat worlds.
  • MC-179146weeping_vines_plant changes to weeping_vines during /fill command.
From the previous development version
  • MC-179839 – Chat text renders behind the armor bar.
  • MC-179841 – Game crashes when the player optimizes their world.
  • MC-179845 – Rain falls through any blocks in some spots.
  • MC-179847 – Hoglins and piglins spin around.
  • MC-179850 – There is no difference between Entity Distance 100% and 500%.
  • MC-179858 – Maps show stone-like pattern despite it not being there.
  • MC-179863 – Setting attribute minecraft:generic.max_health value to 0 or lower causes an infinite death loop after dying.
  • MC-179866 – In some spots, it is raining even if it should be snowing.
  • MC-179868 – Crash when going to a previous page of writable books.
  • MC-179883 – Raw JSON text duplicates components in "extra" in entity names.
  • MC-179886 – Play button overlay does not appear in the world save selection GUI.
  • MC-179905 – Caption of game rule screen is missing.
  • MC-179952 – Height map data does not get converted.
  • MC-179954 – Keybindings are not correctly inserted into the demo info box text.
  • MC-180030 – Adult hoglins zombified into an adult zoglin deals the same damage as a baby.
  • MC-180100 – Rain particles appear black under certain conditions.
  • MC-180110 – Underline and strikethrough in JSON text do not always render correctly.
  • MC-180125 – Incorrect font spacing on non-BMP characters.
  • MC-180135 – Empty chat messages are not displayed.
  • MC-180138 – Long messages in chat no longer have hanging indention.
  • MC-180246 – The "r" in "Game rules" is not capitalized.
  • MC-180248 – The "g" in "Upgrade gear" is not capitalized.
  • MC-180299 – "Elytra" in "Disable Elytra movement check" is inconsistently capitalized.
  • MC-180353 – Chat background renders in front of the debug menu but chat text renders behind it.
  • MC-180410 – Enderman spawn rate seems very low on upgraded worlds.
  • MC-181296 – Panorama has the wrong overlay when using Programmer Art.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • The blog post for this update includes an image comparing the prior redstone mechanics to the changed mechanics. Previously, the before mechanics were labeled as 1.15.2 mechanics, despite the presence of a target block, which was introduced later than 1.15.2. The image was later changed to say “Previously” in order to correct this.
    • There is still an error in the caption saying: "Comparison between 1.15.2 and 20w18a"


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