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April 8, 2020

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20w15a is the eleventh snapshot for Java Edition 1.16, released on April 8, 2020,[1] which adds a new Nether biome, new music tracks, new blocks, and other changes and fixes.



  • Generates in basalt deltas.
  • Can be used in place of cobblestone to craft furnaces and stone tools.
  • Has a slab, stair, and wall variant.
Blackstone slab, blackstone stairs, blackstone wall
Chiseled nether bricks
Chiseled polished blackstone
Cracked nether bricks
  • New variant of Nether bricks.
  • Obtained by smelting Nether bricks in a furnace.
Cracked polished blackstone bricks
Gilded blackstone
  • Has a chance of dropping 2–5 gold nuggets (increased with Fortune), or it will drop itself instead.
  • Currently only available via the creative inventory or by using commands.
Polished blackstone
  • Crafted with 4 blackstone.
  • Has a chiseled, slab, stair, and wall variant.
  • Can be crafted into buttons and pressure plates.
Polished blackstone bricks
Polished blackstone brick slab, polished blackstone brick stairs, polished blackstone brick wall
Polished blackstone button and polished blackstone pressure plate
Polished blackstone slab, polished blackstone stairs, and polished blackstone wall
Quartz bricks
Soul campfire
  • Has a blue flame instead of orange.
  • Has a light level of 10.
  • Does the same amount of damage as a regular campfire.
  • Crafted with soul sand or soul soil instead of coal.
  • Piglins are repelled by soul campfires.


Piglin banner pattern
  • New pattern for banners, the Piglin.
  • Used in the loom to apply the Piglin pattern to the banner.
  • Currently unobtainable in Survival Mode.

World generation[]



  • Chat line spacing can now be adjusted.
  • A chat delay can be set between 0 (default) and 6 seconds.
  • Added 31 ambient sounds for the basalt deltas.
  • Added campfires block tag.
    • Contains campfires and soul campfires.
    • Bees, parrots, and turtles will view blocks in this tag as dealing fire damage and pathfind accordingly.
    • Campfires use this tag to determine if they are lit or not.
    • Flint and steel uses this tag to determine if it can light campfires.
  • Added guarded_by_piglins block tag.
  • Added furnace_materials item tag.
    • Contains cobblestone and blackstone.
    • Items in this tag can be used to craft furnaces and will unlock the recipe in the recipe book.
  • Added stone_tool_materials item tag.
    • Contains cobblestone and blackstone.
    • Items in this tag can be used to craft stone tools and will unlock the recipes in the recipe book.
  • Added soul_fire_base_blocks item tag.



Soul fire torches


Stone axes, hoes, pickaxes, shovels, and swords
  • Can now be crafted with blackstone.
  • Are now the default tool for mining leaves.
    • Shears are still used for collecting leaf blocks.
Fungus, nether sprouts, roots, nether wart, nether wart blocks, warped wart blocks, twisting vines, and weeping vines
  • Can now be composted.


  • Baby hoglins no longer drop loot (but still drop experience).
Magma cubes
  • Spawn commonly in basalt deltas.
  • Now avoid soul campfires.
  • Now become hostile towards any player that breaks a chest, trapped chest, ender chest, barrel, gold ore, nether gold ore, gilded blackstone, or a gold block.
  • Now turn blueish-purple outside of lava.
    • When outside lava, their facial expression becomes a more prominent frown.
  • Can now only spawn if the block above the lava is air.
  • Baby striders ride on top of bigger striders.


  • Added polished blackstone, and (where applicable) blackstone blocks and items to the buttons, slabs, stairs, and walls block and item tags.
  • Added soul campfires to the piglin_repellents block tag.
  • Added the #signs block tag and removed lanterns and soul fire lanterns from the wall_post_override block tag.
  • Changed strider texture from Strider Texture JE1.png to Strider Texture JE2.png to remove an unused fin. The fin itself was not vieweable in-game.


33 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-105292falling_block lighting inconsistency with Smooth Lighting on.
  • MC-111493 – Fireworks do not cause knockback to either the player or mobs.
  • MC-166358 – Inconsistency with sounds of dispensers using shears.
  • MC-172517 – Walls don't behave normally when next to soul sand.
  • MC-178029 – Chunks get scrambled by logging in twice on solo world.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-171273 – Fungi and roots (both crimson and warped) as well as weeping vines, twisting vines and warped wart blocks, etc. can't be composted
  • MC-171463 – Iron bars do not fully connect to walls.
  • MC-172120 – Hoglins do not try to avoid fire.
  • MC-172226 – Baby animals, villagers, and zombie villagers spawned with a spawn egg on an adult entity always are of the same variant.
  • MC-172250 – Piglin and zombified piglin model does not use textures for left arm or leg.
  • MC-172268 – Bartering with a piglin by right-clicking does not display a hand animation.
  • MC-174542 – Killing baby hoglins drops leather and porkchop.
  • MC-174559 – Baby hoglins/zoglins uses the same attack damage as an adult when spawned in some cases.
  • MC-175030 – Curse of Binding does not affect piglins.
  • MC-175169 – Respawn anchor can create ghost blocks when it explodes.
  • MC-175176 – Using return portal in the End softlocks the game if /spawnpoint was used in the End.
  • MC-175256 – Screen is overlaid with a gray opaque texture when inside of a transparent block.
  • MC-175274 – "Quartz pillar" is translated as "White wool" ("Lana blanca" instead of "Pilar de cuarzo") in Spanish (Spain).
  • MC-175348 – Respawn anchor explosion knocks back flying creative players.
  • MC-175356 – Piglins and hoglins do not avoid magma blocks.
  • MC-175402 – Soul fire torches cannot be crafted with soul sand.
  • MC-175452 – Respawn anchor can be used infinitely if right clicked above world build limit.
  • MC-175538 – Fish/swimming sounds are louder than they should be.
  • MC-175566 – Piglins with full inventories drop the items they receive.
  • MC-176095 – Striders have an unused fin in the strider.png texture file.
  • MC-176384CompassItem checks twice if the LodestonePos tag exists.
  • MC-176517 – Striders spawn in underground lava pockets.
  • MC-176633 – Lime carpets are named "acacia slab" in Spanish (Spain).
  • MC-177069 – Dispenser will not drop glowstone as item when not connected to a respawn anchor.
From the previous development version
  • MC-177081 – Zoglins are attacked by the wither.
  • MC-177085 – Missing UUID field in attributes crash the game.
  • MC-177102 – Zoglins are not considered an undead mob.
  • MC-177225 – Tag minecraft:water used before it was bound.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • The word "Rubedo" is Latin for "redness", it was adopted by alchemists to refer to the final stage of creating the philosopher's stone, it is also likely associated with the red-colored environment of the Nether.
  • The word "Chrysopoeia" is an alchemical term that describes the creation of the philosopher's stone, or the transmutation of a given object into gold.


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