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For the April Fool's joke snapshot released that week, see Java Edition 20w14∞.
Minecraft 20w14a
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April 2, 2020

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20w14a is the tenth snapshot for Java Edition 1.16, released on April 2, 2020,[1] which adds zoglins, makes some changes to striders, and fixes bugs.



Spawn eggs
  • Added zoglin spawn egg.


  • Created when a hoglin is brought into the Overworld.
  • Unlike hoglins, they can't be bred or fed, and they don't flee from warped fungus.
  • Attack most mobs on sight, except for creepers and other zoglins.





  • The compass now has LodestonePos, LodestoneDimension, and LodestoneTracked data fields. If LodestoneTracked is zero, the game will skip checking for a lodestone in the specified position.
  • Compasses can now be enchanted with Curse of Vanishing.
Warped fungus on a stick
  • Now has 100 durability instead of 25.
  • Takes 1 damage whenever the strider's speed is boosted.


  • Strider riding speed has now been significantly increased to be even faster than that of a boat.[more information needed]


  • Items and entities will no longer keep unknown attributes.
  • Names of some attributes have been renamed to meet Namespaced ID requirements (i.e., lowercase separated by underscores instead of camel case).
    • Changed generic.maxHealth to generic.max_health.
    • Changed zombie.spawnReinforcements to zombie.spawn_reinforcements.
    • Changed horse.jumpStrength to horse.jump_strength.
    • Changed generic.followRange to generic.follow_range.
    • Changed generic.knockbackResistance to generic.knockback_resistance.
    • Changed generic.movementSpeed to generic.movement_speed.
    • Changed generic.flyingSpeed to generic.flying_speed.
    • Changed generic.attackDamage to generic.attack_damage
    • Changed generic.attackKnockback to generic.attack_knockback
    • Changed generic.attackSpeed to generic.attack_speed
    • Changed generic.armorToughness to generic.armor_toughness.
Main menu
  • The main menu background is now in the Nether.
    • Since this was an asset update, all of the 1.16 snapshots have the new backdrop.
  • General statistics are now ordered alphabetically in the statistics menu.
  • Added nether portals and respawn anchors to the hoglin_repellents block tag.
World save files
  • Region files are now read/written in synchronous mode to help prevent data loss and corruption after crash.
    • Dedicated servers can disable that by changing sync-chunk-writes inside server.properties.


39 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-83039 – End City chests generate destroyed, items on the ground.
  • MC-91893 – Missing subtitles for various sounds.
  • MC-109248 – Extended piston head is not removed when /setblock is used to place a different piston base.
  • MC-115750 – Advancement "Monster Hunter" (kill_a_mob) is not granted for killing certain hostile mobs.
  • MC-116756 – Reversed and inconsistent subtitles for iron trapdoor.
  • MC-124428 – Firework star crashes game if there is an int array but no colors.
  • MC-125055 – Igloo generates with brewing stand and flower pot contents dropped (and placed).
  • MC-127316 – General statistics out of order.
  • MC-133049 – Compasses do not point to the correct location when in an item frame on the ground or on the ceiling.
  • MC-135501 – Invalid tag inside another tag silently fails to reload data packs.
  • MC-150405 – Client handling of unknown entity attributes is bugged.
  • MC-150455 – Ignored lava hitbox level.
  • MC-154427 – Villagers only pick up four stacks of items.
  • MC-161128 – Piston head left behind when base is quickly broken and replaced.
  • MC-164129 – Ender dragon inner hitboxes are rendered offset by approximately 200 blocks.
  • MC-164446 – Tags do not load if one of their values is invalid, causing all data packs to unload.
  • MC-167608 – Item frames are destroyed after respawning.
  • MC-169975 – Highlight players (spectators) key does not affect any players other than the user.
  • MC-175201 – Misrotated floor block in savanna_small_house_1, savanna_small_house_2, savanna_small_house_3 and savanna_small_house_7.
  • MC-176644 – Observers do not trigger when a fence connects to a newly grown tree.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-172069 – Piston arms are not deleted when the base of a pulsing piston is replaced with another piston.
  • MC-173158 – Zombified piglin's overlay texture is not rendered.
  • MC-173192 – Fluid collision is too high.
  • MC-173684 – Spawning under the portal when using a nether portal.
  • MC-173774 – Shulker bullets do not act as a projectile.
  • MC-173875 – Item frames cannot be interacted with after unloading and reloading the chunk.
  • MC-174231 – Ocelots are no longer spawning.
  • MC-174838 – Target detection of fireworks is unreliable.
  • MC-175434 – Fireworks launched from upwards-facing dispensers explode inside of the dispenser block.
  • MC-175985 – Lodestone compass needle does not have animation.
  • MC-175990 – Lodestone compass needle spins around quickly when the lodestone has been destroyed or is not in the same dimension.
  • MC-176052 – Using a compass on a lodestone plays no hand animation.
  • MC-176059 – Scoreboard criteria for using compasses does not increase score after using a compass on a lodestone.
  • MC-176195 – Many mountable mobs and vehicles can still be shot by the rider's arrows.
  • MC-176231 – Compasses with custom enchantments do not display enchantment glint.
  • MC-176269 – Right-clicking lodestone with compass also uses offhand item.
From the previous development version
  • MC-176387 – Fishing rod can reel in vehicle of player.
  • MC-176391 – Basalt can generate on nether trees.
  • MC-176420 – Lodestone compass sound is in the friendly creatures option.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • Unlike most of the first-of-the-week actual snapshots, this was released on a Thursday instead of Wednesday, similar to the snapshots before 14w26a.


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