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March 18, 2020

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20w12a is the seventh snapshot for Java Edition 1.16, released on March 18, 2020,[1] which adds respawn anchors and polished basalt, as well as several other changes and fixes.



Polished basalt
  • Obtained by smelting normal basalt.
  • Purely decorative and directional, like normal basalt.
Respawn anchor
  • Crafted with 6 crying obsidian and 3 glowstone.
  • Can be used to set spawn points using glowstone as charges.
  • A maximum of 4 charges can be set at once, and one charge is depleted with each respawn.
  • Emits a slight amount of light, which gets stronger for each charge added.
  • Using it in the Overworld or the End causes it to explode and set fire to surrounding blocks.
  • When charged, a redstone comparator gives a signal depending on the number of charges.







Nether gold ore
  • Can now be mined with any pickaxe.
  • Now drops 2–6 gold nuggets, instead of itself, when mined.
    • This is affected by Fortune the same way other ores are, for a maximum possible drop of 24 golden nuggets with Fortune III.
    • Nether gold ore, obtained with silk touch, can still be smelted into a single gold ingot.
Soul fire
Twisting vines and weeping vines
  • Are no longer replaced when an attempt is made to place another block in the same spot.


Fungus, roots, and nether sprouts


  • Reduced the maximum distance a bee can wander away from its home hive when randomly wandering to around 22 blocks.
  • Tweaked attack range.
  • Parrots imitate hostile mobs less often.
  • Parrots do not randomly imitate hostile mobs when gamemode is on peaceful.
  • Baby piglins can now sit on other baby piglins riding hoglins, up to a stack of 3 baby piglins.

Command format[]

  • The spawnpoint command now supports being run in any dimension.


  • Hoglins are now required for the Two by Two advancement.
  • The "Sweet Dreams" advancement's description has changed from "Change your respawn point" to "Sleep in a bed to change your respawn point."
  • New mood detection algorithm for cave sounds.
    • Aims to make ambient cave sounds play at more appropriate moments.
      • Mood increases the longer a player remains underground.
      • Mood increases the longer a player remains without or in low sky light or block light.[more information needed]
      • Mood decreases and eventually resets the longer a player is neither underground nor in the absence of light.
    • You can check the percentage of the mood in the sounds info section in the debug screen.
      • When the mood percentage reaches 100%, an ambient cave sound will play.
  • When fishing, treasure loot can now only be obtained by fishing in open waters.
    • A fishing location is considered to be open water if the following conditions are met:
      • There is at least a 5×1×5 area of water beneath the bobber and a 5×2×5 area of air above (for a combined 5×3×5 free area required).
      • Waterlogged blocks that have no collision, such as signs and coral count as water. However, bubble columns do not.
Recipe book
  • The sign recipes are now grouped.
  • The netherite ingot recipes are now grouped.
  • 0-tick farm funcionalty is removed for now, until someone found a new way.


Chat messages
  • Changed "Your home bed was missing or obstructed" to "You have no home bed or respawn anchor, or it was obstructed".
Loot tables
  • Entity Predicate
    • Added fishing_hook sub-predicate.
  • fishing_hook
    • Check properties of the fishing hook.
    • in_open_water parameter matches whether the fishing location is open water fishing or not.
  • Weeping and twisting vines now use the "plant" material.
  • Shroomlights now use the "grass" material.
  • Bone meal particles
    • Now use 64-bit floats for spawning, not 32-bit.[2]
      • This means that using bone meal at high distances from the world origin (notably greater than 17 million) will cause the particles to appear in expected places, and not far away from the target.
  • The gold_ores block tag is no longer used in setting the required pickaxe tier.
  • UUIDs stored in NBT are now represented as an array of four integers.
    • Example: {UUID:[I;1498693494,1027158888,1898994005,860320107]}
    • Renamed a couple of fields:
      • OwnerUUID of tamed animals, area effect clouds, evoker fangs and projectiles is now simply Owner.
      • TrustedUUIDs of foxes is now Trusted.
      • target_uuid of conduits is now Target.


71 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-3328 – Dismounting an entity places riding entity/player half block too high.
  • MC-64242Silent tag is not working for some entities.
  • MC-76810 – Casting issue: Bone meal particles break at high coordinates (floating-point precision).
  • MC-100342 – Several non-ticking blocks are marked as ticking forcing the growth-algorithm to check chunks needlessly.
  • MC-113809 – Chorus flower plant, bamboo, sugarcane, cactus, and other plants grow instantly when supporting block is replaced with same block type.
  • MC-114000 – Mouse click in cat hissing sounds.
  • MC-118096 – Incorrect position of particles when using bone meal on grass block.
  • MC-118327 – Parrots cannot teleport onto non-full cube / transparent blocks.
  • MC-122128 – Recipe book resets itself to closed state after death.
  • MC-129137 – Parrots are able to imitate hostile mobs in Peaceful difficulty.
  • MC-130137 – Grass and mycelium do not decay underwater.
  • MC-135849 – Grass and mycelium do not decay under waterlogged blocks.
  • MC-140545 – Pathfinding prefers north (negative Z) direction.
  • MC-147368 – Pillager outpost can generate in water.
  • MC-148360 – Cave ambience sounds play no matter where you are.
  • MC-148936 – Parrot summoned with negative Age has smaller hitbox.
  • MC-149081 – Entering a bed from a mount causes the player to bounce up and down.
  • MC-149375 – Camera can be positioned inside of snow layers.
  • MC-160959 – Clicking onto a bed in daytime does not grant the advancement "Sweet Dreams".
  • MC-163918 – Bees not animating their pollen gathering.
  • MC-166980 – Bees become stuck wandering to the north-west after completing a task, or randomly in large numbers.
  • MC-168384 – NBT-Tag Silent:1b does not work for bees.
  • MC-169965 – Potion effect timers for higher levels can remain at 0:00 after the higher level has run out if multiple levels of the same effect were applied in descending order.
  • MC-170584 – Structure taiga_meeting_point_2 from zombie villages has 1 misrotated log.
  • MC-170591 – Misrotated floor blocks in desert_tool_smith_1 basement.
  • MC-170773 – Recipe book and filtering craftable do not stay open for blast furnace and smoker when (re)loading the world.
  • MC-173828 – Village church entrance does not generate correctly.
  • MC-174071 – Roof of savanna_mason_1 is cut off.
  • MC-174072 – Structure savanna_temple_2 contains one misrotated block.
  • MC-174073 – Two misrotated blocks in savanna_small_house_5.
  • MC-174075 – Misrotated block in savanna_butchers_shop_1.
  • MC-174076 – Inconsistent rotation of logs under windows in savanna_small_house_4.
  • MC-174077 – Structure snowy_library_1 no longer has snow under the roof.
  • MC-174078 – Three misrotated blocks in snowy_armorer_house_2.
  • MC-174079 – Misrotated block at snowy_weapon_smith_1.
  • MC-174082 – Three misrotated blocks in snowy_small_house_2.
  • MC-174083 – Three misrotated blocks in snowy_butchers_shop_1.
  • MC-174234 – Village structure snowy_masons_house_1 has two misrotated blocks.
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-170937 – Bone meal spreading nylium spawns the particles inside the block.
  • MC-170940 – Netherite ingot recipes are not grouped.
  • MC-171133 – Camera can be positioned inside of soul sand.
  • MC-172188 – Hoglins are not required by 'Two by Two' advancement.
  • MC-172233 – Bone meal does not spawn nether plants on nylium
  • MC-172690 – Smelting netherite scraps do not provide the right amount of experience.
  • MC-172820 – Piglins can turn into adult chicken jockeys in the Overworld.
  • MC-173199 – Fossils in the Nether cause caves or floating islands to generate, and can break through the Nether roof.
  • MC-173220 – Dismounting passenger moves to a nearby block when ridden entity dies.
  • MC-173420 – Sign crafting recipes of various wood types are not grouped.
  • MC-173487 – Falling out of water death message still does not seem to appear.
  • MC-173783 – Weeping and twisting vines can replaced by any block.
  • MC-173832 – Crimson and warped hyphae and stripped hyphae are switched in Creative inventory.
  • MC-173837 – Removing fire and soul fire with shears will reduce the shears' durability.
  • MC-174049 – Fireworks shot from a crossbow do not explode instantly when hitting a solid block.
  • MC-174174 – Arrow animation stuck on loop when a flame bow is used to detonate TNT.
  • MC-174258 – Fixed item frames do not take void damage.
  • MC-174391 – Several misrotated blocks at snowy_medium_house_2.
  • MC-174429 – Chorus flowers remove arrow and trident velocity.
From the previous development version
  • MC-174464 – Soul speed decreases durability on boots in Creative mode.
  • MC-174466 – Soul speed particles are spawned in Spectator mode.
  • MC-174467 – Placing fire on soul sand does not place soul fire.
  • MC-174476 – Soul fire torch is in the piglin_repellents item tag twice.
  • MC-174480 – Piglins are not attracted to Nether gold ore.
  • MC-174489 – Shroomlight preferred tool is now both axe and hoe.
  • MC-174498 – Game crashes when an adult hoglin with generic.attackDamage < 1 tries to attack something.
  • MC-174502 – Soul Speed 3 on soul soil in water keeps and increases player momentum.
  • MC-174513 – Soul Speed enchanted books from bartering with piglins do not work in an anvil.
  • MC-174518 – Game freezes when walking using Soul Speed in water.
  • MC-174522 – Soul Speed does not break boots.
  • MC-174690 – Soul Speed enchantment books can be found in chests.
  • MC-174785 – Mining speed of crimson and warped wall signs is not affected by an axe.
Private issue
  • MC-161754 – Item duplication with chested donkeys, mules, and llamas.


Video made by slicedlime:


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