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March 11, 2020

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20w11a is the sixth snapshot for Java Edition 1.16, released on March 11, 2020,[1] which adds nether gold ore, twisting vines and the Soul Speed enchantment.



Nether gold ore
Twisting vines




  • Added a new particle type: soul.
    • Used when walking on Soul Sand or Soul Soil when wearing boots with the new Soul Speed enchantment
  • Added the gold_ores block and item tags.
    • Contains gold ore and nether gold ore.
    • Blocks in this tag require an iron pickaxe or better to be mined.
    • Many recipes use this tag.
  • Added the piglin_repellents item tag.
    • Already existed in the prior snapshots as a block tag, but now extends to items.
    • Contains soul fire torches and lanterns.
    • Piglins will not attempt to pick up items in this tag.
  • Added the soul_speed_blocks block tag.
    • Contains soul sand and soul soil.
    • The Soul Speed enchantment uses this tag to test for which blocks will increase speed.



  • Will now ring when hit by any projectile.
  • Will now ignite when hit by any burning projectile.
Crying obsidian
Fire and soul fire
Potted bamboo
  • Model change to remove a useless face at the bottom that caused z-fighting.[3]
  • Before: Potted Bamboo UNKVER2 (facing NWU).png
  • After: Potted Bamboo UNKVER3 (facing NWU).png
Smithing table
  • Now plays a sound when used.
Soul sand
  • Soul sand with a rail on top will no longer slow-down minecarts.
  • Doors, rails, buttons, torches, pressure plates and redstone can now be placed on it.
  • Will now ignite when hit by any burning projectile.
  • Now play a sound when climbed.
Weeping vines
  • Now have a 13 chance to drop 1 item, with the maximum increased by 2 per level of Fortune.
  • Now play a sound when climbed.


Bone meal






47 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-81659 – Fireball and witherskull hitboxes are frequently invisible for some seconds.
  • MC-104900 – Skeletons, illusioners and piglins with crossbows have broken agility reaction when hit or walking on certain blocks when provoked.
  • MC-104949 – Mobs cannot jump shorter than half of the blocks.
  • MC-128247 – Dolphins can jump way too far causing them to hit on land.
  • MC-134900server.properties generator-settings for level-type FLAT not implemented; property is stored in ignored flat_world_options NBT.
  • MC-145140 – Fireballs cannot be interacted with when summoned.
  • MC-146928 – Cannot place doors, rails, buttons, pressure plate, redstone, etc. on soul sand.
  • MC-148935 – Zombies with no AI still convert into drowned.
  • MC-170836 – Cannot set the top of soul sand on fire.
  • MC-173732 – Fire and soul fire do not have loot tables
From the 1.16 development versions
  • MC-171079 – Comparators no longer work as expected reading containers through powered blocks.
  • MC-171213 – Blocks that are affected by gravity do not destroy Nether sprouts when dropped from above.
  • MC-171589 – Fire makes block burned noise before the block disappears.
  • MC-171756 – Weird fire bug.
  • MC-171860 – Nether fossils have code implying an unimplemented /locate function.
  • MC-172266 – Crossbow wielding piglins do not properly walk backwards to target the player when very close.
  • MC-172323 – Game crashes when summoning a hoglin with the attack damage attribute set to 0 or giving a hoglin Weakness with a very high level (255).
  • MC-172374 – Can teleport to invalid y coordinates and crash the game.
  • MC-172428 – Piglins and hoglins do not look at their target.
  • MC-172470 – When the piglin holds the bow, it will try to attack and follow the enemy eventually stood there not moving.
  • MC-172530 – Piglins indefinitely stand around dropped golden items if mobGriefing is disabled.
  • MC-172903 – Piglins which convert into zombified piglins delete armor if equipped.
  • MC-173050 – Hoglins cannot hit some mobs with large hitboxes.
  • MC-173156 – Z-fighting at bottom of potted bamboo; bottom texture of bamboo is exposed.
  • MC-173160 – Weeping vines plants can be replaced by weeping vines "sapling" (small block) by just right-clicking.
  • MC-173167 – Netherite sword/tools not sorted with other swords/tools.
  • MC-173180 – Hoglins are not scared of warped fungus in flower pots.
  • MC-173219 – No sound when climbing weeping vines.
  • MC-173243 – Crying obsidian is movable by pistons.
  • MC-173283 – Piglin admiring held gold ingot does not drop it when killed.
  • MC-173302 – Crying obsidian can be harvested with any pickaxe.
  • MC-173384 – Crying obsidian can be destroyed by the ender dragon.
  • MC-173433 – Killing a baby hoglin does not yield experience.
  • MC-173462 – Baby piglins can hold soul fire torches.
  • MC-173467 – Piglins admiring bartering gold ingot drop nothing when converting to zombified piglin.
  • MC-173484 – Death message from falling off a trapdoor does not mention it by name.
  • MC-173485 – Death message from falling off scaffolding does not mention it by name.
  • MC-173706NullPointerException in server tick loop when trying to load a flatland world with Nether biome.
From the previous development version
  • MC-173725 – Anvil name field does not automatically receive focus anymore and is unclickable.
  • MC-173731 – Fire and soul fire play a sound and produce particles when extinguished.
  • MC-173739 – Missing sound for event: minecraft:block.smithing_table.use.
  • MC-173766 – Thrown tridents disappear after hitting and damaging a mob or entity.
  • MC-173776 – Hoes do not mine targets faster.
  • MC-173792 – End gateways do not work using ender pearls.
  • MC-173829 – Lava and fire randomly make extinguishing sound.
  • MC-173858 – Unable to set LeftHanded to 1b for piglins.
  • MC-174326 – Mobs do not spawn on soul sand, causing weird mob spawning in soul sand valleys.


Video made by slicedlime:


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