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October 30, 2019

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19w44a is the eleventh snapshot for Java Edition 1.15, released on October 30, 2019.[1] It makes honey bottles stackable and adds improvements for iron golems, chunks, and certain particles.



  • Added the shulker_boxes block tag.



Honey bottles


Iron golems
  • Iron golem's damage progress is now based on the ratio of current health to max health.


Recipe book
  • Many recipes changed to only require one material instead of nine to unlock.
    • The recipes affected are:
Bone Block Block of Coal Block of Diamond
Block of Emerald Block of Gold Gold Ingot
Block of Iron Iron Ingot Lapis Lazuli Block
Block of Redstone Slime Block Dried Kelp Block
Hay Bale Packed Ice Blue Ice
  • Many recipes for items that are crafted by placing one of the above blocks in a crafting table no longer unlock when the player has nine of the material.
    • The recipes affected are:
Bone Meal Coal Diamond
Emerald Gold Ingot Gold Nugget
Iron Ingot Iron Nugget Lapis Lazuli
Redstone Dust Slimeball Dried Kelp


  • Improved performance of chunk saving.
  • Vertically moving particles now perform better when colliding with blocks.


28 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.15
  • MC-63179 – Clouds move with the player.
  • MC-93932 – Blocks/items held by witches are flipped upside-down.
  • MC-106494 – Items despawn after one minute instead of five when dropped from the creative inventory.
  • MC-108666 – Chest/trapped chest/ender chest/shulker box/bed/conduit held by witches are too small.
  • MC-132211 – Book edits occur on network thread.
  • MC-151962 – The last use of a shear will not drop the item on one high blocks.
  • MC-156197 – Using shears with 1 durability remaining drops nothing or wrong drop.
  • MC-158911 – Fences and walls connect to closed shulker boxes.
  • MC-161083 – Inconsistency with how multi-block objects display cracking animations.
  • MC-163400 – Parrots can imitate wolves, polar bears and zombie pigmen.
From the 1.15 development versions
  • MC-161835 – Shulker boxes and chests in the inventory are shaded very light.
  • MC-161837 – Some biome-affected items are colored incorrectly when held in the hand.
  • MC-161841 – Top texture of leaves and grass blocks is gray in the first-person mode when being held in the hand.
  • MC-161846 – Shulkers on walls (facing east or west) are sometimes incorrectly oriented.
  • MC-161918 – Item and experience orb shadows turn completely black during pickup animation.
  • MC-161941 – Some items lose their color when being picked up.
  • MC-162026 – Some blocks held by the witch, the rendering is very strange.
  • MC-162361 – Potions and water bottles are incorrectly colored when held in the hand.
  • MC-162526 – Edge of spawn eggs are incorrectly colored when held in the hand.
  • MC-162530 – Grass block and leaves sides are not colored correctly in the first-person mode when being held in the hand.
  • MC-162606 – Evoker fangs are rendered too big.
  • MC-163028 – Experience orbs turn white when being picked up.
  • MC-163403 – Trees now require much more free space around them to grow.
  • MC-163744 – Missing predicates return true/false rather than failing.
From the previous development version
  • MC-163840 – Witch nose is always high when holding item, but item doesn't render.
  • MC-163849 – Stopping creative flight with double-space triggers elytra flight.
  • MC-163877 – Banners are still discolored when viewing from certain angles.
  • MC-164038 – Serializer for storage nbt component is missing.


Video made by slicedlime:



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