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October 9, 2019

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19w41a is the ninth snapshot for Java Edition 1.15, released on October 9, 2019.[1] It adds a new menu panorama, two new blocks, the ability to toggle sprinting and sneaking, and a new command for spectating.



Honey Block JE1 BE2.png Honey blocks
  • Crafted from 4 honey bottles.
    • The bottles are not consumed and will remain in the crafting grid.
  • Walking is slowed, and jump height is reduced.
    • Effect also works through non-full blocks like carpet, trapdoors and slabs.
  • If an entity is on a honey block that is pushed by a piston, the entity will be moved with the honey block.
  • Entities touching the side of a honey block slide down slowly.
  • Landing on a honey block reduces fall damage.
    • Fall damage is cut to about 15 of normal: equal to ceiling(fall distance - 3) / 5), or in other words, 15 of 1♥ for every block fallen after the first 3, rounded up.
  • When a honey block is pushed or pulled by a piston, it attempts to move all adjacent blocks in the same direction.
  • Mobs will usually avoid walking on them.
  • Does not conduct redstone signals.
  • Bees will occasionally 'eat' from them if placed near beehives or bee nests.
Honeycomb Block JE1 BE1.png Honeycomb blocks

Command format[]

  • Syntax is /spectate [<target>] [<player>].
    • target – the target entity to spectate.
      • If omitted, makes the player stop spectating.
    • player – the player that should spectate the target.
      • Must be in spectator mode.
      • If omitted, @s (the executing player) is used.
  • Added copy_to_clipboard action.


  • Sneak and Sprint inputs can now be switched between Hold and Toggle mode in the Accessibility Options.
    • Allows players to stay sneaked while opening different GUIs.
    • Also affects flying down in creative mode. When toggled, the player will keep going down until toggled again.
Status effects



  • Name changed from "Bee hive" to "Beehive"
    • ID also changed from bee_hive to beehive.
Stripped wood
  • Can now be crafted from stripped logs.


Spawn egg
  • The bee spawn egg colors have been changed from to .


  • Mobs are better at avoiding walking through lava now.
Ender dragons
  • Removed a black dot on the transparent parts of wing texture.
  • Removed texture for part of wing bottom in the exploding ender dragon.
Iron golems
  • Now starts cracking upon losing health.
    • A sound plays on every cracking stage.
      • There are 4 stages, from uncracked to fully cracked, before the golem dies.
  • Can be healed using iron ingots.
    • A sound plays each time the golem is repaired.
  • One iron ingot restores 25♥ × 12.5.
    • It takes 4 iron ingots to repair an iron golem from 1 HP to full health.
Zombie villagers
  • Zombie villagers that were converted from villagers can no longer despawn.

Command format[]

  • The /effect clear command now defaults to @s if no target argument is given.


Menu screen
  • Changed title screen panorama to an image which includes new 1.15 features such as bees and bee nests.
    • Because this was an asset update, the menu panorama in all previous 1.15 snapshots was also updated.
  • Descriptions under buttons on the "Create World" screen are now narrated.
  • Removed dirt_like block tag.


39 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.15
  • MC-20144 – Saturation and Instant Health/Damage effects do not have an icon.
  • MC-35920 – Some translucent parts of entities make translucent blocks, block entities and some entities invisible (depending on loading order).
  • MC-86846 – Changing a powered command block from impulse or chain mode to repeat mode does not trigger it until repowering.
  • MC-109108 – Mobs getting stuck on vines.
  • MC-120480 – Pets teleport onto blocks which have a solid "bottom", not "top" face.
  • MC-124140 – Anchoring does not reset after use and is implicitly applied in nonsensical cases by default.
  • MC-125104 – Cancelling delete world screen and options sub-menus using Esc opens main menu.
  • MC-129806 – Team prefixes and suffixes do not show for villagers without a custom name.
  • MC-131552 – Cannot craft stripped wood from stripped log.
  • MC-145021 – Tamed animals are not able to teleport to the player when they are on the snow layer blocks.
  • MC-146213 – Loading bar on splash screen is able to extend beyond its black outline.
  • MC-156005 – Tamed wolves no longer teleport to the player when they're in water.
  • MC-161733 – Vindicator's "idle5" sound is unused.
  • MC-162952 – Stacked numbers of an item in inventory are rendered behind the potion effect status effect in inventory.
From the 1.15 development versions
  • MC-159423 – Bees cannot get to flowers on edges.
  • MC-159469 – There is a space in "Beehive" when there shouldn't be.
  • MC-160102IllegalArgumentException when being attacked by a weak iron golem.
  • MC-160957 – Bees do not leave the nest or hive when it is destroyed by the player.
  • MC-161297 – Shulker box's inside textures are invisible.
  • MC-161391 – Strays are brighter.
  • MC-161495 – Horse texture is partially translucent when viewing it from certain angles.
  • MC-161692 – Hopper creating a furnace block entity by transferring an item crashes the game.
  • MC-161840 – Entities are shaded far darker than usual.
  • MC-161847 – Armor slots in the inventory are displayed black in some circumstances.
  • MC-161855 – Icons used for customizing superflat worlds are not displayed if no world has been opened before.
  • MC-161856 – Items held by armorstands are only visible in spectator mode.
  • MC-161889 – Mobs in spawners are in full lighting even when no light source is around.
  • MC-161891 – Blocks with special rendering are not rendered behind transparent block items.
  • MC-162042 – Items with partially transparent textures will render incorrectly in item frames.
  • MC-162087 – Parrots can imitate pandas.
  • MC-162378 – Screen turns black during the totem of undying activation animation.
  • MC-162432 – Some blocks like chests and beds are no longer shaded in the world.
From the previous development version
  • MC-162538 – Creative menu corners have opacity issues; outlines have no transparency.
  • MC-162550 – Offhand slot is glitched/black in some circumstances.
  • MC-162586 – Log repeatedly prints the message "Ticking entity", and finally crashes the game.
  • MC-162616java.lang.NullPointerException after attacking a parrot.
  • MC-162671 – Mooshroom cow's mushroom texture is too bright.
  • MC-162936java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when using an enchanted totem of undying.
Private issues
  • MC-160865 – Waking up from a bed can cause the server to crash in specific circumstances.[1]


Video made by slicedlime:


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