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September 27, 2019

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19w39a is the seventh snapshot for Java Edition 1.15, released on September 27, 2019,[1] which fixes many bugs.



  • The block selection outline was reverted to how it looked before 19w38a.
Iron doors
  • Must now be mined with a pickaxe for it to be dropped as an item.
Melon stems and pumpkin stems
  • Attached stems now drop their seeds again when broken.
  • Now places facing the player, rather than always north-south.

Command format[]

NBT text components
  • Added NBT text component variant for NBT storage: {"nbt": <path>, "storage":"<resource id>"}.


Block models
  • Lighting of blocks in the inventory has been swapped from being dark on the right to being dark on the left.
  • Changed texture map for all chests.
  • Banner patterns now use the alpha channel instead of brightness.[verify]
  • The ender dragon no longer has a separate texture for the bottom of its wing anymore.
  • The glint texture for enchanted items now appears like it does in-game.


66 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.15
  • MC-791 – Rails are not placed in the direction the player is looking.
  • MC-1313 – Incorrect sign surface normal causes the text color to not be applied properly.
  • MC-2140 – Connecting to a server with a space in the name fails.
  • MC-4240 – Placing fireworks on a side of a block summons it inside that block and makes it stuck under blocks above.
  • MC-4378 – Iron doors drop when destroyed by hand.
  • MC-9553 – Wrong rendering order of particles, hitboxes, clouds, transparent blocks, breaking animations and various other transparent textures.
  • MC-35507 – Block breaking animation renders incorrect at certain angles.
  • MC-44244 – Lightning causes water, stained glass, entities, and tile entities to disappear.
  • MC-47941 – TNT and creepers flash white when exploding.
  • MC-63509 – Banners do not have a breaking animation.
  • MC-63942 – Transparent block weird rendering when held in hand/worn by an entity such as the player.
  • MC-68565 – Monsters spawn at daytime at y=256 and don't burn.
  • MC-88912 – Arrows and trident float when shot at the side of soul sand.
  • MC-93479 – F3+B hitbox/fishing rod line thickness (width) varies depending on whether F3 is open.
  • MC-93810falling_block becomes invisible if it is near the edge of the world.
  • MC-97877 – Boat paddle shaded incorrectly.
  • MC-98656 – Falling blocks do not render correctly when far away from 0,0.
  • MC-103672 – Steerable ridden entities (boats/pigs/horses) teleport back to their previous position for a short moment on dismount.
  • MC-107754 – Transparent skin issue when held Map in main hand and off-hand.
  • MC-125360 – Enchanted tridents do not look enchanted.
  • MC-136360 – Attached pumpkin and melon stems do not drop seeds when broken.
  • MC-144588 – The loading screen for reloading resource packs doesn't cover the whole screen if the GUI is hidden.
  • MC-145879 – Titles are no longer faded when text background opacity is enabled in the accessibility settings.
  • MC-150242 – The held item tooltip no longer fades correctly.
  • MC-153216 – Zombie villager overlay turns dark blue/purple when equipped with enchanted armor.
  • MC-154088 – Some text areas do not support partial transparency.
  • MC-154779 – Bed breaking texture is not centered properly.
  • MC-158484 – Game crashes when an illager rides any mob.
  • MC-158672 – Entering certain chunks causes FPS drops.
  • MC-165653 – Translucent stairs have z-clipping issue.
From the 1.15 development versions
  • MC-161267 – Block selection box is darker compared to older versions.
  • MC-161273 – Blocks are rendered incorrectly in inventories if a chest, ender chest, bed, shulker box or another item with special rendering is in the inventory.
  • MC-161274 – Items are rendered bright in dark areas when holding them in the hand.
  • MC-161276 – Item entities are rendered bright in dark areas.
  • MC-161279 – Chunk borders do not render when enabling them with F3+G.
  • MC-161281 – Minecarts with a block in them render incredibly dark.
  • MC-161282 – Experience orbs occasionally have a black box around them.
  • MC-161283 – Item frames are not lit correctly and always appear black.
  • MC-161285 – Item entity 3D model does not render the item's edges properly.
  • MC-161298 – Shulker boxes have z-fighting issues.
  • MC-161300 – Blocks held by endermen are darker than usual.
From the previous development version
  • MC-161305 – End crystals do not render properly.
  • MC-161313 – Boats and other rideable entities occasionally teleport back visually to the mounting position.
  • MC-161318 – Item entity textures do not handle transparency properly, causing a square to appear around an item when in water and in other circumstances.
  • MC-161324 – Banner gradient has jagged cutoff near-transparent end.
  • MC-161328 – Text on signs displays a black background when viewing them from certain angles.
  • MC-161330 – Shading of certain directional blocks like beds and chests independent of normal blocks.
  • MC-161343 – Breaking animation for beds, chests and shulker boxes is not displayed properly.
  • MC-161344 – Player model sometimes shows transparency issues.
  • MC-161346 – Arrows do not render transparent texture parts properly.
  • MC-161353 – Fishing rod bobbers have a black square around them.
  • MC-161354location_check dimension tests fail when the executing position is not loaded.
  • MC-161372 – Item entities have square fire when burning.
  • MC-161373 – End crystal beams render opaque.
  • MC-161404 – Experience orbs sometimes don't have a texture applied to them.
  • MC-161406 – Blocks that are being broken sometimes are rendered too bright.
  • MC-161409 – Mushrooms on mushroom cows are not lit.
  • MC-161423 – Transparent texture layers on some mobs (such as villagers and zombie villagers) sometimes appear completely opaque.
  • MC-161438 – Shulker box top is rendered too dark.
  • MC-161443 – Fast graphics setting no longer makes leaves opaque.
  • MC-161449 – Bee wings and feelers are opaque when viewing them from certain angles.
  • MC-161488 – Glowing effect outline is applied to the patterns of banners when carried by entities with the glowing effect.
  • MC-161651 – Semi-transparent textures, such as water or glass panes, are not rendered through clouds.
  • MC-161764 – When the player holds the item with special rendering, the brightness of nearby mobs increases.
Private issues
  • MC-160387 – Server crash due to a command block with a malformed command.[1]
  • MC-160915 – JSON text crashes the game when rendered if it attempts to translate a string containing the % character.[1]


Video made by slicedlime:


  • This snapshot, being the seventh for 1.15, was released on the same week of the year as the seventh snapshot for 1.11, 16w39a.
  • 19w39a was released on a Friday, which almost never happens with a first of the week snapshot.


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