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September 11, 2019

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19w37a is the fourth snapshot for Java Edition 1.15, released on September 11, 2019,[1] which adds some more features originally from Bedrock Edition.



  • Can now be extinguished with a shovel.
  • Blocks that can be manually placed on farmland without turning it into dirt can now also be pushed into it by a piston without turning the farmland under the block the piston has pushed into dirt.
Large ferns






  • Item predicate in advancements now makes a distinction between actual enchantments and stored enchantments, like ones stored in enchanted books.
    • stored_enchantments is used to match stored enchantments.


31 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.15
  • MC-2958 – Custom mobs and normal vexes drop equipped items with looting despite DropChances being set to 0.
  • MC-13884 – Hanging snow golems don't throw snowballs
  • MC-42248 – Placing lily pads does not have a hand animation in third-person.
  • MC-60634 – Spawn egg use animation not shown when using on animal.
  • MC-93827 – Clicking with meat on wolf / fish on ocelot to breed also causes it to sit / stand up.
  • MC-93841 – Right clicking on a tamed wolf, ocelot or parrot causes it to sit / stand up and uses item.
  • MC-110907 – Curse of vanishing does not work in some places.
  • MC-114715 – Mobs picking up items can drop their current item even when the drop chance is set 0.
  • MC-123307/execute store can modify player data inside item "tags" of their Inventory or EnderItems.
  • MC-123686 – Old chests disappear when updating to 1.8+.
  • MC-125880 – Recipe book rejects bows with Damage:0 tag when crafting dispensers.
  • MC-127094 – Arm animation is not executed in certain circumstances.
  • MC-135098 – Animal spawn eggs occasionally spawn baby animals.
  • MC-136352 – Tools from creative inventory/crafting do not have Damage:0 set until relog.
  • MC-136470 – Buckets' CanPlaceOn NBT check is applied to the block behind.
  • MC-145179/data modify modifies player item data but shows error message.
  • MC-152751 – Horse armor can occasionally be duplicated when killing a horse wearing it with a weapon enchanted with Looting III.
  • MC-153661 – Villagers always ring bells in the same direction, even if that should not be possible.
  • MC-154873 – When breaking a block with an enchanted book with Silk Touch on it, the block drops itself.
  • MC-157494 – Tamed animals no longer teleport to players properly.
  • MC-158853 – Chests missing after converting and loading an old map from 1.7.10.
  • MC-159785 – Cloned block contains same item in memory.
  • MC-160123 – Large ferns no longer drop seeds.
From the 1.15 development versions
  • MC-159455 – Mob riding item frame riding mob crashes the server when the item frame breaks.
  • MC-160248 – Slime and magma cube spawners crash the game.
From the previous development version
  • MC-160456 – Bee hives filled with honey are missing their top and bottom texture.
  • MC-160458 – Using a portal in an older world creates a new portal instead of teleporting to an existing one.
  • MC-160461 – When being activated with redstone, bells always ring in the same direction, even if that should not be possible.
  • MC-160464 – New gamerules introduced in snapshot 19w36a default to false in worlds from older versions.
  • MC-160484 – Placing wet sponges in the nether does not update redstone.
  • MC-160498/gamerule fireDamage being set to false does not prevent lava damage.


Video made by slicedlime:


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