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Minecraft 19w14b
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April 5, 2019

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19w14b is the thirty-second and final snapshot for Java Edition 1.14, released on April 4, 2019,[1] which fixes some bugs in the 1.14 snapshots.



Sneaking and suffocation prevention
  • Now only checks the top half of the player when deciding what model to use, instead of also the feet, to fix bugs relating to doors, falling sand, etc.


  • Improved performance.


36 issues fixed
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-138112Woodland mansion doesn't generate correctly.
  • MC-138245 – Mossy stone bricks can still be used in stone brick stair/slab recipe.
  • MC-139717 – Game hangs while trying to load chunks.
  • MC-139878 – Game hangup while saving world.
  • MC-140346 – Jungle bushes no longer generate on jungle floor.
  • MC-140529Suspicious stew from dandelion or blue orchid give a lasting instant effect.
  • MC-141100 – Entities clip through blocks in superflat worlds.
  • MC-142650Mobs entering a composter never leave the composter.
  • MC-142685 – Green item frame map markers are not removed in all cases.
  • MC-142696 – Shift clicking result of cartography table deletes held item.
  • MC-143578Firework disappears when launched under block.
  • MC-144132Polar bears inconsistently attack foxes.
  • MC-144560 – The player falls into the ground when entering ungenerated chunks.
  • MC-144579Villages generate one block too high with superflat "Snowy Kingdom" world generator.
  • MC-144647 – Flying with elytra in water or turning certain angles in air makes the player's legs move fast.
  • MC-145201 – Small slime hitbox is incorrect.
  • MC-145317 – Lighting on magma blocks behaves weirdly – darkens the area around them.
  • MC-145654 – "Decapitated" baby polar bear.
  • MC-145693 – F5 camera freezes when the player model looks straight up and down.
  • MC-145774 – Several buttons and sliders can be highlighted at the same time in menus.
  • MC-145804 – The enderman plays teleport sounds while stuck inside the boat.
  • MC-145970 – Crossbow loads firework rockets from inventory and hotbar.
  • MC-145974 – Firework rockets shot from players do not have the correct velocity.
  • MC-145975 – Crash whilst rendering screen: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0.
  • MC-146155 – When accessing a screen which has a text field selected by default using the "space" key, a space gets typed into that text field.
  • MC-146156 – Cannot access scrollable button menus (such as video settings) using the keyboard only.
  • MC-146169Villagers teleport out of minecarts when beds are in reach.
  • MC-146890 – In video settings, clicking the left buttons will instead select the right buttons.
  • MC-147062 – The scrollbar in the controls menu does not work.
  • MC-147184 – Unable to close anvil using inventory key without clicking away.
From the previous development version
  • MC-147264 – While riding certain entities, the player appears swimming.
  • MC-147266 – Intersecting solid blocks under certain circumstances causes the player to start crawling.
  • MC-147290 – In creative, it is not possible to use Sneak+Jump to place blocks adjacent to any block that is clickable.
  • MC-147356 – Crash while opening the Realms menu.
  • MC-147422 – Suffocating inside one block at feet.
  • MC-147456Spawners' delay tag is not being reset when at 0s.


Video made by slicedlime:


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