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April 3, 2019

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19w14a is the thirty-first snapshot for Java Edition 1.14, released on April 3, 2019,[1] which changes player positioning mechanics, allowing players to crawl in 1-block-tall areas.



Debug screen
  • Now has a new "Sounds" section, listing how many sounds are currently playing near the player out of 247, and streaming sounds (jukeboxes and ingame music) out of 8.
  • Added "It came from space."



  • Now naturally spawn in villages properly instead of only spawning during world generation.
  • Can no longer open doors.
  • Nitwits and jobless villagers now shake their head and grunt if the player tries to trade with them.

World generation[]

Pillager outposts
  • No longer can spawn inside of villages.
  • Can now be toggled in custom-preset superflat worlds via "pillager_outpost".
The Nether


Player positioning
  • The player's position will now adjust to the gap they are within:
    • 1.5 blocks: sneaking posture
    • <1 block: swimming animation
  • Being forced into an area under two blocks high will cause the player to adopt the appropriate posture.


106 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-2518 – No breaking sound or particle effect for some tools and all armor.
  • MC-4732 – Tools and weapons lose durability when attacking players that are in Creative.
  • MC-10369 – Server side particle spawning does not create particles for client.
  • MC-66206 – Beacon color change delayed if the beam passes through water, cobweb, leaves.
  • MC-88176 – Entities standing on Y=63 will become invisible when looking up.
  • MC-90594Player can stop sneaking/gliding without space to stand up.
  • MC-101567 – Point of vision can become unsynced with player model (Elytra)
  • MC-102055Wither skeleton waving arms in the water when targeting a player.
  • MC-110066Bat hitbox jitter when it is upside down under the block.
  • MC-113898Water below lily pads is replaced by wooden planks village paths.
  • MC-118238Torches can be placed on top of glass, but not on side.
  • MC-119136 – Some mobs skin repetitively change.
  • MC-121105 – Beacon beam color update is slow when too far away from the beacon block.
  • MC-121148Polar bears are required in "Monster Hunter" advancement, but are not completely hostile.
  • MC-125774 – The player keeps its 1 block height of swimming animation when going out of water.
  • MC-127238Beacon colors don't update as frequently anymore.
  • MC-129863 – "Crawling" underneath glass/grass paths/other transparent blocks causes bugs.
  • MC-130572 – Using an ender pearl to teleport into a one-block-high area with water in it will cause the player's head to become stuck in a block.
  • MC-131116 – Re-entering water while in a crawling state can cause the player to visually stand up.
  • MC-132482 – The player's swimming state is not saved, which can cause suffocation and potential loss of items.
  • MC-132816 – Using lava bucket on kelp and seagrass empties bucket without placing lava.
  • MC-133042 – Block of grass that grew from dirt under snow is not snowy.
  • MC-133844 – Visual glitch with 1 block tall area (Character standing in blocks).
  • MC-135501 – Invalid block/item tag inside another tag file causes the game to crash.
  • MC-136869TNT falling through slabs when ignited it.
  • MC-137162 – Debug profiler results confuses milliseconds and nanoseconds.
  • MC-138486 – When a player fall to the void the player is bugged.
  • MC-146863 – Shakespearean English's name occludes its own selection box.
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-137595Podzol generates below other blocks.
  • MC-137734 – Bamboo can generate on melon blocks.
  • MC-137826 – Panda attacks or observing players and mobs while they're exceptional action.
  • MC-138751 – "Fullscreen Resolution" setting cannot be adjusted.
  • MC-138795 – Tamed cats with CatType:0 become wild ocelots upon upgrading to 1.14 snapshots.
  • MC-139338 – Mobs in spawn chunks don't despawn, resulting in no mobs spawning anywhere else.
  • MC-139427 – Glass appears dark next to full blocks.
  • MC-139429 – The "b" in "Jigsaw block" is lowercase.
  • MC-139478 – Buffet floating islands worlds generate dirt instead of grass.
  • MC-139706Pillager outposts doesn't spawn in Superflat-worlds.
  • MC-139756Village has a pillager outpost.
  • MC-139841 – Using /locate to find pillager outposts in a superflat world freezes the game.
  • MC-140307 – Curses on the second item are lost when repairing in a grindstone.
  • MC-140331 – New village structures can overlap each other.
  • MC-140355 – Vex attacks witch.
  • MC-141251 – Illagers in raids don't always pursue the player on sight.
  • MC-141766 – Skipping bad option: maxFps 260
  • MC-141986Stronghold can generate above surface.
  • MC-142256 – Lighting/worldgenerator issue: black patches and dark spots appearing in the world.
  • MC-142692 – World loading progress becomes black after 100%.
  • MC-142735 – Incorrect/different /data modify behavior.
  • MC-143092 – "Left click" or "Q" in a recipe of slab in stonecutter results in loss of items.
  • MC-143131 – Soul sand doesn't conduct redstone.
  • MC-143280Stonecutter result slot does not allow fast clicks.
  • MC-143403Items can glitch through solid blocks.
  • MC-144314Fox hitbox is shifted.
  • MC-144537 – Loading screen appears while changing mipmap levels.
  • MC-144610Spawn chunks are lazy chunks.
  • MC-144678 – Entities don't interact with the world far from the player.
  • MC-144685Ender dragon will shoot at players in Creative.
  • MC-145002 – When trying to join a world, the loading screen gets stuck at 100%.
  • MC-145262 – Entities get stuck in the void when render distance is below 12.
  • MC-145438 – Arrows and tridents spawned with /summon in a world spawn point too far from (0,0) causes game performance to plummet.
  • MC-145675 – Ringing bell doesn't render hand swing animation.
  • MC-145686java.util.NoSuchElementException ticking entity crash when a job site block is destroyed immediately after a villager within a 1-block. radius has taken the job matching the job site block.
  • MC-145705 – Placing a block next to a bell causes the block to appear then instantly disappear.
  • MC-145716Pillager outpost watchtower fails to generate.
  • MC-145737 – Clicking bell with non-placable item carried play twice sound.
  • MC-145772 – Large amount of free job site blocks can cause lag when introducing new villagers.
  • MC-145798 – Pressing space/enter in book and quill changes page.
  • MC-145862 – Villagers try to sleep in occupied beds.
  • MC-145890 – Tab overrides command block suggestions while turned off.
  • MC-145971 – Chat message text box can be unfocused.
  • MC-146067 – The player can trade with sleeping villagers.
  • MC-146157 – When returning from a menu, you can re-open it by pressing Space or Enter.
  • MC-146168 – Pressing enter in the name or seed field on the create world dialog no longer creates the world.
  • MC-146215 – Error executing task on client: Playing level event.
  • MC-146225 – Lava buckets empty with no effect when placed on ladders.
  • MC-146248 – Cut sandstone and cut red sandstone cannot be shift-clicked on the stonecutter.
  • MC-146254 – Loom bottom uses loom top texture.
  • MC-146288 – Mobs bodies rotate almost instantly to the direction they're looking.
  • MC-146293 – Some planks in village bridges appear one block too high.
  • MC-146294 – Villager XP bar invisible with Programmer Art Resource Pack enabled
  • MC-146297 – Sounds can be heard very far away.
  • MC-146316Ender dragon disappears after being spawned with /summon.
  • MC-146331 – Mobs heads can't turn left/right while they're moving.
  • MC-146332Player can stop sneaking while standing in a 1.5 blocks tall space.
  • MC-146519 – Game freezes while villager looks for point of interest over void.
  • MC-146520Player can't move a minecart in any direction except forward.
  • MC-146521Villagers move while trading.
  • MC-146540 – Respawning outside of spawn chunks (using spawnRadius) without a spawnpoint causes client side desync
  • MC-146614Oak saplings can appear in chests in savanna villages.
  • MC-146776 – Typo in difficulty lock ("difficulity lock").
  • MC-146784 – When a bell is used while holding snow, the block of grass turns white without snow on top.
  • MC-146789 – Grass turns to dirt when there is snow above it.
  • MC-146792Vindicators and ravagers don't attack players, villagers and iron golems during raids.
  • MC-146804 – Not able to right click for more options in crafting menu.
  • MC-146810Villagers stay in houses forever when the player ring the bell.
  • MC-146840 – When signing a book and quill, the next arrow button is visible.
  • MC-146876Vindicators display wooden axes when they spawn in raids.
  • MC-146927 – Cannot place a bell when aiming at the side of a block it cannot be placed on
  • MC-146932Pillagers, ravagers and vindicators on raids ignore players.
  • MC-147003Villagers do not randomly look at other mobs anymore.
  • MC-147061 – Kelp gets destroyed all at the same time when the bottom block is broken, unlike sugar cane, bamboo, and cactus.
From the previous development version
  • MC-147041 – Fletchers drop uncraftable tipped arrows for their gift (hero of the village loot table).
  • MC-147060 – Client freezes if a nearby player swims in water while flying with elytra.
  • MC-147099 – "Creating buffer: Invalid enumerated parameter value" spammed in log
  • MC-147152 – Invalid move player packet received / teleporting player to NaN crashes worldsave.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • This URL for this snapshot is different from all other snapshots, as it adds a "0" at the end, making it "19w14a0".
  • This snapshot previously had the record for fixing the most bugs in a single snapshot, with 105 bug fixes, but this record was beaten in 20w22a, with 123 bug fixes.


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  2. MC-152207 Resolved as "Works As Intended"