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March 29, 2019

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19w13b is the thirtieth snapshot for Java Edition 1.14, released on March 29, 2019,[1] which revamps the trading interface.

19w13b was reuploaded with unknown changes.[more information needed]



  • Hitting a bell during a raid applies the glowing effect to raiding illagers within 32 blocks of it.
  • A new sound for ringing bells during raids has been added.
Blocks of quartz
  • Texture changed from Block of Quartz JE2.png to Block of Quartz JE3 BE2.png.


  • Revamped trading UI.
    • Available trades are listed in a left sidebar, similar to Bedrock Edition.
    • When players have the required materials, clicking on one of the trades puts the items into the slots automatically.


Entity tags


37 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-121282 – Server icons erased on loading multiplayer menu.
  • MC-130125 – Dolphins are sometimes rendered offset when jumping on land
  • MC-131417 – Saving structure with name containing two consecutive dots logs error "java.io.IOException: Invalid relative path to resource".
  • MC-135449 – Copying and pasting into book and quill displays CR on each line.
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-137654 – Firework rockets fired from crossbows fire above crosshair when jumping.
  • MC-138950 – fill bamboo to air without "destroy", will cause item drop.
  • MC-139017 – Rain goes through blocks when upgrading world from older versions.
  • MC-139273 – Destroying sugar cane from bottom does not destroy the sugar canes one at a time.
  • MC-139747 – Visual bug with raid boss bar.
  • MC-139763 – Client logs warning "Ignoring chunk since it's not in the view range" while moving in world.
  • MC-139950 – Nitwits don't generate sweat particles when right clicked on during Raids.
  • MC-140926 – Snowy villages and igloo structures spawn plains villagers.
  • MC-141598 – Chunks will not load in a LAN world if the host is not nearby.
  • MC-142192 – Pistons can conduct redstone signal while retracting.
  • MC-143708 – Cats disappear in villages.
  • MC-145551 – Witches that naturally spawn and join raids don't despawn, stalling raid progress until that witch is killed
  • MC-145638 – Minecarts defy gravity.
  • MC-145670 – Villager XP bar extends outside the GUI.
  • MC-145687 – Banner patterns are inconsistently named.
  • MC-145696 – "Globe" shield is broken.
  • MC-145790 – Missing Translations: The block.minecraft.banner.globe.colour banners are missing their translation.
  • MC-145813 – Chunks past a certain point fail to load when client render distance is less than server view distance.
  • MC-145869 – The discount price overlaps the second item.
  • MC-145989 – Villagers will only treat one bell in the village as a meeting area
  • MC-146070 – Bossbar notch opacity messed up when more than one boss bar is active.
  • MC-146080 – Quartz block texture blends into nearby smooth quartz.
  • MC-146415 – Ocean ruins will only generate one type of stone brick per structure.
  • MC-146432 – Moving glass hurts entities.
  • MC-146706 – Altered trading price strike-through line is invisible with "Programmer Art" resource pack enabled.
From the previous development version
  • MC-146777 – Players cannot unselect resource packs.
  • MC-146778 – World completely stops loading/generating.
  • MC-146783 – Ticking entity crash (villager).
  • MC-146790 – Mob spawners no longer spawn mobs in air blocks.
  • MC-146795 – Crash when creating buffet world.
  • MC-146984 – Missing stonecutter recipe: stone bricks to chiseled stone bricks.
Private issues



Video made by slicedlime:


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