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February 20, 2019

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19w08a is the twenty-second snapshot for Java Edition 1.14, released on February 20, 2019,[1] which adds brown mooshrooms and leather horse armor.



Horse armor
  • Added leather horse armor.
    • Crafted from 7 leather.
    • Can be dyed 12,326,391 different colors, similar to leather armor.


Brown mooshroom
  • Spawn when a regular mooshroom is struck by lightning.
    • Can turn back into a red mooshroom when again struck by lightning.
  • Can be fed flowers to then be "milked" for suspicious stew.
    • Suspicious stew is only given the first time the mooshroom is milked after it has eaten a flower.



Blocks of emerald, diamond ores, diorite, grass blocks, snowy grass blocks, snowy podzol, snowy mycelium, and oak doors
  • Changed texture.
  • Can now be extinguished using splash water bottles.
Smooth quartz
  • Now use the bottom texture of normal quartz blocks, rather than the top one.
Stained glass and stained glass panes
  • Updated textures to match normal glass and glass pane.


Gold armor, horse armor, cakes, emeralds, phantom membranes, and snowballs
  • Changed texture.


  • Mobs can now sleep in beds using commands.[verify]
  • Can no longer have armor equipped onto them via a dispenser.
  • Changed bounding box and eye height of foxes (prevents them from drowning when swimming).
  • Can no longer have armor equipped onto them via a dispenser.
  • Fox bark sounds are now named screeches.
Iron golems, skeleton horses, and zombie horses
  • Updated textures.
  • Added 3 new sounds, for converting, eating and milking.
  • Mooshrooms now have a Type data field.
  • Can no longer have armor equipped onto them via a dispenser.
  • 5% of them will be babies when naturally spawned.

World generation[]

  • Villages will now naturally generate with one iron golem spawned.
  • Updates to animal and villager spawn structures.


Status effects
  • Each individual status effect icon texture is now found in a separate texture file.
  • Bad Omen, Luck and Bad Luck have had their icons updated.
  • Improved the Invisibility status effect to allow it to correctly work in many cases where it didn't.
    • Guardians no longer see invisible players.
    • Zombies and illagers no longer see invisible villagers and wandering traders.

Command format[]

  • 'text' can once again be used for string quotes in commands in addition to the double quote "text".[2]
    • Inside single-quoted strings, double quotes are handled as a normal character and requires no escaping (and vice-versa), making it easier to input text components in NBT.


  • The loading screen added in the previous snapshot now displays when changing the game's language and changing or reloading resource packs.
    • Doing these things no longer freeze the client.


30 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-10901 – Various mobs can see invisible players.
  • MC-64581 – Game freezes a couple of seconds when changing mipmap level parameter.
  • MC-68563 – Barrier particles display random textures when switching resource packs.
  • MC-73724 – Iron golems no longer actively seek out hostile mobs.
  • MC-79320 – Invisible villagers and wandering traders can be seen by zombies.
  • MC-106430 – "Glowing" shader not reloaded on resource pack reload.
  • MC-116969 – Mobs look at invisible mobs/players.
  • MC-129855 – Turtle egg block model has stretched texture.
  • MC-130564 – Server resource packs can brick the client for periods of time.
  • MC-131368 – Snow golems attack invisible mobs.
  • MC-134625 – Tesselating liquid in world - NullPointerException.
  • MC-137009 – Shulker Detection Range Incorrect for invisible targets.
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-137722 – Smooth quartz blocks do not use the proper "smooth" texture.
  • MC-137841 – Villagers don't run away from ravagers.
  • MC-138022 – Wither roses can be placed on unusual blocks like hoppers.
  • MC-138425 – Stained glass and stained glass pane still uses the old glass texture lines.
  • MC-138558 – Cats and ocelots run away from players in creative mode.
  • MC-139739 – Bad Omen's icon is bugged in programmer art.
  • MC-140379 – New village church stained window is one block lower.
  • MC-140676 – Sweet berry bushes do not burn.
  • MC-141318 – Server crashes when an arrow, which has a non-vanilla sound event in its SoundEvent tag, hit a block or mob.
  • MC-141911 – Fire charges cannot ignite campfires.
  • MC-141987 – Splash water bottle does not extinguish campfire.
  • MC-142850 – Baby pandas never spawn naturally.
  • MC-143983 – Mojang logo can be changed using texture pack.
From the previous development version
  • MC-144080 – Clicking anywhere in "Video Settings..." plays the click sound.
  • MC-144083 – Cannot drag slider in options.
  • MC-144092 – Fox offspring don't trust the player.
  • MC-144142 – Foxes take and eat things while sleeping.
  • MC-144161 – Warning on game startup: "File minecraft:sounds/mob/fox/bark5.ogg does not exist, cannot add it to event minecraft:entity.fox.bark".


Video made by slicedlime:


  • This snapshot, being the twenty-second for 1.14, was released in the same week of the year as the twenty-second snapshot of the previous major update, 18w08b.


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