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Minecraft 19w07a
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Java Edition



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February 13, 2019

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19w07a is the twenty-first snapshot for Java Edition 1.14, released on February 13, 2019,[1] which adds foxes.



Spawn eggs
  • Added fox spawn egg.


  • Nocturnal passive mobs which sleep during the day and are awake at night.
  • Drops nothing when killed.
  • Will run from the player.
  • Can be bred with sweet berries.
  • Can spawn with items in their mouth, like wheat and leather.
    • Will pick up dropped items with their mouth, and drop them if they find food instead.
  • May spawn wandering around villages at night. [more information needed]
  • Hunt chickens and rabbits.
    • Jump very high, can jump into fenced-in areas to hunt chickens.
  • Are attacked by wild wolves (but run faster).
  • Can curl up in a ball to sleep.
    • During daytime, seeks out a nearby area where the sunlight level is below its maximum value, indicating there is not direct sunlight on that block.
  • A white variant spawns in snowy taiga.

World generation[]

Zombie villages
  • Added the last 3 village types as zombie villages, which are the savanna, plains, and snowy tundra zombie villages.



  • Added a new open block state.
    • Now shows a new texture while the barrel is opened.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Paintings are now broken up into individual textures.
    • Animations are supported.

World generation[]

  • Armor stands with iron armor can now spawn in taiga villages.
  • Added some torches to previously poorly lit savanna, plains, and desert village structures.
  • Added new loot table for fisher cottages in villages, which is located in the barrels located in the cottages.


  • The narrator will now read hovered over buttons out loud.
Startup Screen
  • Logo can now be customized with resource packs.


23 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-127296 – Drowned throw tridents backwards.
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-138598 – Cats go into sitting mode after bringing a gift to the player.
  • MC-138609 – Baby cats only use one texture while using a spawn egg.
  • MC-138624 – Tamed cats still sneak towards player holding fish.
  • MC-140856 – Damaging a panda in a village near a villager makes the village's iron golem hostile.
  • MC-140924 – Cats spawn in blocks of villages.
  • MC-140940 – Procedurally generated bells in villages do not connect to blocks correctly.
  • MC-140955 – Breaking a jigsaw block leaves its block entity behind.
  • MC-140967desert_sheperd_house_1 structure duplicates desert_shepherd_house_1 structure.
  • MC-141002 – Zombie Villages don't exist anymore.
  • MC-141508 – "cat_morning_gift" loot table is stored in "entities" folder instead of "gameplay".
  • MC-141897 – Breaking or blowing up campfires sometimes still make smoke particles.
  • MC-142123 – 19w02a playerdata port broken on server from 18w50a
  • MC-142214 – Campfires begin producing massive amounts of particles when game lags.
  • MC-143687 – Scaffolding uses the "distance" value of its pillar, rather than the shortest.
  • MC-143696/forceload is suggested for non-op players.
  • MC-143725 – Crossbow doesn't render in first person view with invisibility effect.
  • MC-143766 – Loot tables cannot be applied to barrels.
From the previous development version
  • MC-143757 – Roof of plains blacksmith is cut off.
  • MC-143793 – Composter sounds are swapped.
  • MC-143794 – Falling blocks break all snow layers, including when fully stacked.
  • MC-143893 – Falling blocks on piston head will drop as an item when the piston retracts.
  • MC-143905Empty or none existent pool: minecraft:streets when creating new world.


Video made by slicedlime:


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