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February 6, 2019

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19w06a is the twentieth snapshot for Java Edition 1.14, released on February 6, 2019,[1] which adds a new startup screen.



  • Added a new tag for item forms of blocks called BlockStateTag.
    • Formatted as {BlockStateTag:{state:"value",state2:"value2",stateN:"valueN"}}.
    • Does not affect item model.


Startup Screen
  • Added a loading bar to the startup screen.
    • Once loading is complete the startup screen will now fade into the main menu.



Cartography tables
  • Added sounds for the block.


Wandering traders
  • Will now drink potions of Invisibility at night.
    • When day comes, they will drink milk to clear the potion effect.
  • Now have a WanderTarget data tag containing a block position. When set, they will pathfind to that position.

World generation[]

Jungle pyramids
  • Improved village blacksmith building generation to prevent them from catching on fire from lava inside them.
    • Desert blacksmith buildings have been removed.


  • Updated to 3.2.1.
  • Are now broken up into individual textures files per frame rather than being in particles.png.
    • Do not use .mcmeta files for their animation – those are still hard-coded.
  • Slightly improved startup time.


41 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-11532 – Empty map is consumed upon right-clicking in creative.
  • MC-79357 – Armor stand with Marker tag "true" still creates particles when fall.
  • MC-87049 – Firework light flash glitches from many explosions.
  • MC-89000 – Falling Sand doesn't get killed if falling on edge of block.
  • MC-90523falling_block entity floating on fences/walls.
  • MC-91404 – Falling sand does not land on shulker.
  • MC-94420 – Falling block dropped on any boat will float above this boat in a 3x3 grid and never land.
  • MC-114561 – Baby mobs can grow while dying.
  • MC-119808 – Minecarts drop their items offset in the positive direction.
  • MC-126302 – Game freezes if splash text 231 is the only one in splashes.txt.
  • MC-131356 – The firework light flash is missing.
  • MC-136400 – 'Serious Dedication' advancement not given when using up diamond hoe.
  • MC-139493 – Falling blocks float on snow layers.
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-138389 – Slime balls sneezed by pandas cannot be picked up.
  • MC-138617 – Jungle pyramids not spawning in bamboo jungles.
  • MC-139122 – Players or entities sometimes become invisible after death.
  • MC-139477 – Ravager falls with NoAI:1.
  • MC-140009 – Pandas can eat while swimming.
  • MC-140240plains_big_house_1 in new plains villages is missing a floor.
  • MC-140286 – Village stair not connecting.
  • MC-140698 – The snowy_small_house_7 house from new snowy villages is missing a light source.
  • MC-140703 – Weaponsmith building catches fire.
  • MC-140710 – Pillagers require skylight to spawn from spawners.
  • MC-140759 – Some of the new village structures are missing a jigsaw block.
  • MC-140985 – Scheduled ticks get lost when leaving chunks (Redstone components get stuck).
  • MC-141004desert_weaponsmith_1 structure duplicates desert_blacksmith_1 structure.
  • MC-141070 – Cats losing owner and collar color.
  • MC-141368[Client] java.lang.NullPointerException: Rendering screen.
  • MC-141823 – End gateways on the main end island take you to a tiny island.
  • MC-141898 – Extinguished campfire creates ghost items.
  • MC-141906 – Campfire smoke particles not showing with programmer art texture pack.
  • MC-141940 – Crafting table shows campfire and stonecutter recipes.
  • MC-142655 – Client crashes when opening resolved book on lectern containing malformed text components.
  • MC-142893 – Magma cube riding zombie causes crash in lava.
  • MC-142916 – Recipe toasts for stonecutter use crafting table icon.
  • MC-142958 – Water disappears when placed on double slab.
  • MC-143069 – An armor stand which is Marker:1b doesn't collide with a block.
From the previous development version
  • MC-143347 – Ravager spawn egg is not sorted alphabetically within the spawn egg list.
  • MC-143350 – Wandering trader subtitle missing; shows translation string.
  • MC-143351 – Item frames and leash knots appear at the wrong location.
  • MC-143354 – Filling a composter is silent.


Video made by slicedlime:


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