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Minecraft 18w46a

Java Edition



Release date

November 15, 2018

Snapshot for



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18w46a is the sixth snapshot for Java Edition 1.14,[1] which adds lanterns and jigsaw blocks.



  • New light source.
  • Crafted with 8 iron nuggets surrounding 1 torch.
  • Can be placed either hanging under or on top of a block.
  • Gives slightly more light than a torch.
Jigsaw blocks
  • A technical block.
  • Not obtainable in survival.
  • Is a junction block that allows to construct structures out of smaller templates.
    • Target pool refers to a pool of elements the jigsaw block can draw elements from (ie: the next template to place).
    • Attachment type refers to the "name" of the jigsaw block. Jigsaw blocks can only connect to other jigsaw blocks with the same "name" (attachment type).
    • Turn into is the blockstate the jigsaw block will turn into once the whole feature is placed.



Cartography tables, fletching tables, and smithing tables
  • Updated block texture.
  • Can now be placed 6 blocks out from its base of support without falling.
  • Updated block texture.
  • Animated saw.




Illager patrols




32 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-92 – Slab and stairs lighting incorrect
  • MC-46667 – Light Level in F3 not correct on slabs, stairs, farmland, and grass path
  • MC-83277 – Entities render black when enclosed in slabs (or other blocks)
  • MC-99863 – Line breaks different in signed book
  • MC-116448 – Illusioner is missing its loot table
  • MC-129926 – Light glitch with slabs
  • MC-131553 – Iron horse armor is misaligned at the head
  • MC-132701 – Lighting is broken on world load
  • MC-134063 – Wood blocks have wrong color on maps
  • MC-137266 – Colon in 'Direct Connect' menu crashes game
  • MC-139141 – Mushroom stem blocks changed color on maps
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-137469 – Sign GUI darkens its buttons too
  • MC-137536 – Stairs incorrectly blocking light
  • MC-137563 – Horses become invisible when equipped with horse armor
  • MC-137755 – Pillagers are near enemies when attacking
  • MC-137795 – World does not tick when two players are far away from each other
  • MC-137831 – Slimes and magma cubes riding mobs causes game crash
  • MC-138058 – FPS's are switched in Alt + F3
  • MC-138283 – Some blocks use wrong color palette on maps
  • MC-138458 – Pillagers do not slow down while loading their crossbows
  • MC-138531 – Dying a sign in creative mode removes dye from inventory
  • MC-138567 – Button, Snow-Layer, Ladder, Tripwire-Hook, Lever, Torch, Vines, Fences, Walls, Iron-Bars and Glass-Panes can connect to Stonecutters
  • MC-138578 – You can dye a sign in the same color as the sign is already dyed in
  • MC-138588 – Vsync setting disabling itself on fullscreen switch
From the previous development version
  • MC-138984 – Sign bottom texture is missing
  • MC-138989 – Unable to go down column of scaffolding that is not connected to the ground
  • MC-139000 – Certain items glitch when rendered
  • MC-139022 – Illager beast roars hurt Illagers
  • MC-139048 – Illager patrol spawn rate seems to be too high
  • MC-139100 – Scaffolding breaks when placed on some blocks
  • MC-139118 – Illager path finding is broken
  • MC-139175 – Waterlogged Scaffolding keeps Waterlogged state when falling


Video made by slicedlime:


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