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Minecraft 18w44a
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Java Edition



Release date

October 31, 2018

Snapshot for



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18w44a is the fourth snapshot for Java Edition 1.14,[1] which adds 10 new blocks and stray cats as their own separate mob.



  • Currently have the inventory of a chest.
  • GUI can only be accessed through spectator mode.
  • Can be filled and emptied by hoppers.
  • Can be filled by droppers.
  • Only available in the creative inventory.
  • Currently do not drop the items they contain when broken.
  • Currently have no functionality.
  • Only available in the creative inventory.
  • Have an associated block-entity placeholder.
  • Can be anchored to top and bottom block, with different texture for each.
    • Also, has a state for anchoring to walls, but this has a missing model.
    • Pop off as an item when the anchored block is destroyed or moved.
Blast furnaces and smokers
  • Currently function as a furnace with support for hopper and dropper inputs and outputs.
  • Only available in the creative inventory.
  • GUI can only be accessed through spectator mode.
Cartography tables, fletching tables, smithing tables, and stonecutters
  • Currently have no functionality.
  • Only available in the creative inventory.
  • Currently have no functionality.
  • Only available in the creative inventory.
  • Have a very high blast resistance, similar to obsidian.
  • Can be placed on the top, bottom or side of a block.
  • Currently have no functionality.
  • Only available in the creative inventory.
  • Have an associated block-entity placeholder.
  • Have a BookItem field which holds the book item to be displayed, cannot be set and is not written to the block entity.




  • Added 1 new advancement:
    • A Complete Catalogue: Tame all cat variants!



Andesite, diorite, cactus, crafting table, obsidian, sand, sandstone, stone, wheat crops
  • Changed texture.
  • Right clicking on signs with dyes will now change the text color.
  • The default sign text color has been reverted back to black.


  • Are now mobs separate from ocelots.
Illager beast
  • Are now afraid of cats.
Players, withers, armor stands
  • Now have loot tables.


  • "The Parrots and the Bats" and "Best Friends Forever"
  • "Two by Two"
    • Requirements have been changed from ocelots to cats.
    • Now requires pandas.
  • Removed award part of /drop command (loot now does the same thing)
  • entity_properties
    • Now uses same predicate syntax as advancements (like player_killed_entity).
    • Parameters are now described in predicate field. If this field is an empty object, any entity is accepted (but still has to be present).
  • set_name
    • Added new parameter entity (same values as entity_present condition). If present, the name will be resolved with that entity (which allows using selector and score components).
  • fill_player_head
    • Copies player profile info to player head item.
    • Parameters:
      • entity – source of profile (same values as entity_present condition, will do nothing if it's not player).
  • set_lore
    • Adds or replaces lore lines.
    • Parameters:
      • lore – list of lines (in chat component format) to be added.
      • replace – if true, previous lore is erased.
      • entity – if present, name will be resolved with selected entity (same values as entity_present condition).
Loot tables
  • New loot table functions: set_lore and fill_player_head.
  • Removed loot table condition: entity_present.
  • New loot table conditions: damage_source_properties, location_check, weather_check and two special modifiers: inverted and alternative.
  • Renamed entity parameter in predicates from direct_killer_entity to direct_killer.
  • Block variant {"nbt": path, "block": "coordinates"}, where coordinates field uses same format as /setblock.
  • Entity variant {"nbt": path, "entity": selector}, where selector field uses same format as /kill.
  • Additionaly, if field interpret is present and set to true, contents of selected tags will be interpreted as chat components.
  • Works same as selector components:
    • If there are no elements, returns empty string.
    • If there are multiple elements, merges them with ,.
Video settings
  • Removed option to disable VBOs in the game settings. VBOs are now always used.


21 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-109344 – There is no wither loot table
  • MC-123808 – Resource packs menu scrolling doesn't work
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-137490 – Unable to pick block a bamboo sapling
  • MC-137512 – Bamboo sapling connects to fences and walls
  • MC-137537 – Walking into a different chunk causes lag
  • MC-137589 – Pandas are not spawning in bamboo jungles
  • MC-137596 – Part of donkey back and chest is invisible
  • MC-137797 – Illager beast destroys leaves even when mobGriefing is set to false
  • MC-137839 – Lighting issues
  • MC-137866 – Negative durability on shears using dispensers
  • MC-137911 – Arrows spawned by commands plays cave ambience
  • MC-137931 – Lag spikes while placing/breaking blocks
  • MC-137934 – "Argument range" class has typo in JsonObject serialization
  • MC-137974 – Dispenser can shear dying sheep
  • MC-138002 – Dispenser with shears always succeeds even if there is no sheep in front of it
  • MC-138045 – Pandas indefinitely eat cakes
  • MC-138082 – When setting CustomModelData on food items, the crumb particle is not updated to the model you specify
  • MC-138474 – Pandas won't panic when they catch fire
From the previous development version
  • MC-138105 – Severe lag with sticky pistons moving blocks
  • MC-138362 – Written books do not maintain CustomModelData NBT upon creation
  • MC-138453 – Tall grass drops two tall grass / large ferns drops two large ferns


Video made by slicedlime:


  • This is the first snapshot to be released on Halloween.