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Java Edition



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July 25, 2018

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18w30b is the second snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13.1, which fixes many bugs.[1]


30 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-3927 – Iron golems can spawn in slabs, glass, farmland and grass path.
  • MC-74764 – Particle "largeexplode", "hugeexplosion" and "sweepattack" not showing when using the front view (twice F5).
  • MC-75465 – Vignette effect's visibility is not being updated according to light level when GUI is hidden.
  • MC-76615 – Lightning bolt summoned by /summon is offset +0.5x and +0.5z.
  • MC-78963 – Command completion fails with multiple possibilities and other arguments set.
  • MC-105512 – Cracks appear inside dragon head instead of outside.
  • MC-114218 – Dispensers and droppers don't offset smoke particles when facing up or down.
  • MC-119856 – Slime blocks missing cullface argument.
  • MC-120664 – Tool durability is off by one.
  • MC-120780 – Chunk data packets are sometimes created unnecessarily.
  • MC-121152 – WorldClient leaks player and painting entities
  • MC-122614 – Strange tab completion coloring.
  • MC-123586 – Debug pie chart uses locale specific number formatting.
  • MC-123880 – Clientbound play packet 0x0C (Boss Bar) using same byte for different booleans.
From 1.13
  • MC-124054 – Tab-suggestions don't disappear when moving cursor.
  • MC-133154Placing a slab to stop the water flow doesn't remove the water.
  • MC-133273 – Normal Pistons also spit out their blocks with a short signal.
  • MC-133294 – Map Markers blacked out.
  • MC-133425 – Missing Glyphs for (U+FF3B) and (U+FF08).
  • MC-133453 – Players can't stand in "walk-through" blocks after swimming.
  • MC-134273 – Player Markers on Map after disconnect.
  • MC-134274 – Map Markers for players holding a different Map.
  • MC-134668 – Over synchronization in ThreadedAnvilChunkStorage impacts performance
  • MC-134903 – Mobs can break turtle eggs by standing on them when gamerule mobGriefing is false.
From the previous development version
  • MC-134826 – Deleting a world doesn't remove it from the list until re-entering world list.
  • MC-134828 – Server crash - Ticking world entities.
  • MC-134833 – Fast movement.
  • MC-134858 – The TNT block state "explode" does not carry over to 1.13.1's "unstable".
  • MC-134905 – Exception ticking world.
  • MC-134919 – Crash when blowing up TNT in the Nether
Other fixes
  • Fixed issue with rain sounds causing the console to spam errors.


Video made by slicedlime:


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