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Minecraft 18w22b

Java Edition



Release date

May 29, 2018

Snapshot for



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18w22b[1] is the forty-first snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13.


  • Improved performance with animated textures.
  • Version exclusive: Bark blocks now follow identical placement rules to logs and other such blocks. As such, the texture was changed later.
  • Usernames tab-complete again in regular chat.
  • All command feedback messages are now translatable.


17 issues fixed
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-122626 – Unable to tab-complete player names outside of commands.
  • MC-124206 – Opening language selection crashes if resource pack specifying non-existent language is loaded
  • MC-124312 – Snow layers on grass blocks don't make grass snowy unless manually placed.
  • MC-125862 – Command error messages are hardcoded.
  • MC-127142 – Failed to create block entity DUMMY (path of location: minecraft:DUMMY).
  • MC-128276 – Water is not tinted next to glass.
  • MC-128933 – Waterlogged blocks spread water to other waterlogged blocks
  • MC-129249 – Sea pickles don't need a support block
  • MC-129358 – Flowing water acts like air.
  • MC-129486 – Fog in flowing water does not have color
  • MC-129720 – There is no sound when player places sea pickle or turtle egg in sea pickle or turtle egg
  • MC-130140 – Blocks not converting correctly from 1.12.2 to current snapshot
  • MC-130345 – Name tags display incorrectly when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-130397 – Items with custom names stored in containers don't upgrade properly
  • MC-130400 – All maps become "Map #0" when upgrading
  • MC-130422 – Item frame drops when you load a world from 1.12.2
From the previous development version
  • MC-130424 – Stack overflow after opening a 18w21b world in 18w22a.


Video made by slicedlime:


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