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May 29, 2018

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18w22a[1] is the fortieth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13.


  • Version exclusive: Naturally-generated leaves now survive at a distance of up to 6 blocks from logs, instead of 4.
    • The block state for leaves changed from a check_decay and decayable Booleans to distance (ranging from 1 to 7) and a persistent Boolean.
  • Turtle eggs and sea pickles
    • Players who would be inside their hitbox if one more is to be placed inside of the stack, it will cause the placement to fail.
    • Now makes placement sounds when the amount in a stack is increased.
    • Can place more in a stack by aiming at adjacent blocks.
    • Right-clicking no longer animates the hand.
    • Sea pickles now require a supporting block.
  • Drowned now have a swimming animation.


30 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-1809 – Some trees generate with leaves too far from logs
  • MC-91245 – One character namespaces are treated as "minecraft:"
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-121823 – Using "destroy" command on containers does not drop stored contents
  • MC-121900 – Player data output does not show SelectedItem and is invalid in a data path
  • MC-122153/gamemode does not provide success message
  • MC-122455 – Disappearing Carpets
  • MC-122531 – Particle command shows numeral ids in the command feedback
  • MC-122663 – "Shape: ascending" rails change state to normal (flat on the block) when top rail is removed
  • MC-122787 – Rails placed to the east or south of curved rails break existing connections
  • MC-123064 – No error message when saving a structure containing uppercase or other invalid characters
  • MC-124281 – White dot on the creamy horse's tail
  • MC-124357 – Green pixels on iron horse armor
  • MC-124417 – Can't use custom blockstates for leaves in resource packs
  • MC-125745 – Sniper duel advancement can be achieved with trident, but the description implies only arrows may be used
  • MC-125986 – Rails adjacent to chunk borders update if world is loaded in snapshot
  • MC-126118 – The fish mobs are missing their translation strings
  • MC-127156 – Ocelots and parrots don't spawn naturally
  • MC-127386 – Right clicking on villager with its spawn egg opens trade menu
  • MC-128393 – Conduit connects to iron bars and glass panes
  • MC-128509 – X-axis portals break when upgrading from 1.12.2 when certain blocks are above/near them
  • MC-128512 – Certain blocks on chunk borders cause many blocks in the same chunk to be updated when upgrading from 1.12.2
  • MC-128856 – Sea pickles and turtle eggs can't have their count increased by placing additional units against neighboring blocks
  • MC-129309 – Players are able to walk through turtle eggs
  • MC-129645 – Particles of downwards bubble columns are not centered
  • MC-129712 – Team Prefix and Suffix reset after restarting world
  • MC-129717 – Can use sea pickles to glitch through ceilings
  • MC-129722 – Attempting to place more sea pickles or turtle eggs when there are already four still animates the hand
  • MC-130015 – Tropical fish bucket contains inconsistent dark pixel
  • MC-130197 – Over a 1000 dolphins spawning in a range of 100 blocks at a certain height
From the previous development version
  • MC-130242 – Having an id tag in the tag tag of spawn eggs overwrites the spawned entity's id


Video made by slicedlime:


  • Unlike most of the first-of-the-week snapshots, this was released on a Tuesday instead of Wednesday.
  • 18w22a was released exactly 2 years before 20w22a.


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