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Minecraft 18w20b

Java Edition



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May 16, 2018

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18w20b[1] is the thirty-sixth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13.



  • Added translations for potted plants, such as "Potted Oak Sapling", "Potted Cactus", etc.
  • Added the "All rumors are true!" splash.



  • The eye of the conduit now shows whether it is hunting for hostile mobs or not: it will show an open eye when it is looking out for hostile mobs, and a closed eye otherwise.


  • Changed names and IDs of several items:
Old Name New Name Old ID New ID
Melon Melon minecraft:melon_block minecraft:melon
Melon Slice Melon Slice minecraft:melon minecraft:melon_slice
Glistering Melon Glistering Melon Slice minecraft:speckled_melon minecraft:glistering_melon_slice


  • Changed the names of several entities:
Old Name New Name
Ender Crystal End Crystal
Block of TNT Primed TNT


19 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-77856 – "" Translation Uses Explicit "F2" Reference
  • MC-117906 – Elytra (plural) are called "an Elytra" in advancements
  • MC-119807 – Breaking inventories next to walls can cause items to glitch away
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-121287 – Minecraft Realms button does absolutely nothing
  • MC-124024 – click- and hoverEvents are not removed from item and entity names before they are shown in chat, allowing tricking players
  • MC-124123 – Crash upon loading world: Non [a-z0-9/._-] character in path of location: minecraft:Zombie
  • MC-126022 – Missing translations in en_us.json for potted plants
  • MC-128033 – Debug Menu Spelling Error (FC + C instead of F3 + C)
  • MC-128236 – Conduits are waterlogged when placed out of water
  • MC-128237 – Conduits, kelp, coral (fans) and (tall) seagrass have full hitboxes
  • MC-128253 – Water in cauldron isn't tinted
  • MC-128311 – Conduit allows coral fan, sea pickle, torches, ladders, button, lever, tripwire hook, vines, snow and flower pot to be placed on it
  • MC-128321 – Conduit power is listed as negative status effect
  • MC-128354 – Conduit has unused Core Texture
  • MC-128971 – Selector dx dy dz descriptions are wrong
  • MC-129036 – Stronghold not generating in Survival mode
  • MC-129593 – light sources blocks crashes the game
From the previous development version
  • MC-129615 – All command blocks lose all nbt data on update to 18w20a
  • MC-129616 – First person "on fire" texture is missing (magenta/black checkerboard)


Video made by slicedlime:


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