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May 8, 2018

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18w19a[1] is the thirty-third snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13, which added the Dolphin's Grace effect and changed some IDs, mainly to biomes.



Status effects


  • Separated some of the logic for blocks and fluids.[2]
    • Current fluids:
      • minecraft:empty
      • minecraft:flowing_water
      • minecraft:water
      • minecraft:flowing_lava
      • minecraft:lava
    • The fluid at a location is currently dependent on the block at the location; currently there still are water and lava blocks.
  • Added two new fluid tags: minecraft:lava and minecraft:water.
  • This system is mostly internal; it cannot be directly interacted with yet

World generation[]

Buffet worlds
  • New generation type: "Caves".
    • Creates Nether-like generation.



Block IDs
  • Changed names and IDs of several blocks:
Old Name New Name
Sea Grass Seagrass
Tall Sea Grass Tall Seagrass
Old ID New ID
sea_grass seagrass
tall_sea_grass tall_seagrass


Turtle eggs
  • Changed turtle egg inventory item texture.
Spawn eggs
  • Phantom spawn eggs now look more like the mob's updated texture.
Heart of the sea
  • Now generates in buried treasure chests (as stacks of 1).
Item IDs
  • Changed names of several items:
Old Name New Name
Clownfish Tropical Fish
Puffer Fish Bucket Pufferfish Bucket


  • Now flap their wings smoother and faster.
  • Will now drop experience.
  • If dolphins start drowning, they will now swim to the surface.
Polar bears
  • Can now spawn on top of ice.
Old Name New Name
Puffer Fish Pufferfish
Old ID New ID
puffer_fish pufferfish

World generation[]

  • Due to changes in world generation, worlds from previous snapshots will no longer work.
  • Seagrass now generates in underwater caves.

Command format[]

  • The output of the /seed command can now be copied.


  • Improved the upgrade paths from old versions.
  • Updated the credits list.
Experience orbs
  • Will now float up in water.
Debug screen
  • The F3 menu now shows the biome ID, rather than name.
  • Changed the names of several biomes:


99 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-7908 – Spawning underwater / In the middle of an (lava) ocean
  • MC-86016 – Some Mojang staff not mentioned in credits.txt
  • MC-118072 – Redwood Taiga Hills M Biome misnamed
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-121285 – Crash on start when resolution is changed in profile
  • MC-121636 – Server commands available in singleplayer with weird/bad effects
  • MC-121661 – Typing /help + unavailable command returns "unexpected error" message
  • MC-121799 – Cannot summon lightning bolt
  • MC-121999 – Incorrect /help behavior for non-ops
  • MC-122557 – Setting the size parameter for the dust particle to 0 or very close to it crashes the game
  • MC-122596 – Command autocomplete overrides command history navigation
  • MC-122630/help no longer prefixes "/" to commands
  • MC-122632/help entries for subcommands do not print main command prefix
  • MC-123053 – Game crashes when using an item with a tag in the CanDestroy or CanPlaceOn NBT tag
  • MC-123606 – Server crash: Ticking entity 'java.lang.ClassCastException: ass cannot be cast to aui'
  • MC-123778 – Team color doesn't work in playerlist and sidebar before reconnecting
  • MC-123813 – Team colors no longer show in json results
  • MC-123835 – Colored sidebar display slots are not visible
  • MC-123852 – Glowing effect doesn't change depending on team color
  • MC-123856 – Clicking [Intentional Game Design] on death screen doesn't open a link to MCPE-28723
  • MC-124091 – Team color doesn't affect name above head
  • MC-124092 – Some team options don't work
  • MC-124098 – jeb_ sheep don't change color
  • MC-124102 – Book signing shows the author name as string representation of the textcomponent
  • MC-124147 – Zombie horses are invisible and replaced with regular zombies on reload
  • MC-124237 – Command syntax help doesn't clamp to the right chat line border
  • MC-124560 – Server says "type help or ?" but ? is not a valid command anymore
  • MC-124633 – Feedback text for "/team option seeFriendlyInvisibles false" when seeFriendlyInvisibles is already disabled is wrong
  • MC-124720 – Cannot start server with GUI
  • MC-124750/particle acting strangely across dimensions
  • MC-124889 – You cannot shift click smeltable items into a furnace
  • MC-124894 – Chests and dispenser don't spawn in structures on superflat worlds
  • MC-124895 – Trees generate side by side
  • MC-124898 – Minerals tab in furnace recipe book displays apple item
  • MC-124949 – Tree generating in village house and as part of field
  • MC-124956 – Furnace recipe book availability toggle has wrong tooltip ("Showing craftable")
  • MC-125060 – Furnace recipe book availability toggle has crafting table icon
  • MC-125107 – Mineshafts don't generate support blocks when a block is above it
  • MC-125115 – Command suggestions don't order numbers from least to greatest
  • MC-125130 – Selector auto-completion tooltips mixed up
  • MC-125174 – Ore pockets do not generate in superflat worlds
  • MC-125232 – Phantoms attack players in peaceful mode
  • MC-125258 – Preparing spawn area spams 0%
  • MC-125283 – Jungle Biomes are extremely cluttered
  • MC-125381 – Effects from the turtle master potion don't show amplifier
  • MC-125442 – Extreme Lag in Jungle Biome
  • MC-125466 – Fishing drops don't come towards player
  • MC-125550 – Experience orbs don't float up in water
  • MC-125607 – Going inside of bubble columns in spectator mode plays bubble column sound
  • MC-125803NoGravity no longers works on items
  • MC-125872 – Superflat preset "the void" doesn't generate starting platform anymore
  • MC-125915 – Zombies can destroy turtle eggs through a full block and a half above the egg
  • MC-125946 – Phantoms can spawn inside/colliding with blocks
  • MC-125997 – Deep Frozen Ocean isn't frozen
  • MC-126086 – Salmon and tropical fish hitbox on land is wrongly positioned
  • MC-126139 – The fins of dying cod and some tropical fish show z-fighting
  • MC-126178 – Can use the water (with fish) bucket to destroy kelp, sea grass, coral and coral fan
  • MC-126190 – Salmon mobs often get stuck
  • MC-126198 – Only players are poisoned by pufferfish
  • MC-126218 – Held turtle eggs are too low in first person
  • MC-126261 – Turtle Egg Placement
  • MC-126362 – Shift-clicking fuel into non-empty furnaces only moves fuel client-side
  • MC-126380 – Getting an uncarved pumpkin gives recipe for jack o' lantern
  • MC-126656 – Bubble columns made by Soul Sand only appear every other block
  • MC-126734 – A tree inside which a village house generated generated without its trunk, possibly missing some leaves
  • MC-126762 – Red screen when player attack invalid tropical fish variant
  • MC-126800 – The tropical fish item is named "clownfish".
  • MC-126815 – Banner and treasure markers on maps show incorrect icons in multiplayer
  • MC-126859 – Polar bears and rabbits not spawning in Ice Plains
  • MC-126950 – Riding floating boats underwater
  • MC-127069 – huge phantom crash
  • MC-127166 – Parrots don't imitate dolphins, phantoms and drowned
  • MC-127253F3 + Q list isn't sorted alphabetically anymore
  • MC-127291 – Zombies drowning always drop armor items instead of using random chance
  • MC-127295 – Zombies can gain tridents or fishing rods when they drown
  • MC-127337F3 + C (copy coordinates) does not copy dimension
  • MC-127388 – Pufferfish appear with their most inflated model after world load
  • MC-127516 – Duplication and deletion of ingredients, inventory desync and game freezing caused by faulty handling of firework star recipe
  • MC-127593 – Waterlogged blocks such as fence sign ladder etc, will not allow bubble columns to spawn next to them
  • MC-127924 – Slow falling is considered a negative effect
  • MC-127969 – Sea grass doesn't generate correctly above stairs
  • MC-127998 – You cannot place sea pickles on top of non solid blocks
  • MC-127999 – Glitching in sea pickles when standing on them while placing the fourth one in the block
  • MC-128039 – New Phantom skins do not match spawning egg colors
  • MC-128242 – Leaving water while swimming causes player's arm to render out of screen
  • MC-128264 – Mobs can spawn on regular ice
  • MC-128285 – Dolphins summoned with NoAI take damage and die
  • MC-128336 – Kelp spawns on trapdoors, stairs, slabs and chests on sunken ships
  • MC-128463 – The "How Did We Get Here" advancement does not require Conduit Power
  • MC-128557 – Drowning dolphins don't swim to the surface.
From the previous development version
  • MC-128666 – Flowing water above magma blocks turns into bubble columns
  • MC-128674 – Buffet end island puts you in the void
  • MC-128712 – Phantoms don't drop experience when killed by player
  • MC-128733 – The ice block tag is missing frosted_ice
  • MC-128766 – Blue ice doesn't mine fast using pickaxe
  • MC-128779 – "Debug Mode" comes before "Buffet" in the world creation menu
  • MC-128857 – Sea pickles change hitbox when increasing count, but turtle eggs don't
  • MC-129143 – The F3 menu shows the translated biome name, rather than ID.
Private issues
  • MC-122684 – Connected LAN players are able to kick/ban the server host[1]
  • MC-127274F3 + C to copy coordinates works even when reduced debug info is enabled[1]


Video made by slicedlime:


  • Unlike most of the first-of-the-week snapshots, this was released on a Tuesday instead of Wednesday.