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Minecraft 18w08b
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February 22, 2018

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18w08b[1] is the twenty-second snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13, which added three types of fish mobs and fish buckets, a crafting recipe for dried kelp blocks, and changed the player's underwater visibility.



  • Fish buckets
    • Cod bucket
    • Salmon bucket
    • Puffer fish bucket.
    • When used, it will place a water source block and spawn the corresponding fish inside it.
    • Unused texture for an upcoming "clownfish bucket" added to the game files.
  • Spawn egg
    • Cod
    • Salmon
    • Pufferfish


  • Added fish as mobs.
    • Cod
      • They spawn in cold, normal, and lukewarm ocean biomes.
      • Swim in groups of up to 9 cod.
    • Salmon
      • They spawn in frozen ocean, cold ocean and river biomes.
      • Swim in groups of up to 6 salmon.
    • Pufferfish
      • They spawn in lukewarm and warm ocean biomes.
      • Inflate themselves when a player gets near.
      • Will cause 7 seconds of Poison to nearby players.
    • They drop themselves when killed.
    • They need water to live. Outside of water, they flop around before suffocating.
    • They can be caught with a water bucket.



World generation[]

  • Warm and lukewarm oceans now have sand floors.
  • Deep warm ocean biomes no longer generate.


  • Changed natural water visibility.
    • The longer a player stays underwater, the better they will be able to see. (Maximum underwater visibility is given when a player stays underwater for 1 minute)
    • The Water Breathing status effect and Respiration enchantment no longer grant enhanced vision underwater.


12 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-80096 – Insufficient handling of Damage tag.
  • MC-112974 – Hostile mob doesn't teleport correctly when overworld/nether is already loaded.
  • MC-120524 – Signs controled by command blocks with scoreboards will make other block entities in the same chunk disappear after respawning.
  • MC-120622 – Item loss with shift + click to fill up with picked up items.
  • MC-124964 – Clicking into the armor slots or the first inventory slot cancels crafting recipe preview.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-124007 – Multiplayer recipe book not working on server.
  • MC-124896 – Testing for a score of x or a minimum of x doesn't work in execute if/unless score.
  • MC-124909 – Taking an item out of the output slot of the furnace will give the player the recipe for the item in the input slot.
  • MC-124963 – Clicking into the first 7 inventory slots cancels smelting recipe preview.
  • MC-125352 – Dried kelp block can't be crafted.
  • MC-125961 – Furnace experience reward depends on item in cooking slot, rather than output slot.
From the previous development version
  • MC-126049 – Underwater lighting effect glitch.


Video made by slicedlime:



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