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January 10, 2018

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18w02a[1] is the thirteenth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13, which changed the /teleport command.



  • Added the new block tag minecraft:enderman_holdable.
  • Added Cave Sound 19.


Non-mob entities[]

Fishing bobbers
  • Now have an entity ID, fishing_bobber.
    • This ID can only be used for testing, summoning is not possible.

Command format[]

  • Has been simplified:
    • /teleport <entity> does not allow rotation or facing, and teleport to the entity.
    • /teleport <x y z> does not allow rotation or facing, and teleport to the position.
    • /teleport <entity1> <entity2> does not allow rotation or facing, and will teleport entity1 to entity2.
    • /teleport <entity> <x y z> [<yRot> <xRot>] will teleport <entity> to that position with optional rotation.
    • /teleport <entity> <x y z> facing [<xFacing> <yFacing> <zFacing>] will teleport <entity> to that position facing another position.
    • /teleport <entity1> <x y z> facing entity <entityFacing> [feet|eyes] will teleport entity1 to that position facing entityFacing 's feet or eyes (defaults to feet).
    • Teleporting to an entity in another dimension is now allowed.
  • Added new sub-commands to /execute to allow for more control over commands.
    • facing <x y z> will run the command as though the executor is facing x y z.
    • facing entity <entity> (eyes|feet) will run the command as though the executor is facing the entity's eyes or feet.
    • offset <x y z> has been renamed to positioned x y z.
    • positioned as <entity> will change the command position (x y z) but nothing else.
    • rotated as <entity> or rotated y x will run the command as though the executor is rotated in that direction.
    • in (overworld|the_end|the_nether) will run the command as though it's in that dimension.
    • at <entity> will change the dimension, position and rotation of the command to match that entity.
    • (if|unless) score <name> <objective> matches <range> will test for a score in a range (ie 1, 1..5).
    • anchored (feet|eyes) will make the rest of this command use feet or eyes for ^ ^ ^ coordinates or facing commands.
  • Server commands (functions, console, rcon) now run from world spawn in the Overworld, instead of at 0,0,0.
Error messages
  • Errors during a command are now a nicer error message (with a tooltip for more info).


Translation files
  • Changed from .lang (key=value) to .json ("key": "value").
    • Now supports newlines.


34 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-5461 – Block stats does not count red mushrooms, sugar canes, etc.
  • MC-9669 – Player renders black in a 1x1 shaft with torch in upper block.
  • MC-63748 – Commands with incorrect syntax executed for multiple entities prints error message multiple times.
  • MC-64539 – Spreadplayers respectTeams and player arguments have no tab completion.
  • MC-68446 – Some entities have missing translations string in the lang files.
  • MC-68809 – Held Item renders black when in a 1 x 1 shaft with torch in upper block.
  • MC-73207 – Minecraft server list displays "Can't connect to server" on startup.
  • MC-76312 – Testfor output doesn't show UUID or team color.
  • MC-81806 – worldborder add allows size >= 0 while world border set only allows size >= 1.
  • MC-108967 – "Selector '<selector>' found nothing" message is missing for /scoreboard teams join/leave.
  • MC-120747 – Stairs change hitbox when a piston moves the block.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-121662 – Unhandled exceptions in commands just dump the exception into chat, without the "unknown error" message.
  • MC-121712 – advancement command in function file causes game crash.
  • MC-122579 – All COLOR_wall_banners are missing translation keys.
  • MC-122608 – Minecraft crashes when typing in a block-related command in front of an entity.
  • MC-122610 – Giving 0 of any item results in the chat message saying that player got 0 air.
  • MC-122751/data doesn't update a block entity's visuals until reload.
  • MC-122893 – "/execute as/at" does not change the dimension of execution.
  • MC-122908 – Crash upon world load: java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception in server tick loop.
  • MC-122956 – Function paths with invalid characters results in the game freezing.
  • MC-123104 – '/scoreboard players reset' removes name from sidebar of different objective.
From the previous development version
  • MC-123764 – Single-player menu world version not displaying correctly.
  • MC-123771 – Server crashes when an item frame with a map is loaded, and no player has that map in their inventory.
  • MC-123774 – Players cannot test for names with name= anymore.
  • MC-123782 – Game crashes if an item has a name that's invalid JSON.
  • MC-123818/teleport <player> facing <entity> doesn't work if the entity is not rendered, unlike other /teleport operations.
  • MC-123832 – Crash reports output TextComponent object for entity names rather than its text.
  • MC-123833 – Connect/Disconnect messages output TextComponent object rather than the player's name.
  • MC-123891 – NullPointerException on empty TextComponent.
  • MC-123931 – Using /data merge on a structure block to change its rotation/mirror does not update the way the structure is loaded until the world is reloaded.
  • MC-123932 – Players cannot open locked containers with the Lock nbt anymore.
  • MC-123943 – Clicking a player's name in chat dumps raw TextComponent.
  • MC-123974 – Command List DataProvider incorrectly labeled as "Item List".
  • MC-124051 – Varieties of /teleport create ambiguities for tab


Video made by slicedlime:


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