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January 3, 2018

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18w01a[1] is the twelfth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13, and the first snapshot released in 2018.


Command format[]

  • Added facing to the command.
    • /teleport [<targets>] (<location>|<destination>) facing (<facingEntity>|<facingLocation>).
    • Will rotate an entity to face either an entity or a location.
  • Added noon and midnight to /time set.


Data packs
  • Added set_name function to loot tables.
  • Functions tagged in minecraft:load will now run once after a (re)load.
  • Added the new block tag minecraft:anvil.
    • Contains minecraft:anvil, minecraft:chipped_anvil, and minecraft:damaged_anvil.
Death messages
  • Added a death message for when a mob or player causes another player to die in the void.
    • "Player didn't want to live in the same world as Player/Mob".


Command format[]

  • Changed all custom names (blocks, items, entities, block entities) to translatable text components.
    • Removed the LocName tag. Instead of LocName:"gui.toTitle", use Name:"{\"translate\":\"gui.toTitle\"}".
  • Thrower and Owner nbt keys of item entities are no longer strings but are instead compounds with two longs named L and M.
  • owner nbt keys of snowballs, eggs and ender pearls are no longer strings but are instead compounds with two longs named L and M.


  • Crash reports now list what data packs are enabled.
Data generators
  • Now exposed, the player can get a dump of all blocks/items/commands/etc. from the game without opening it up.


62 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-2340 – Redstone torches schedule updates when they should not, causing unreliable timings.
  • MC-9194 – A comparator can lock a repeater, but the repeater doesn't look like it is locked.
  • MC-64836 – Mobs "control" the minecart they are riding.
  • MC-71401 – Tab list ignores initial display name of players.
  • MC-72943 – Game freeze after closing an "Open to LAN" single-player world.
  • MC-92255 – Singleplayer freezes instead of kicking a player.
  • MC-112693 – Scoreboard team colors use raw § formatting instead of text components.
  • MC-112742 – Name of unnamed villager is rendered with TeamColor instead of prefix and suffix of scoreboard team.
  • MC-112743 – Glowing outline and spectator GUI use prefix color instead of TeamColor.
  • MC-115059 – Narrator reads scoreboard team color codes in player names.
  • MC-121719 – Enchantment GUI's book opening and closing animation are rendered at approximately 20fps, even if actual framerate is higher.
  • MC-121884 – Server->Client custom payload packets can leak resources.
  • MC-122053 – Mouse wheel/touchpad scroll amount is ignored.
  • MC-123708 – clearCustomName() and hasDisplayName() inconsistent.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-121331 – Client crashes when minimizing game while server disconnect window is displayed.
  • MC-121379 – Functions, advancements and loot tables allow other filetypes than .mcfunction and .json.
  • MC-121719 – Enchantment GUI's book opening and closing animation are rendered at approximately 20fps, even if actual framerate is higher.
  • MC-121827 – Selectors and scoreboards not working for signs (works correctly for books, /tellraw, and /title).
  • MC-121842 – In a LAN world, all OP players can use commands, but the UI and autocompletion are only accessible by the host player.
  • MC-121897 – Gaps in an animation's used frames throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • MC-121913 – Log files are HUGE (5GB) because Brigadier also logs errors continuously.
  • MC-121934 – execute sub-commands only run (for each entity), if the next sub-command runs at least one command for each entity.
  • MC-122057/teleport x_rotation and y_rotation being swapped.
  • MC-122118/tp @s ~ ~ ~ acts like an absolute teleport, killing all momentum.
  • MC-122188 – Vanilla structure files aren't updated yet causing missing/wrong blocks.
  • MC-122270 – Pushing blocks with connections does not update them.
  • MC-122272 – Game crashes when I start a new world.
  • MC-122409 – Players can't open chests under leaves/glowstone/sea lantern/ice/frosted ice.
  • MC-122431 – '/scoreboard players get' shows message with '%s' when no score is set.
  • MC-122487 – Randomized blockstates do not apply full models.
  • MC-122493 – Boats fall through blocks when slightly intersecting with water.
  • MC-122503/title or /tellraw score component with fake players returns "No entity was found".
  • MC-122609 – '/scoreboard players reset * objective' does not work.
  • MC-122724 – Blockstates not working properly with two model options.
  • MC-122782 – Orange and Yellow Terracotta Animations do not function in 17w48a (1.13 snapshot).
  • MC-122828 – 32768 is specified as the maximum allowed area size for the fill command, but is not allowed.
  • MC-122894 – Using teleport command without target value in functions does not use original position.
  • MC-122897 – Overwriting structure containing signs InvalidArgumentException.
  • MC-122915 – The default block/item tags aren't in the tab-completion list.
  • MC-123039 – Hitting a key in the creative mode inventory search resets scrollbar.
  • MC-123067 – Wall-mounted banners/skulls are treated as full blocks.
  • MC-123110 – Bowl can't be used in furnace as fuel.
From the previous development version
  • MC-123117 – Strange lighting by slabs/stairs/grass path/farmland.
  • MC-123131 – Hopper and hopper minecart item pickup area too small/low.
  • MC-123135 – Standing on half block/stairs/grass path/farmland gives "cave effect" to sky.
  • MC-123138 – Placing double-grass on the lower half of a double-grass block removes the upper half.
  • MC-123159 – Gravity-affected blocks, such as sand, do not fall when the block underneath them is pulled by a piston.
  • MC-123162 – Placing a grass path under a block makes the block disappear.
  • MC-123168 – advanced tooltips hide map numbers.
  • MC-123183 – Cannot eat plantable items when looking at blocks.
  • MC-123184 – "Pick Block" on empty flower pots does nothing.
  • MC-123222 – Item frames can be placed below Y=0.
  • MC-123304 – "Ticking block entity" NullPointerException game crash 64 pistons in 1 chunk.
  • MC-123305 – JSON text throws syntax error when JSON is more than 1024 characters long.
  • MC-123322 – Structures placed by structure blocks do not update connecting blocks on the outside or inside of the structure.
  • MC-123331 – '/execute if/unless score' sets the score to 0 if unset.
  • MC-123360/teleport tries to center-correct the y-axis.
  • MC-123388 – "/execute store" on "double" data types uses only 'float' rather than 'double.' precision in intermediate scale calculation.
  • MC-123401 – In commands, block states are attempted to be read after the end of the previous value.
  • MC-123459 – Error when reading pack.mcmeta of data or resource packs shows default string representation.
  • MC-123562 – Replacing vanilla data (except for tags) simply doesn't work on Apple devices.
Private issues


Video made by slicedlime:


  • Along with 13w01a, 18w01a was released on the earliest calendar year out of all snapshots, on January 3.


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