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December 6, 2017

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17w49a[1] is the ninth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13, which added block and item tags.



  • Items and blocks can now be "tagged" with an ID.
    • Block tags can be used when testing for blocks in the world.
    • Items tags can be used when testing for items in inventories.
  • Tags are created using data packs in data/(namespace)/tags/blocks or data/(namespace)/tags/items.
    • For example: data/(namespace)/tags/blocks/foo.json.
    • This will create a block tag called (namespace):foo.
    • The json file contains a list of all blocks that should be "tagged".
  • There are two default tags for both the item form and the block form: minecraft:wool for all wool blocks and minecraft:planks for all wood plank blocks.



  • Recipes can now refer to a tag instead of an item.


42 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-36191 – Missing stat.mineBlock for various blocks (mob spawners, cauldrons, beds, etc.).
  • MC-58189 – Breaking piston extension gives missing texture particles.
  • MC-58556 – Breaking a block being moved by a piston creates missing texture particles.
  • MC-98823 – Tipped arrows do not have a stat.craftItem statistic.
  • MC-99321 – Hoppers cannot pull items from double chests if second chest is blocked.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-121631 – Taking items from the creative inventory search tab no longer resets search text.
  • MC-121632 – Pressing "chat" key selects search in creative inventory/recipe book and types the letter.
  • MC-121648 – "Difficulty" in settings is untranslated and lowercase.
  • MC-121665 – Key "None" display string as "key.keyboard.-1".
  • MC-121705 – Cursor is offset from actual mouse location when opening GUIs while moving mouse.
  • MC-121709 – Clickable area to sort statistics menu are not in the right place
  • MC-121714 – Unable to save screenshot of PNG format.
  • MC-121718 – The player cannot select the spectator menu.
  • MC-121808 – Command argument validation for single entity says player in some error messages.
  • MC-121873 – Dark background missing from beacon GUI.
  • MC-122148 – No Block, Item, Mob, GUI, or any other texture renders -- No sounds play.
  • MC-122173 – Creating scoreboard objectives for stats is impossible due to the ":".
  • MC-122270 – Pushing blocks with connections doesn't update them.
  • MC-122295 – Backups folder is created outside of the server directory when using a dedicated server.
  • MC-122309 – '/gamerule gameLoopFunction' does not tab complete function names.
  • MC-122314 – All maps created in earlier versions are now the same.
  • MC-122355 – Crash on breaking banner: java.lang.ClassCastException: arw cannot be cast to aru.
  • MC-122383 – Pre-existing chests invisible, overlapping.
  • MC-122395 – Custom player heads are called "block.minecraft.player_headnamed".
  • MC-122410⇧ Shift + Tab ↹ doesn't go backwards in tab-completion list.
  • MC-122521 – Damaged anvil always turns to the North.
  • MC-122536 – "set_nbt" function in loot table does not merge NBT to item.
  • MC-122558 – Health criteria scoreboard objectives do not use hearts to display value anymore.
  • MC-122573 – Crash due to carpet and sticky pistons.
  • MC-122584 – Incorrect format string order in statistics.
  • MC-122666 – lang:en_US capitalisation in options.txt prevents resources from being loaded.
  • MC-122944 – Scoreboard objective can't update the display name .
From the previous development version
  • MC-122618 – Recipes are not tab-completed.
  • MC-122624 – Pressing Tab ↹ no longer cycle through possible command values.
  • MC-122625 – Order of contents of north- and east-facing double chests changed after update.
  • MC-122639 – Can't place lily pads on ice.
  • MC-122643 – Snow, carpet and daylight detectors culling adjacent upper slabs.
  • MC-122644 – Datapacks cannot replace vanilla crafting recipes.
  • MC-122646 – Cullface on the tops and bottoms of glass panes doesn't work
  • MC-122650 – Player heads aren't affected by upgrade paths, renamed to "block.minecraft.player_headnamed" + head texture does not show, only when placed.
  • MC-122718 – Dirt border of "video settings" menu encroaching too far on settings.
  • MC-122907 – An enormous graphical duplicating custom recipe bug.


Video made by slicedlime:


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