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May 3, 2017

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17w18a[1] is the tenth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.12.



  • /gamerule announceAdvancements
    • Defaults to true
    • Toggles announcing of advancements in chat, replacing the old server.properties entry

Command format[]


  • Command to reload advancements and loot tables from disk
  • This command is available to all opped players in single player and to all level 4 operators on a multiplayer server.
  • Cannot be run from a command block.


  • Re-introduced announcements to chat when someone earns an advancement
    • Shows the description on hover, like before with achievements
  • Added new Adventure advancements:
  • Added new minecraft:tick trigger
    • Activates for each player on every tick, provided that the advancement was revoked before the next tick starts.
  • Added new minecraft:tame_animal trigger
    • Activates whenever the player tames an animal. The entity condition can be specified to check that the animal that was tamed.
  • Added new show_toast display option
    • Optional boolean defaulting to true. When false, the specified advancement will not display the toast popup when the advancement is fulfilled.
  • Added new announce_to_chat display option
    • Optional boolean defaulting to true. When false, this specific advancement will not announce the player fulfilling it to the chat for all players to see.



Command blocks
  • Optimized error conditions in command blocks


  • Changed some map colors around again
    • Reverted the wool colors on maps
    • Moved dyed blocks such as banners to the new terracotta map color palette

Command format[]

/give and /replaceitem

  • Now reinforces item-specific stacking restrictions.[2]
    • This is a reverse of 16w32a (MC-105965 resolved as "Works as Intended")


  • "entity" objects and the minecraft:levitation trigger now use a shared "distance" object
    • Check if the player is within or outside of the specified range on the x, y, or z axis (in either the positive or negative direction)
    • absolute and horizontal ranges check if the player is within range on all axes, though horizontal will exclude the Y axis.
  • Changed the Levitate advancement to 50 vertical blocks
  • Changed the Sniper Duel advancement to horizontal distance
  • Advancement loading is now strict JSON
  • Narrator optimized, it should work for more people now
Recipe books
  • Some optimizations to the recipe book
  • If the player searches "excitedze" in the Recipe book, their language switches to Pirate Speak.
    • Searching "excited" will no longer do this.


20 issues fixed
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-113374 – Map color palette changed
  • MC-114966 – Advancements overlap other advancements
  • MC-115323 – Parrots spawn rarely in Jungle
  • MC-115577 – Parrot play the flapping wings(fly) sound, when player push it
  • MC-115774 – Parrots still make sounds when they are on player shoulder and Silent:1b
  • MC-115810 – Custom resource pack added sounds not playing
  • MC-115902 – Flying parrots will not avoid lava
  • MC-116482 – The server.properties file still has announce-player-achievements
  • MC-116498 – You can't place ladders on the back of stairs
  • MC-116515 – Placing a torch on a wall with a fence gate underneath causes crash
  • MC-116534 – Pressing "Showing craftable" sometimes doesn't show any recipes
  • MC-116537 – Stopping jukebox music while a sitting parrot is dancing occasionally causes the parrot's entire upper body to be misplaced.
  • MC-116574 – "showing craftable" option has several issues
  • MC-116586 – Items in crafting grid disappear if the inventory is not properly closed
  • MC-116638 – Oak Wood in Recipe Book
  • MC-116670 – No toast is shown for first advancement made
  • MC-116675 – Debug messages are printed in log when levitating
  • MC-116704 – The sound block.note.chime is sharp
  • MC-116713 – Creating new world with same name crashes with NullPointerException
From the previous development version
  • MC-116931 – Crash when placing a snow layer on top of a fence gate


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 17w18a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


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  2. MC-117005 resolved as "Works as Intended"