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Minecraft 17w15a
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Java Edition



Release date

April 12, 2017

Snapshot for



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17w15a[1] is the fifth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.12.



  • Added colored beds which can be crafted with colored wool or by dyeing a white bed
  • Now bounce the player like slime blocks, albeit much less
  • Now reduce (but not negate) fall damage when landed on
    • The player can survive a 41 block fall onto a bed
      • Any higher, and the second bounce will deal the remaining amount of damage to kill them
    • The player can survive a 45 block fall onto a bed if they don't take further fall damage (e.g. by landing on a platform)
  • Now a block entity, and each half can be colored individually using the NBT tag color
  • Now use a 3D item model instead of a 2D item because of the new colors


  • Added descriptions to advancements and changed some titles
  • The Adventuring Time achievement has been made into an advancement
  • Added a toast notification for toggling the narrator
  • Added the option to toggle narrator between: "off", "chat & system", "chat only", and "system messages only"
  • Added "Don't feed chocolate to parrots!"



Fences, cobblestone walls, glass panes, and iron bars


  • No longer cycle through parrot colors when dancing


Recipe books
  • The icon in the pop-up notification now quickly cycles through all recipes that were unlocked


43 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.12
  • MC-2813 – Snow doesn't form / cannot be placed on upside down slabs / stairs
  • MC-8345 – Placing torch on backside of stairs impossible
  • MC-9176 – Glass panes not correctly rendering with the back of stairs
  • MC-10613 – Fence doesn't connect with stairs
  • MC-11963 – bed hind legs not rendered
  • MC-109663 – Tamed dogs attack tamed cats
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-114899 – Recipes removed on gamemode 2
  • MC-114907 – Parrots in flight tend to spin around in circles rather than fly in a direction
  • MC-114950 – Book crafting recipe doesn't exist in the newest snapshot
  • MC-114961 – Multiplayer players get kicked on pickup first item for advancement
  • MC-114974 – Clicking on crafting recipe in Spectator mode moves items to crafting grid
  • MC-114991 – Crafting recipe list shows 1/0 pages when no recipes were unlocked
  • MC-115025 – Clicking on recipe or on book to close crafting help additionally clicks in inventory
  • MC-115048 – Parrots sitting on shoulders don't drown in water or burn in lava / Parrots shouldn't go diving
  • MC-115050 – Statistics page never loads
  • MC-115064 – Custom advancements in world folder use the "minecraft" namespace instead of folder name
  • MC-115121 – Credits are not shown when leaving end for the first time but after that are always shown
  • MC-115148F3 + T does not reload advancements but does reload loot tables
  • MC-115157 – No advancements on server
  • MC-115159 – Repeated key events are not enabled for crafting search
  • MC-115182 – Parrots become invisible when on a players shoulder while player swims up.
  • MC-115184 – Parrot imitations show up on subtitles as original sound
  • MC-115221 – Certain blocks don't render correctly in crafter helper.
  • MC-115277 – Your tamed wolf will attack your tamed parrot
  • MC-115341 – Bug with the Narrator
  • MC-115361doLimitedCrafting set to 'true' disables ability to combine used tools
From the previous development version
  • MC-115423 – Duplicate bug in "Click and hold for more" menu + text message bug
  • MC-115426 – Background doesn't become darker in most GUIs
  • MC-115427 – Tool info not showing up in most GUIs
  • MC-115436 – Item duplication using recipe book
  • MC-115443 – 17w14a doLimitedCrafting(true) returns FATAL ERROR on servers when recipe should unlock
  • MC-115444 – "Obtain Armor" and "Shiny Gear" advancement notification at each piece of armor.
  • MC-115462 – Can craft "incomplete" recipe using alternate ingredients
  • MC-115465 – Items can be dropped if you click while hovering over recipe interface
  • MC-115466 – 17w14a doLimitedCrafting(true) Crafting Based duplication
  • MC-115469 – Parrots do not appear dancing for other players
  • MC-115470 – Parrots go to players' shoulders in spectator mode
  • MC-115474 – Taken recipes are still available until player relogs
  • MC-115481 – 17w14a STDOUT spam when hurting/killing mobs
  • MC-115504 – Recipe book does not correctly render character
  • MC-115508 – Parrots on your shoulder look darker if many items in your inventory
  • MC-115530 – "Recipes unlocked" message only shows up when reloading the world.
  • MC-115726 – Tool and armor duplication glitch with doLimitedCrafting set to true


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 17w15a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.