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October 27, 2016

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16w43a is the thirteenth snapshot for Java Edition 1.11.[1]


Woodland mansions
  • Have a new room with lava encased in glass and obsidian, with a diamond block in the middle.
Death messages
  • "<player|mob> was squished too much", when suffocated due to the maxEntityCramming gamerule.
Evocation fangs
  • Added the  Owner tag.


Fishing rods
  • Fishing rods will now cast out or reel in when right clicking on fences.
Loot tables
  • Villagers, vexes and ender dragons are now able to draw from their own loot tables.
  • Arrows on the top and bottom sides now point towards its output.
  • Vexes can now cross Nether and End portals and move in water.
  • Air is no longer given a block update when a redstone current travels through it.


38 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11
  • MC-1040 – Tools with Unbreaking enchantment break, disappear from slot then reappear
  • MC-2920 – Wrong fishing line calculation
  • MC-11449 – Repeaters update very differently
  • MC-11877 – Fishing bobber floats a block above water
  • MC-47508 – Ridden entities disappear on re-login
  • MC-55851 – Leads not rendering when spawned (attached to mob/fencepost) via command block/structure block
  • MC-79996 – Blocks like crops and rails are solid to fishing rods.
  • MC-80500 – Snow layer placed against the side of another snow layer are placed one block too far out, only when there's a block where snow would go normally
  • MC-80782 – Memoryleak caused by Maps; even post reconnect
  • MC-87988 – Fishing rod sometimes cannot reel in entities
  • MC-93286 – Fishing rod can't pull mob
  • MC-94169 – Fishing rod bobber collision error and into the block
  • MC-94502 – Pasting numbers in customized world generation text fields does not enable "Defaults" button
  • MC-95450 – Some mobs have missing loot tables
  • MC-95944 – Fished items doesn't reach player
  • MC-96110 – Bobber hitbox is not synchronized
  • MC-96205 – Boat still does rowing animation while pressing a and d
  • MC-98995 – Birch Forest M biome generation off
  • MC-99427 – Fishing bobber sticks to entity sometimes only visually
  • MC-100711 – Arrows not able to be picked up when on a changing repeater
  • MC-100964 – Resetting demo mode dialog cannot be canceled by button
  • MC-102041 – "Skipping Entity with id " message is missing invalid entity id
  • MC-103100 – Fishing rods do not always pull in items
  • MC-103313 – Hitbox of baby mobs / slime / magma cube / llama are offset for some seconds
  • MC-104663 – Fishing particle glitch
  • MC-108238 – Teleporting away from leashed entity causes leash knot to be near 0 0 0 client side
From the 1.11 development versions
  • MC-106082 – Attempting to pull ignited TNT with a fishing rod at long distances rarely works
  • MC-106892 – Dragon breath particles aren't reduced on lower particle settings
  • MC-107149maxEntityCramming death message states "suffocated in a wall"
  • MC-107515 – Vex cannot teleport through Nether / End portal
  • MC-107818 – Mansion generates with a 4 section room missing
  • MC-107844 – Vex has one accidental red dot on its left arm
  • MC-107846 – Evocation fangs hurt illagers after reload
  • MC-108095 – Llama caravans refuse to pathfind down hills and around obstacles.
  • MC-108696 – Observers don't update whatever is being powered through blocks properly.
  • MC-108797 – Vex cannot move in water
  • MC-108873/w, /tell and /msg with you as target outputs incorrect string
From the previous development version
  • MC-108897 – Blocks given redstone power do not power nearby redstone until the wire is updated


Video made by slicedlime:


  • In the snapshot image, Grumm is hidden in the river near the fishing bobber.
  • 16w43a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.