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September 29, 2016

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16w39b is the eighth snapshot for Java Edition 1.11, released to fix some bugs and crashes from 16w39a.[1]


Flower pots
  • Can now remove the potted plant from the pot, by pressing use.


33 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11
  • MC-105513 – Loading Structures that contain no blocks ignores entities.
  • MC-106571 – Cannot tab-complete "flush" with the save-all command.
  • MC-106573 – "flush" argument in save-all not included in /help save-all.
From the 1.11 development versions
  • MC-107221 – Can't breed donkeys with horses, making Mules unobtainable,
From the previous development version
  • MC-107379 – Spawn Eggs of new mobs are not sorted alphabetically in Creative inventory.
  • MC-107383 – Colored shulker boxes give off purple particles when being broken.
  • MC-107385 – Shulker Box has no texture on bottom when opened.
  • MC-107388 – Shulker boxes don't retain custom names when placed or broken.
  • MC-107391 – Shulker boxes don't get color applied when crafting with a dye.
  • MC-107392 – Inserting Items into a furnace crashes the client.
  • MC-107398 – All colored shulkers boxes named have only "Shulker Box" that would named colors like example: "Blue Shulker Box".
  • MC-107400 – Looting Enchant does not affect Llama Leather drops.
  • MC-107405 – Player is unable to put plants (saplings, flowers, ferns) into flower pots.
  • MC-107423 – When placing a colored shulker box it's purple for a fraction of a second.
  • MC-107425 – Llamas/horses don't show hearts when tamed.
  • MC-107427 – Shulker Box can only be accessed by 1 player at the same time (WaI?).
  • MC-107458 – The player can place shulker boxes underneath themselves.
  • MC-107469 – Silent Tag does not affect evocation fangs.
  • MC-107479 – Shulker box interactions don't appear in the Statistics like other interactions.
  • MC-107486 – Villagers don't run away from illagers.
  • MC-107498 – Unintended capital "LLama" in subtitles.
  • MC-107501 – Crash when trying to place shulker box within the same block as a sign or piston extensions.
  • MC-107510 – Curse of Binding doesn't affect mobs wearing items.
  • MC-107528 – Can only craft shulker boxes in the middle column of a crafting table.
  • MC-107536 – Llamas do not save their inventory NBT data, causing java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException crash.
  • MC-107573 – Sound event name of shulker box is miscategorized as entity, instead of block.
  • MC-107586 – Items with Curse of Vanishing are dropped by mobs that hold them sometimes.
  • MC-107598 – Shulker box's GUI elements are slightly offset in comparison to chest's.
  • MC-107608 – Pick Block on placed shulker boxes gives different item than found in the creative inventory.
  • MC-107612 – Small shulker texture errors.
  • MC-107661 – Shulker Boxes always dispensed vertically.
  • MC-107683 – Llama causes crash when breeding if "Strength" is 0.
  • MC-107746 – Totem consumed all stack when used.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 16w39b was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.