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September 1, 2016

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16w35a is the fourth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.11.[1]


  • New strings within the game were made available for internationalization:



  • 1 carpet now smelts 0.335 items, increased from 0.33.
    • 3 carpets can now fully smelt 1 item.
  • 1 ladders now smelts 1.5 items, increased from 1.165.
    • 2 ladders can now fully smelt 3 items.
  • Placing trapdoors right next to redstone sources now update to an open state


Saddled pigs
Ender dragons
  • Now shows their hitbox when hitboxes are shown using F3 + B.

World generation[]

Desert village wells


  • Changed the title and description of "Snooper Settings"
    • Brings it into line with the new privacy policy[2]
    • Title is now "Feed us data!" instead of "Machine Specs Collection"
    • Description is now "We always want to improve Minecraft and, to help us do that, we'd like to collect some information. This lets us know what hardware to support and where the big problems are. It also gives us a sense of the size of our active player base, so we know if we're doing a good job. You can view all the information we collect below. If you want to opt out then you can simply toggle it off!"
  • Now block 100% of the damage dealt in melee combat, up from 66%.
    • Zombies without any weapons will not deal any damage to the player, nor damage the shields durability.
    • Creeper explosions deal 0 damage to the player.
    • Wither skeletons will not inflict the wither effect when hit by them.
    • Burning zombies will not set the player on fire.
    • Husks will not apply the Hunger effect.
    • Strays will not apply the Slowness effect.


34 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11
  • MC-4603 – The Ender Dragon is hostile to players in Creative
  • MC-5120 – Fireworks pushed by water / fired horizontally out of loaded chunks cause client to hang
  • MC-70143 – Eyes of Ender point to stairs after reloading a world
  • MC-83337 – Eye of Ender in the mainhand doesn't block offhand item usage
  • MC-84095 – Ender Dragon destroys fireballs/Fireballs invisible
  • MC-85805 – Two pistons smashing a shulker glitch
  • MC-88459 – Height limit message sent twice when trying to place from off hand
  • MC-94274 – Hitbox of cocoa beans too small
  • MC-94485 – Hand animation continue swing when cocoa block placed already
  • MC-95738 – Slimes health resets to max when setting any nbt-tag
  • MC-102506 – Ugly Bryce terrain generation (generation of stone above ground)
  • MC-103261 – Desert villages generate with cobblestone around the well
  • MC-104259 – Player/Mob stuck/through when on farmland while it changes to dirt
  • MC-106179 – Zombie burns you when you block with shield
  • MC-106252 – Slowness arrows from strays don't stack with crafted/shot arrows
  • MC-106300 – Cake hitbox appears at 0,0,0
  • MC-106364 – Lightning impact subtitle is misspelled as lighting
  • MC-106524 – Stray chunks being generated far away
  • MC-106552 – "/save-all flush" puts untranslated messages into chat
  • MC-106713 – Snooper information may be de-anonymized by a third party
From the 1.11 development versions
  • MC-106056 – Can trade with /summon-ed green villagers (nitwit) only once per villager
  • MC-106058 – Villager converted from zombie has random trades from random profession.
  • MC-106064 – Some non-nitwit villagers have no trades
  • MC-106075 – Hopper timings depend on the gametick they're activated in.
  • MC-106099 – Firework Rocket does not spawn
  • MC-106165 – Mob Potion effects are inflicted through shields
  • MC-106302 – Unable to name saddled pigs
From the previous development version
  • MC-106298 – Unequipping horse armor shows armor equipping subtitle "Horse armor equips"
  • MC-106303 – 3 carpets are not enough to smelt one item
  • MC-106311 – A Tipped Arrow shot in Creative Mode will add to Inventory upon Pickup
  • MC-106324 – Generated villagers can have impossible Career
  • MC-106343 – Can't use right click ability while looking at a Green Villager
  • MC-106362 – Newly generated Villagers have Incorrect Tier 1 trades
  • MC-106399 – Igloos generating zombie instead of zombie villager


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 16w35a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.