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August 10, 2016

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16w32a[1] is the first snapshot released for Java Edition 1.11.



Spawn eggs
  • Eggs that were removed in Java Edition 1.10-pre2 are re-added, except the cat spawn egg, including:
    • Wither Skeleton.
    • Mule.
    • Skeleton Horse.
    • Zombie Horse.
    • Donkey.
    • Elder Guardian.
    • Stray: Dark gray with light gray dots.
    • Husk: Brown with cream colored dots.
  • Added zombie villager spawn egg.


  • "Javalicious edition"
  • New strings within the game were made available for internationalization:
    • World selection error messages
    • Customized superflat preset names
    • Spectator-mode-specific options and messages
    • In the Options menu: the words "chunks" and "fps"
    • In item tooltips: the words "Color: ", "NBT: " and "Durability: "
    • The F3+Q keybindings display text, and text associated with other F3 actions
    • Text associated with downloading resource packs from servers.



  • Washing dyed leather armor and dyed banners now removes 1 water level from the cauldron.


Spawn eggs
  • Are now sorted by name in the creative inventory.
  • There is no longer an item stack of 0 when using the drag function to craft items.


  • If a creeper is inflicted with a potion effect, its explosion will cause a lingering effect of the potion.
  • Now try to avoid water.
Snow golems
  • Now, when their pumpkin is sheared from their head, that is saved with the game (previously it was just an in-memory visual effect).
Skeleton trap horses
  • The chance of spawning with a thunderstorm lightning strike is reduced to 15 of what it was.


Exhaustion levels
Action Old rate New rate Units
Sneaking 0.005 —    per meter
Walking 0.01  —    per meter
Swimming 0.015 0.01  per meter
Breaking a block 0.025 0.005 per block broken
Jumping 0.2   0.05  per jump
Attacking an enemy 0.3   0.1   per attack landed
Taking damage that is normally protected by armor 0.3   0.1   per distinct instance of damage being received
Hunger status effect 0.5   0.1   per second, per Hunger status effect level
Jumping while sprinting 0.8   0.2   per jump
Regenerating health by having 🍗 × 9 or higher,
or with naturalRegeneration=true
4.0   6.0   per 1♥ healed
  • Some warnings now appear above the hotbar instead in the chat, like "Press [key] to dismount" had.
    • "You can only sleep at night"
    • "You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby"
    • "This bed is occupied"
    • "Height limit for building is 256 blocks"
    • "Unable to open. Loot not generated yet."

Command format[]

  • Now ignores item-specific stacking restrictions.[2]
Block states
  • Block states can now be used in the /execute, /fill, /setblock and /testforblock commands.
    • Examples:
      • /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:stone variant=granite instead of /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:stone 1
      • /setblock ~ ~ ~ wool color=blue instead of /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:wool 11
      • /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:planks variant=acacia instead of /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:planks 4
      • /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:birch_fence_gate facing=west,open=true


Resource packs
  • The required pack version number was changed to "3" in pack.mcmeta.
    • Version 3 resource packs have to use lowercase filenames for everything.
Entity IDs, block entity IDs, block IDs and item IDs
  • Now are no longer case sensitive.
    • Autocomplete will put in lowercase letters.
Entity and block entity IDs
  • Use underscores to separate words, rather than using single words in mixed case.
  • Optionally, a minecraft: namespace prefix can be used, just like block and item IDs. However, it is not optional for EntityTags and spawners.[3]
  • There are still old entity IDs in the language files (example: LavaSlime instead of magma_cube for the magma cube) and the new mobs in 1.11 have their ID with the old type (no underscores, capital letters for the beginning of the words. example: VindicationIllager instead of vindication_illager for the vindicator.)
  • The following names have changed:
Old name New name Change Type
AreaEffectCloud area_effect_cloud Underscores Entity
ArmorStand armor_stand Underscores Entity
Cauldron brewing_stand Rename Block entity
CaveSpider cave_spider Underscores Entity
MinecartChest chest_minecart Rename Entity
Control command_block Rename Block entity
MinecartCommandBlock commandblock_minecart Rename Entity
DLDetector daylight_detector Rename Block entity
Trap dispenser Rename Block entity
DragonFireball dragon_fireball Underscores Entity
ThrownEgg egg Rename Entity
EnchantTable enchanting_table Rename Block entity
EndGateway end_gateway Underscore Block entity
AirPortal end_portal Rename Block entity
EnderChest ender_chest Underscore Block entity
EnderCrystal ender_crystal Underscores Entity
EnderDragon ender_dragon Underscores Entity
ThrownEnderpearl ender_pearl Rename Entity
EyeOfEnderSignal eye_of_ender_signal Underscores Entity
FallingSand falling_block Rename Entity
FireworksRocketEntity fireworks_rocket Rename Entity
FlowerPot flower_pot Underscore Block entity
MinecartFurnace furnace_minecart Rename Entity
MinecartHopper hopper_minecart Rename Entity
EntityHorse horse Rename Entity
ItemFrame item_frame Underscores Entity
RecordPlayer jukebox Rename Block entity
LeashKnot leash_knot Underscores Entity
LightningBolt lightning_bolt Underscores Entity
LavaSlime magma_cube Rename Entity
MinecartRideable minecart Rename Entity
MobSpawner mob_spawner Underscore Block entity
MushroomCow mooshroom Rename Entity
Music noteblock Rename Block entity
Ozelot ocelot Rename Entity
PolarBear polar_bear Underscores Entity
ShulkerBullet shulker_bullet Underscores Entity
SmallFireball small_fireball Underscores Entity
SpectralArrow spectral_arrow Underscores Entity
ThrownPotion potion Rename Entity
MinecartSpawner spawner_minecart Rename Entity
Structure structure_block Rename Block entity
PrimedTnt tnt Rename Entity
MinecartTNT tnt_minecart Rename Entity
VillagerGolem villager_golem Underscores Entity
WitherBoss wither Rename Entity
WitherSkull wither_skull Underscores Entity
ThrownExpBottle xp_bottle Rename Entity
XPOrb xp_orb Underscores Entity
PigZombie zombie_pigman Rename Entity
  • Horse was split into entity IDs horse, donkey, mule, skeleton_horse and zombie_horse for their respective types.
  • Skeleton was split into entity IDs skeleton, stray and wither_skeleton.
  • Zombie was split into entity IDs zombie, zombie_villager and husk.
  • Guardian was split into entity IDs guardian and elder_guardian.
  • Unused savegame IDs Mob and Monster were removed, meaning that all references to the first mob added to the game called Human, have been removed.
NBT tags
  • For all horses, HasReproduced, Type and Saddle tags are removed.
  • ChestedHorse and Items tags now apply only to mule and donkey.
  • SkeletonTrap and SkeletonTrapTime tags now apply only to skeleton_horse.
  • Elder tag is removed from guardian and elder_guardian.
  • ZombieType, and IsVillager tag is removed from all zombie types.
  • ConversionTime and Profession tags now apply only to zombie_villager.
  • SkeletonType tag is removed from all skeleton types.
  • Pumpkin byte tag is added to snowman.
Loot tables
  • Donkeys, mules, husks and zombie villagers now each draw from their own loot tables, rather than drawing from the horse and zombie loot tables, respectively.


30 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11
  • MC-9 – Dropped anvil makes no sound when it breaks.
  • MC-87 – When scaling a map with paper, shift-clicking on it won't apply the correct scale level.
  • MC-679 – Compass points wrong direction after returning from nether.
  • MC-1555 – Items get deleted when the crafting recipe overflows the inventory.
  • MC-2153 – Chickens' necks have no texture.
  • MC-8293 – Dispensers spawn mobs without offset along the y-axis.
  • MC-11834 – "[SEVERE] Item entity # has no item?" is spammed in the console and items appear as stone for invalid IDs or on initial drop.
  • MC-14640 – No hunger bar when riding a Boat or Minecart.
  • MC-26690 – Wither Skeletons Flicker when in the sun.
  • MC-46341 – Some text isn't translated and isn't available on Crowdin.
  • MC-83185 – Fishing rod in offhand, bobber immediately disappears/goes to 0,0.
  • MC-83571 – Custom named bosses show "Wither" / "Enderdragon" at boss health bar.
  • MC-85320 – End Bricks, purpur blocks, chorus plants, bone blocks and structure blocks don't show the right colors on maps.
  • MC-87034 – Dragon's breath and lingering potion area is invisible on minimal particles.
  • MC-88096 – When using spawn eggs on fences the mobs fall through.
  • MC-89064 – Lightning spawns Skeleton Horse when doMobSpawning/spawn-monsters is false.
  • MC-90191 – Armor stands, silverfish and endermites in boats spin rapidly.
  • MC-91728 – Instant Health/damage potion tipped arrows got no effect.
  • MC-93619 – Shooting potion tipped arrow in creative mode reduces arrow count.
  • MC-93648 – Snow golems with pumpkins sheared off regain pumpkins.
  • MC-94978 – Throwable items fired from dispenser do not hit mobs for the first two ticks.
  • MC-95922 – Destroyed dropped Minecart items use entity name.
  • MC-96954 – Passenger Entities get dismounted client-side when rerendered.
  • MC-97916 – Items receive too much momentum when they're squeezed.
  • MC-101441 – When durability on bow it is 0 / 384 and the bow is on the left hand.
  • MC-102047 – Middles click on mob variants gives base mob Spawn Egg.
  • MC-103043 – Entity name incorrect for Wither Skeleton / Stray / Elder Guardian / Zombie Pigman.
  • MC-105560 – Hoppers become stuck on world reload at chunk borders.
  • MC-105787 – Structure void has unused model files.
Other fixes
  • More stable handling of invalid items.[1]
    • Less duplication bugs will be occurred.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 16w32a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


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  2. MC-105965 resolved as "Works as Intended"
  3. MC-106199 resolved as "Works as Intended"