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January 28, 2016

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16w04a[1] is the fifty-first snapshot released for Java Edition 1.9.


Command format[]

  • Running "Searge" as the command in a command block (without a preceding "/", also case insensitive) will now set #itzlipofutzli to the previous output.


  • Added a sound for taking damage from thorns.
  • Rain sounds are now more ambient/less loud and sound more realistic.



Lily pads
  • Bounding box changed again, now 332 block tall and inset 116 from all sides (since 15w49a, was 15256 block tall and only three of the four edges were inset).

Non-mob entities[]

  • Will now move forward and backwards using the forward and backwards key, and will steer left and right using the left and right keys respectively.
    • The boat will stay in one place when pressing the left and right keys at the same time, but the paddles will be moving.
  • Now faster and stay at a consistent speed, unlike previous snapshots.
  • Now sink when underwater, or within flowing water of any depth.
  • Crafting recipe no longer requires wooden shovel.
  • Riding a boat no longer subjects water-sensitive mobs to being damaged by water, and no longer protects sunlight-sensitive mobs from being damaged by sunlight.
  • The player will now be dismounted onto land if possible.
  • Now break lily pads, instead of passing right through them.
  • Now no longer pick up mobs larger than the boat
  • Players no longer board minecarts when used while crouching.


31 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-47636 – Boats appear to be sunken in water.
  • MC-54486 – Glass panes and iron bars don't connect to solid, graphically transparent blocks (slime block, end portal frame, and spawner).
  • MC-88427 – Endermen & blazes get 'wet' and take damage in boats.
  • MC-90052 – Dismounting from a boat drops the player in the water.
  • MC-90272 – Zombies/skeletons in boats do not burn from sunlight.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-84632 – A chorus flower placed at or growing to Y=255 turns to chorus plant.
  • MC-89766 – Items on top of lily pads dance and jump from pad to pad
  • MC-89948 – Shulkers spin endlessly when riding in boats.
  • MC-89963 – Horse hitbox is larger than boat hitbox.
  • MC-89978 – Small mobs drown in boats.
  • MC-89985 – Squids ride in the boat when riding over them.
  • MC-89987 – An off-hand item is still shown when moving in a boat.
  • MC-90011 – Boats point the direction opposite from the direction a player places it.
  • MC-90085 – Boats do not break lily pads.
  • MC-90124 – Reopening a world when riding an entity/boat dismounts the player for some seconds.
  • MC-90175 – The game crashes when boats are summoned as passengers of a living entity.
  • MC-90307 – Boats don't lose any speed if directly above air.
  • MC-90352 – Placing boats on slime blocks and mounting it propels player & boat up hundreds of blocks.
  • MC-90909 – Boat auto-corrects position and overcompensates the angle when making short turns.
  • MC-91008 – When changing hand in boats, the item being swapped is still visually in the other hand.
  • MC-91446 – Pressure Plate keeps activated if a player disconnect while pressed the same.
  • MC-91524 – Entities disappear from boats (are removed, not invisible).
  • MC-91857 – Passengers might be broken (the game removes and adds the riding entity from the ridden entity every five seconds).
  • MC-92171 – Flicker when standing on boat/falling through boat.
  • MC-92346 – The world does not render for passengers of boats or riders of horses.
  • MC-92439 – Player facing is awkward when entering a boat from the front.
  • MC-92536 – Mobs do not properly fit in the passenger seat of a boat.
  • MC-92555 – Boat "lid" rendering entities partially invisible.
  • MC-93855 – Skeleton shoot backwards when are on boats.
  • MC-95598 – Giving invalid blockstate items by /give only creates error for anvil.
  • MC-95599 – Invalid damage property error message is not red.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • Unlike most of the first-of-the-week snapshots, this was released on a Thursday instead of Wednesday, similar to the snapshots before 14w26a.
  • 16w04a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


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