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January 13, 2016

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16w02a is the forty-ninth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.9, and the first snapshot released in 2016.[1]



  • Volume slider labeled "Voice/Speech" under "Music & Sounds".
    • Intended to be used for voice acting in custom maps.[2]



  • Now translatable into other languages, for the purposes of superflat customization.
  • Now immediately activate when placed on valid pyramids.
  • Can no longer drop itself as an item.
Stone buttons
  • Now break faster with pickaxes.
Wooden buttons
  • Now break faster with axes.


  • Changed damage/armor values again to protect armored players against "backstabbing" creepers.
    • Reduction in effective defense points due to attack strength will no longer take the effective defense below 25% of the armor points.
    • Max (20) armor points damage reduction increased back to 80% (was 66% since 15w36a).


  • Mobs are now knocked back from non-entity damage sources such as cacti (reverted in 16w03a).
Ender dragons
  • When summoned using /summon EnderDragon will now stay in the same position no matter what.
    • Unlike summoning a dragon with {NoAI:1b}, it will still flap its wings.
    • These dragons do not show their boss health bar, nor do they take damage from any attack other than /kill.

Non-mob entities[]

Armor stands
  • Marker ArmorStands will now only outline their equipment when glowing.

Command format[]

  • Now outputs various messages prefixed by "Searge says:" when run in a command block.
  • Now accepts a sound <source> as its second parameter.
  • m
    • Now supports both negation and literal gamemode values.
      • Example: @p[m=!1], @p[m=c], and @p[m=!spectator].


  • Attack cooldown does not have as great an effect on damage: reduction is linear 50%–100% rather than quadratic 0%–100%.


35 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-233 – The portal travel sounds travel.ogg/trigger.ogg swapped/played at wrong time.
  • MC-1072 – No translation for "Air" in the superflat customization.
  • MC-4040 – Jump Sprinting on redstone wire produces grayscale particles.
  • MC-4661 – Chickens (And small mobs) cannot path when standing in/next to fences.
  • MC-14722 – Social zombies are not affected by /gamerule doMobSpawning.
  • MC-23952 – Bad alignment when using wide Unicode fonts.
  • MC-27912 – Hindi: some text is not centered.
  • MC-41542 – Displacement of mipmap levels slider in traditional Chinese language pack.
  • MC-44140 – Acacia and dark oak stairs do not burn and cannot be lit with flint and steel.
  • MC-46258 – The "ø" Character has an extra pixel.
  • MC-46690 – Items and experience drop upon death in Spectator mode.
  • MC-60692 – The game mode selector m doesn't work with negation.
  • MC-73304 – Scoreboard teamkill."color" is not registering entities.
  • MC-74072 – Unicode character "Small H with Stroke" (ħ) is one pixel too high.
  • MC-74392 – Copying written books creates stacks of size 0, and duplicates the original.
  • MC-76313 – Pressing the crouch key while flying will slow player down.
  • MC-78557 – Buttons don't have a special tool assigned – compare pressure plates.
  • MC-79604 – Explosions do not repel players in Creative mode.
  • MC-81687 – Villagers accept fewer items for the same number of emeralds.
  • MC-82677/give @p minecraft:anvil 1 3 will crash the game.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-85304 – Ender dragons go to X,Y,Z = 0,0,0 when spawned in any type of world.
  • MC-87894 – Creeper explosion damage is disproportionate to armor protection and to damage from other mobs.
  • MC-88268 – Glowing CustomName items have blurry names.
  • MC-88668 – Old hopper minecarts have Enabled:0b and do not gather items.
  • MC-89592 – Death screen death message still shows when showDeathMessages is false.
  • MC-89917 – Using pick block on boats only gives the oak variant.
  • MC-92208 – Summoned MinecartHopper defaults to Enabled:0b.
  • MC-92783 – Setting LastOutput of a command block to an invalid JSON string causes a crash.
  • MC-93083 – Sound sliders not working with the new sounds.
  • MC-93093 – Console spam: "PLAYER is sending move packets too frequently (19 packets since last tick)"
  • MC-93119 – A survival player can obtain the bedrock item.
From the previous development version
  • MC-94466 – Zombies won't climb stairs.
  • MC-94776 – Chicken will not follow a player with seeds up stairs.
  • MC-95129 – Zombies don't want to walk up a block, in some situations.
Private issues
  • MC-59196 – Players can tick themselves arbitrarily.[1]


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 16w02a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


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