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December 2, 2015

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15w49a[1] is the forty-fourth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.9.


Command format[]

Sound events
  • Added block.furnace.fire_crackle.
  • Added block.waterlily.place.
  • Added entity.cow.milk.
  • Added entity.hanging.place (Removed in 15w49b).
  • Added entity.hanging.pop (Removed in 15w49b).
  • Added entity.itemframe.add_item.
  • Added entity.itemframe.break.
  • Added entity.itemframe.place.
  • Added entity.itemframe.remove_item.
  • Added entity.itemframe.rotate_item.
  • Added entity.leashknot.place.
  • Added entity.painting.break.
  • Added entity.painting.place.
  • Added entity.snowman.ambient.
  • Added entity.snowman.death.
  • Added entity.snowman.hurt.
  • Added entity.squid.ambient.
  • Added entity.squid.death.
  • Added entity.squid.hurt.
  • Added item.armor.equip_chain.
  • Added item.armor.equip_diamond.
  • Added item.armor.equip_generic.
  • Added item.armor.equip_gold.
  • Added item.armor.equip_iron.
  • Added item.armor.equip_leather.
  • Added item.bottle.fill.
  • Added item.bottle.fill_dragonbreath.
  • Added item.bucket.empty.
  • Added item.bucket.empty_lava.
  • Added item.bucket.fill.
  • Added item.bucket.fill_lava.
  • Added item.chorus_fruit.teleport.
  • Added item.hoe.till.
  • Added item.shovel.flatten.


  • aviateOneCm: Tracks the distance a player has glided using elytra.



Activator rails & powered rails
  • Powered rails and activator rails no longer transmit power to each other.
  • Now drops any contained item when exiting the GUI.
  • No longer accepts items from hoppers.
  • PaymentItem NBT tag removed.
  • Breaks if lava is adjacent.
  • Cactus on sand breaks if water or lava is in the block above.
  • Cobwebs now catch snowballs, eggs, thrown potions, XP bottles, and ender pearls, causing the item form of the projectile to be dropped.
Crops & Nether wart
  • Hitbox now changes as the plant grows.
  • Are now placed facing left/right depending on which half of the block the player clicks on, unless neighboring doors cause them to place a certain way.
  • Increased damage when flying into a wall.
End crystals
  • Now require air or replaceable blocks in the two blocks above the block it's being placed on.
  • Can no longer be placed to intersect other entities.
  • Chance of going out in rain increased by 20 percentage points (now 20% + 3 percentage points per age).
  • The lit_furnace block is no longer available as an item.
Lily pads
  • Bounding box changed, now 15/256 high (from 1/16) and inset from three edges of the block by 1/16.
  • Unextended pistons, downward-facing pistons, and upward-facing piston extensions are now considered to have a solid top surface, like upside-down stairs and top-half slabs.
    • Among other things, this means mobs can now spawn on them.
Tripwire and tripwire hooks
  • Removed the distinction between "suspended" and "non-suspended": formerly, tripwire would work only if the whole stretch and both hooks were all above solid blocks or all not above solid blocks.
Trapped chest
  • Now appears in the Redstone tab of the Creative inventory instead of Decoration Blocks.


  • Melons and glistering melons are now oriented the same way (Removed in 15w49b).


  • Improved pathfinding
  • Knockback no longer changes the Y-axis speed of flying and falling mobs.
Cave spiders, endermites, magma cubes, silverfish, slimes, spiders, wither skeletons, zombies, zombie pigman
  • Now fight back when hit by other mobs.
Ender dragon
  • Can no longer ride anything.
  • Can no longer have status effects.
  • Can no longer pick blocks from behind walls.
  • Now rotates with the player.
  • No longer float above the ground.
  • No longer find shade to hide under if equipped with a helmet.
Snow golem
  • Using shears on a snow golem removes the pumpkin head (and remove 1 durability from the shears).
    • The pumpkin is not dropped.

Non-mob entities[]

Arrow entity
  • Now take the thrower's motion into account. For example, an arrow fired forward by a player in a speeding minecart flies faster relative to the ground, an arrow fired backward flies slower, and an arrow fired sideways has motion in the direction of minecart travel.
  • Arrows that bounce off a target (e.g. a shield or a sitting dragon) and may be retrieved become dropped items if near zero momentum after being bounced.
Bottles o' enchanting, eggs, ender pearls, snowballs, thrown potions
  • No longer collide with non-opaque blocks.
    • Even non-opaque blocks that are solid, such as glass (see MC-93636).
  • Are "caught" and converted to the item form by cobwebs.
  • Now take the thrower's motion into account. For example, an arrow fired forward by a player in a speeding minecart flies faster relative to the ground, an arrow fired backward fly slower, and an arrow fired sideways has motion in the direction of minecart travel.
SmallFireball entity
  • No longer damages (or angers) fire-immune entities.

World generation[]

End portal
  • In the 0.0000000001% chance that all 12 frame blocks generate with eyes already present, the portal is immediately activated.
    • This means once again, it is possible to access the End without going to the Nether.

Command format[]

  • Now auto-completes itself when pressing TAB.
  • Now has an optional player parameter to specify which players can see the particle when inside the range. When left out, everyone in range can see the particles.
    • Also added a params parameter to specify particle parameters (for iconcrack_, …).
Sound events
  • Renamed entity.arrow.successful_hit to entity.arrow.hit_player.


  • Sweep attacks now do 1♥ damage to mobs affected by the knockback.
  • The Infinity enchantment no longer affects spectral and tipped arrows.
  • Sneaking now increases exhaustion by half as much as walking.
Frost walker enchantment
  • Now functions whenever the player is standing on ground, regardless of whether the ground is a solid block or not.
  • No longer works on armor stands.
  • No longer destroys item frames, leash knots, paintings, and armor stands.
Status effects
  • Health Boost effect now shows multiple red hearts instead of the one similar to Regeneration.
  • Absorption effect now shows a single red heart with a yellow outline around it.
  • Nausea effect now stops instantly when cleared using Milk or with commands.


93 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-729 – Zombies fight back only against players.
  • MC-1973 – Items placed into a beacon are lost upon reloading a world.
  • MC-3626 – Signs, sugar cane, vines, two-block plants and cobwebs cause glitchy mob behavior.
  • MC-7519 – Clearing Nausea potion effect stops it, but purple portal tint remains.
  • MC-8017 – Throwing eggs and snowballs though cobweb just hits it and breaks.
  • MC-9074 – Command selector syntax does not recognize decimals.
  • MC-18272 – Health Boost and Absorption effects have the same icon.
  • MC-20431 – Player is floating above the saddle of a donkey.
  • MC-33863 – Villagers rarely can turn to baby zombie villagers, or chicken jockey.
  • MC-38307 – Lightning strike area-effect destroys item frames, paintings, and armor stands.
  • MC-39098 – Endermen can pick up blocks behind walls.
  • MC-46034 – Lava flows toward gaps even if they can't be reached.
  • MC-48570 – Server-side resource packs do not show up in resource pack list.
  • MC-50468 – Skeleton AI ignoring helmet – skeleton still stays in shadow.
  • MC-50559 – Rain texture is upside-down.
  • MC-55942 – Nether wart, wheat, carrot, and potato hitboxes reflect only first stage.
  • MC-63129 – Baby zombies named "Dinnerbone" appear suspended in the air.
  • MC-69328/playsound not tab-completing sounds.
  • MC-69834 – Metal ring misplaced at tripwire hook/does not move.
  • MC-70327 – Blaze fireballs damage other blazes.
  • MC-72156 – Tamed wolves attack when a wild wolf is hurt.
  • MC-72368 – Cactus can be placed underwater, but doesn't break.
  • MC-73370 – Trapped chests are in "Decoration Blocks".
  • MC-75471 – Ocelots and rabbits run from you in Creative mode.
  • MC-76045 – Clicking on a non-existing link target or deleted screenshot gives an error.
  • MC-76975 – Pick block doesn't work on the dragon egg.
  • MC-77224/tp with relative x rotation above 90° affects y rotation.
  • MC-80148 – Custom model lighting irregularities (top & bottom faces)/each cuboid part of a model renders smooth lighting as if it were a full block.
  • MC-80597 – Lit furnace still obtainable using the /give command.
  • MC-81693 – Multiple items have missing (transparent) pixels.
  • MC-81725⇧ Shift+F3 menu remains on server disconnect.
  • MC-82452 – Server resource packs not staying persistent.
  • MC-85963 – Melon and glistering melon textures have different rotations.
  • MC-87219 – Mob heads float above baby zombies that wear them.
  • MC-89399 – If an end portal generates with 12 eyes in it, it is impossible to use it.
  • MC-92983 – Slimes are incorrectly offset from actual position.
  • MC-93289 – Level-up sound originates at position in world, not at player position.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-62552FallingSand shows alternate block textures while falling.
  • MC-70306 – Can't put flower pot on piston.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-83107 – Shulkers deflect arrows from the side but not the top; arrows glitchy when shot at the edge.
  • MC-83174 – Zombies, zombie pigmen, ghasts, guardians, slimes, magma cubes, wither skeletons, spiders, cave spiders, silverfish and endermites do not attack when hit by other mobs.
  • MC-83193 – Punching cake eats it.
  • MC-83271 – Bosses are unaffected by potions or tipped arrows.
  • MC-83599 – Arrow/item in offhand is still displayed while drawing bow in first person view.
  • MC-83824 – Infinity enchantment works with potion tipped arrows.
  • MC-83850 – Squid and ghasts are unaffected by levitation.
  • MC-83896 – Shulkers can teleport into other shulkers.
  • MC-83930 – End City spawns even when "Generate Structures" is set to false.
  • MC-85117 – Shulkers teleport even after they're already dead.
  • MC-85256 – Cauldrons are filled with water while snowing in biomes where it snows only above a certain height.
  • MC-85756 – Blocks/items on mobs' heads turn red when the mob takes damage.
  • MC-86305AreaEffectCloud can be pushed by pistons.
  • MC-86385 – Leading zeroes omitted in tooltip on dyed leather armor color.
  • MC-86951 – Drop item scoreboard objective increases when /give is used.
  • MC-86992 – A shulker floats a bit above ground.
  • MC-87143/setblock signs with text put "null" on empty lines when reloading the world.
  • MC-87242 – Librarian zombie villager robe texture is sometimes white instead of transparent.
  • MC-87383 – Shulker hitbox height is too high.
  • MC-87411 – Zombie villager leg has transparent pixels
  • MC-87568 – Slimes with levitation can move.
  • MC-87573 – Spawned slimes always move south (+Z) first.
  • MC-88401 – Arrow blocked by shield can get stuck above the player.
  • MC-88465 – Shields still show metadata in the tooltip.
  • MC-88569 – Armor slots inconsistency: /replaceitem refers to 'chest' while AttributeModifiers.Slot refers to 'torso'.
  • MC-89181AreaEffectCloud does not work with some particles, crashes with others.
  • MC-90095 – Elytra goes invisible with player if potion is used.
  • MC-90417 – Enderdragon can be a passenger on boats.
  • MC-90587 – Frost Walker does not work on transparent blocks.
  • MC-90601 – Using pick block on frosted ice gives a warning in the console.
  • MC-90606 – Damage from hitting walls with Elytra is too small.
  • MC-91061 – Loot table exceptions are not caught.
  • MC-91177 – Rain puts out fires less often.
  • MC-91264 – Right clicking a hoe or a shovel on grass or dirt plays the wrong sound.
  • MC-91533 – Container minecarts with invalid loot table cannot be removed from world.
  • MC-91543 – Multiple (unlimited) number of ender crystals placeable on one block at the same time.
  • MC-91666 – Exploding creepers drop gunpowder when they set off an end crystal.
  • MC-91756 – Beam target of end crystals on obsidian pillars does not update when ender dragon spawn sequence is stopped.
  • MC-91807 – Having used the /kill @e[type=EnderCrystal] instruction, the rebirth ceremony still continued execution.
  • MC-92202 – Villagers stand outside opening and closing doors instead of entering.
  • MC-92225 – Buggy AI for skeletons riding horses.
  • MC-92309 – "Block Broken" closed caption is inaccurate.
  • MC-92415 – Mob pathing issue – they appear to stop and travel in loops.
  • MC-92451 – Beam detaching from end crystal as crystal levitates up and down.
  • MC-92548 – Can't place certain blocks on marker armor stand.
  • MC-92697 – Activator rails and powered rails power each other.
  • MC-92784 – Some subtitles are unrelated to the sound.
  • MC-92849 – Mob kills due to knockback from a sweep attack fail to reward experience.
  • MC-92972 – Villagers don't go outside.
  • MC-93107 – Shulkers still produce sound even when Silent:1b.
  • MC-93474 – Players can place end crystal in Adventure mode.
From the previous development version
  • MC-93118 – Some of the new textures' filesize is too big.
  • MC-93119 – Survival player can obtain bedrock item.
  • MC-93167 – Some textures jump and change rotation as the player moves closer or farther from them – easy to confirm with netherack in the Nether.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 15w49a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


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