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Java Edition



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November 18, 2015

Snapshot for



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15w47a[1] is the forty-first snapshot released for Java Edition 1.9.



  • Now able to keep an item in its inventory slot.
    • No longer drops the item from the slot if the beacon is destroyed or the interface is exited before the 'accept' button is pressed.
  • Will now interact with hoppers.
Daylight sensor
  • No longer emits a signal at night when sufficiently shaded.
Redstone comparator
  • Side inputs now take power from redstone blocks.
Redstone block
  • Will now update adjacent blocks' power state correctly.
  • Will now never transmit power through blocks.
Trapped chest
  • Will now change their texture when the computer time is set to the 24th to 26th of December to suit Christmas.


  • Now drops experience.

Non-mob entities[]

Armor stands
  • Wobbles slightly when being hit.

World generation[]

Jungle bush trees
  • Leaves will no longer replace blocks other than air or leaves when generating the tree.

Command format[]

NBT tags
Sound events
  • Added entity.armorstand.place, entity.armorstand.fall, entity.armorstand.hit, and entity.armorstand.break.


  • Overlay layers (hat, jacket, sleeves, and pants) correctly render semitransparent pixels, instead of only fully opaque and fully transparent pixels.


26 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-1310 – Dispensed boats get stuck on the dispenser block.
  • MC-1777 – Placing a painting "behind" a button makes button unclickable.
  • MC-2844 – Doors have no placement sound.
  • MC-5927 – Daylight Sensor outputting signal when encased.
  • MC-9089 – Suicide from potions gives player a point in playerKillCount.
  • MC-12959 – TNT mesh rotated wrongly placed vs primed.
  • MC-28235 – Confirming beacon with items in hand makes items disappear, then drop on ground.
  • MC-30157 – Lighting glitch with ender crystals in the overworld.
  • MC-33384 – Noteblocks play the wrong walk, place and break sounds.
  • MC-46772 – Skin hat layer translucency only works in the end dimension.
  • MC-59777 – Endermen lose ability to dodge melee attacks after being hit.
  • MC-65699 – Armor stand Duplication.
  • MC-67017 – The small cube in slime blocks isn't displayed in inventory and when dropped.
  • MC-72739 – Pillar quartz has no block state defining axis.
  • MC-91314 – No sound when placing beds.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-65240 – Banner pole texture misaligned.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-84625 – Mobs don't navigate correctly in contact with chorus plants.
  • MC-87864 – Shulker monster spawner rotation animation is weird.
  • MC-89882 – Shulkers don't drop experience.
  • MC-92443 – Typo in soundevent name "enttiy.zombie.infect".
  • MC-92866 – Purpur slab variant displays "DEFAULT" in capital letters.
From the previous development version
  • MC-92556 – Mobs bouncing and spinning on grass.
  • MC-92559 – Splash potions are broken/all thrown potions are water potions.
  • MC-92562 – Redstone blocks emit power through blocks.
  • MC-92588 – Crash: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property ... as it does not exist in aqu{block=minecraft:unpowered_comparator, properties=[facing, mode, powered]}.
  • MC-92595 – Redstone blocks don't update adjacent blocks' power state correctly.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 15w47a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.
  • This snapshot was released exactly 4 years after the full release of Java Edition.


  1. "Minecraft snapshot 15w47a" (Archive) by Searge – Mojang.com, Nov 18, 2015.