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September 16, 2015

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15w38a[1] is the twenty-fourth snapshot released for 1.9. Which is notably added Skeleton Horsemens to the game.



Skeleton Trap Revision 1.png Skeleton Horsemen
  • Added "skeleton trap" horses. When a player approaches to within 10 blocks, the following will happen:
    • The SkeletonTrap flag is cleared.
    • Lightning strikes the horse.
    • The horse will become skeletal if it isn't already.
    • The horse becomes tame.
    • The horse becomes fully grown (if a baby) and the breeding cooldown is reset.
    • A skeleton is spawned riding the horse.
      • If on peaceful, the Skeleton will not spawn, while the Horse will.
      • The skeleton has damage immunity for 3 seconds.
      • The skeleton will not despawn since they have the tag PersistenceRequired set to true.
      • The skeleton will be wearing an iron helmet, unless it randomly spawned with some other headgear.
      • The skeleton's bow and helmet will be enchanted as if on an enchantment table at level 5–22.
        • The level is higher depending on regional difficulty; on Easy it will always be a level-5 enchantment.
    • Three additional skeletal horses with riders will be spawned in the vicinity.

Command format[]

NBT tags
  • SkeletonTrap (byte): Indicates whether the horse is a skeleton trap (i.e. whether or not the horse will spawn 4 undead horsemen in its place when a player gets within 10 blocks of it).
    • /summon EntityHorse ~ ~1 ~10 {SkeletonTrap:1b}.
  • SkeletonTrapTime (integer), incremented each tick when SkeletonTrap is set to 1. The mob automatically de-spawns when it reaches 18000 (15 minutes). This will prevent the hostile horses from overflowing the world, similar to chicken jockeys.
    • /summon EntityHorse ~ ~1 ~10 {SkeletonTrap:1b,SkeletonTrapTime:17980}.
  • Added "Times Slept in a Bed" (stat.sleepInBed) to track the amount of times a player has used a bed.



  • Improved drop chances for seeds (average 1 57 per crop harvested instead of 1 35), potatoes and carrots (average 2 57 per crop harvested instead of 2 35), and beetroot seeds (average 2 per crop harvested instead of 45).
End rod
  • The player can no longer step up onto an end rod as if it were a slab.
  • Fire goes out less often under the rain.
    • The chance of going out each fire tick is reduced from 100% to 0–45%, depending on the age property.


  • Improvements to mob AI.
  • Have new idle sounds.
  • Skeletons can now walk, strafe and shoot at the same time.
    • They walk away from players that are too close and towards players that are too far.
      • They will also sprint towards the player when very far away.
  • Now can spawn riding "skeletal horses" through the new "skeleton trap" horse.
Tamed Ocelots & Wolves
  • Deaths (and killers) are now announced to their owners on chat, even if unnamed.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Natural lightning strikes may spawn a "skeleton trap" style skeletal horses.
    • Chance is calculated from the regional difficulty score: 5% * raw regional difficulty score.
      • 3.75–7.5% chance on Easy, 7.5–20% chance on Normal, 11.25–33.75% chance on Hard.


29 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-1230 – Players and mobs can fall through extending/retracting pistons.
  • MC-1635 – Hitboxes for some blocks are broken.
  • MC-1720 – Dropped items bounce on stairs, cauldrons, carpets, and full/locked hoppers.
  • MC-32850 – Server GUI text box is empty (.exe only).
  • MC-69652 – Mobs de-aggro after punching them.
  • MC-73302 – Block collision box issues (mobs glitch through blocks and more).
  • MC-77972 – No large red mushrooms in mushroom biomes 1.8.2 onwards.
  • MC-78759 – Hopper splitting items into "Minecart with chest"s next to each other.
  • MC-79995 – Too many banners items (in chests) will become invisible after 6-7 chests.
  • MC-81738 – Crash: IndexOutOfBoundsException on Tesselating block in world.
  • MC-88101 – Retracting blocks don't move/bounce entities correctly.
  • MC-88480 – Minecarts accept items from hopper 2 blocks above.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-83002 – Villagers don't pick up beetroots or beetroot seeds.
  • MC-83266 – Beetroot farming non-sustainable.
  • MC-86253 – In multiplayer, when a player is blocking with a shield, other players see the shield as the normal state.
  • MC-86845 – Minecart command blocks kick players from servers.
  • MC-87802 – Excessive banners (as blocks) do not render.
  • MC-87946 – Monsters can see the player through walls.
From the previous development version
  • MC-88357 – Crash when going outside height limit or into the void with F3.
  • MC-88365 – Shift-clicking combined shields+banners moves the whole banner stack to the inventory, but only removes one banner from the crafting grid, duplicating the rest.
  • MC-88377 – Crash when crafting an empty shield with a banner.
  • MC-88396 – Pistons do not move unextended pistons.
  • MC-88428 – Pistons can push obsidian.
  • MC-88438 – Vines cannot be placed on blocks in Creative or Survival mode.
  • MC-88446 – Unconditional impulse command blocks interact unexpectedly with conditionMet.
  • MC-88470 – Joining a multiplayer game within render distance of player causes "invisibility".
  • MC-88499 – Breaking top vine growing ON jungle tree stem removes all lower vines.
  • MC-88812 – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Rendering screen.
  • MC-88815 – Can't place paintings bigger than 2x2.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 15w38a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.