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Minecraft 15w31c
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Java Edition



Release date

July 31, 2015

Snapshot for



Client (.json)
Server (.exe)

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15w31c[1] is the third snapshot for Java Edition 1.9, which was released to fix some bugs and crashes from 15w31a and 15w31b.



Grass path
  • The collision height has been changed to 1516 of a block.


Chest item
  • The item model of all variants were reverted back, to be consistent with the rest of blocks.
    • It is believed the previous change was made to make it easier to distinguish between regular and trapped chests.


Ender dragon
  • No longer produces any more eggs.

World generation[]

The Nether


Offhand slot
  • Can now stack whatever item the player is holding by picking them from the ground.
Status effects
  • The levitation effect no longer overrides the fall damage reduction of the jump boost effect.


30 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-2835 – Resizing the Minecraft window while dead grays out the Respawn/Exit to Menu buttons and several other screens.
  • MC-2963 – Left-hand covers corner of held map when riding an entity and switching the perspective.
  • MC-67952 – XP Orbs have graphical bugs when looking straight down.
  • MC-77686 – Weird pixels in top-left corner of hand-held maps.
  • MC-84262 – Zombies still follow players in Creative.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-82821 – Levitation potion is named "potion.levitation".
  • MC-82824 – Picking up items doesn't stack them into the offhand slot.
  • MC-8282814 of stairs get rendered incorrectly on one side while in hotbar.
  • MC-82832 – End portal spawns position changes.
  • MC-82846 – enchant effect outlines full inventory tile.
  • MC-82870 – Chorus plant hitbox bug.
  • MC-82901 – Slight player offset when on grass path block.
  • MC-82928 – Items being slightly pushed down in the screen.
  • MC-83004 – Player in the inventory is not displaying correctly when not holding an item in the first slot.
  • MC-83068 – Fire floats above block.
  • MC-83079 – Chest model in hand tilted awkwardly.
  • MC-83163 – Purpur double slabs drop nothing when broken.
  • MC-83239 – Respawned dragon doesn't have a health bar.
  • MC-83241 – Chorus flower in hotbar looks like chorus plant.
  • MC-83702 – Subsequent dragons drop another egg when killed.
  • MC-83943 – When players use pick block on double purpur slab blocks it doesn't do anything.
  • MC-83971 – Ender Dragon can't die sometime with tag HealF:0.
  • MC-84000 – Holding enchanted armor gives same effects as wearing it.
From the previous development version
  • MC-83871 – Water arrow has incorrect name.
  • MC-83883 – Using banner on cauldron creates another banner of last stage.
  • MC-83906 – Map in offhand shows arms when invisible.
  • MC-83970 – Ender pearl goes faster/higher in Creative mode.
  • MC-84131 – Potion of water breathing missing and fire resistance (8:00) not working as expected.
  • MC-84191 – Shulker looks weird when it rides on minecart.
From the current version, hotfixed
  • MC-84532 – Invisible side of purpur slab.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • This version was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.