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This article documents an April Fools' joke. 
There is no actual "Love and Hugs Update" of Minecraft in development.

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As quite a surprising amount of people didn't understand yesterday: Yes, 15w14a was an april fools joke. The hidden QR code however was not.

Dinnerbone on 1.10 / 15w14a[1]

15w14a[2] is an April Fools' joke released on April 1, 2015. It was released as a hoax announcement for 1.10, which Mojang named The Love and Hugs Update (unrelated to the actually released update and the update released with the same version number, the Frostburn Update). No further snapshots were released for the hoax update. This version is a fork of 1.8.3.



"Love" meter
  • Appears like the health bar, only across the whole top of the experience bar.
  • Fills up when the player takes damage or left-clicks on mobs.
  • There is a 10 second (200 tick) cool-down on adding hearts.
  • Resets upon quitting the world.
  • Collecting eight lines of hearts unlocks a game called Minescreeper, which is Minesweeper textured like Minecraft.
    • On the top of the screen is the Minecraft logo, with "CRAFT" crossed out and "SCREEPER" written over it.
    • The game contains a grid of grass block tops, which when left clicked become dirt blocks with the numbers depicting how many bombs are touching that block.
      • The size of the grid varies based on the GUI scale, and the game resolution, though the amount of creepers remains the same. At the default resolution and GUI scale, the grid size is 8×25.
    • The flags from Minesweeper are replaced with signs, which can be placed with a right-click.
    • The mines are replaced with creepers. Any creeper that was marked with a sign has their mouth upside down.
    • Pressing the keys X, Y, Z, Z, Y, ⇧ Shift + ↵ Enter, ↵ Enter in this order (just like the classic Minesweeper) will play the level-up sound and activate a cheat that shows if a square is safe or has a mine under it with a white square in the top left corner.
    • Winning the game or placing a sign before the first left click triggers the credits, which upon exiting returns the player to normal Minecraft.

Blocks and items[]

Obsidian Boat (item) Obsidian Boat
  • Sinks instead of floating.
  • Can be crafted with the following recipe:
Ingredients Crafting recipe

  • Has an ID name of minecraft:obsidian_boat and an item number of 432.
Potion of Slowness JE1 BE1Potion of Poison JE1 BE1Potion of Caring
  • Changes the mob AI to move toward the nearest mob as if it were to attack it.
  • Replaces the data value of both potions of slowness and potions of poison.
Potion of Weakness JE1 BE1Potion of Sharing
  • Drops items in a random amount of time, ranging from food to rare items like saddles or diamonds.
  • Replaces the data value of potions of weakness.



  • Removed all graphical settings titles.
  • Clouds are now shaped like large, pink hearts.
  • All particles were replaced with hearts.
  • The shader love.json is always used, which adds a red tint to everything.
    • Pressing "Super Secret Settings..." will not change the shader.
Main menu
  • Only one splash is displayed, which is "Minecraft is love, Minecraft is life".
  • Removed the Minecraft Realms button.
  • Only one world is available.
    • The world can be created using the "Create World" button.
      • The world must be named "There can only be one".
        • When viewed with another Minecraft version, the world is named "AF15 Existence", which probably stands for "April Fools 2015 Existence".
      • The only available gamemodes are Survival, which is called "Existence", and Creative.
      • The "Allow Cheats" button now states "Allow Superpowers".
    • Once created, it can be played by pressing "Play World" or deleted by pressing "Reset World".
      • When pressing "Reset World", it calls the world "My Beloved World".
        • Because of this, the game is essentially always in Demo mode.


  • Removed the ability to directly harm mobs.
    • Hitting mobs with weapons or a fist causes heart particles.
  • Removed health and hunger
    • As a result, the player is unable to die, including from /kill and the Void.
  • Survival mode is now called Existence mode.
  • Removed combat.
  • Removed Hardcore mode.

World generation[]

The End
  • Has more obsidian pillars than normal.
  • Has a bigger island
  • Desert temples no longer contain TNT traps and have a ladder placed going down to the bottom for easier access.
  • Jungle temples no longer have traps.
  • One-block patches of snow now randomly generate, regardless of biome.
  • Majority of snow cover in ice plains and cold taiga is melted.
  • On Superflat worlds, near coordinates x=0, z=0, there is an area wherein some chunks snow is more frequent than normal chunks while raining and in others there is no snow even when raining, forming a QR code. When this code is scanned, it would reveal the name of the Combat Update (Java Edition 1.9).


  • Rain in all biomes will cause snow to form around the player.
    • Even in hot biomes where it doesn't rain, snow still generates.
      • Hearts will appear when the rain hits the ground.

Blocks and Items[]

  • Lava is now liquid cheese (doesn't damage players or mobs, but still destroys items, produces stone/obsidian and works as furnace fuel).
Carrot on a Stick
  • Removed
Lava Buckets
  • Lava buckets were renamed to "Cheese Bucket".
  • Have a heart pattern on them by default.
Boat (item) 15w14a Boats
  • Sink when the player rides them, but float again when the player exits.
  • Have a heart-shaped hole in the bottom.
Bow (Pull 0) 15w14aBow (Pull 1) 15w14aBow (Pull 2) 15w14aArrow (item) 15w14a Bows and arrows
  • Bows no longer require arrows.
  • Arrows have a heart on the end of the texture.
  • Shooting things with a love arrow makes them fall in love and breed.[verify]
  • Renamed to "Love Bomb".
  • No longer damages blocks when it explodes.
    • Still damages mobs though.
    • Does not affect nearby TNT.
  • Potions of Strength now give upgrades to "Love Power".
  • Potions of Harming were renamed to "Potion of Love", though they still damage mobs.
  • Potions of Slowness were renamed to "Potion of Caring" and no longer slow down the player or mobs.
  • Potions of Invisibility were renamed to "Potion of Fun".
  • Potions of Leaping were renamed to "Potion of Happiness".
  • Removed potions of Weakness and potions of Poison.
Wooden HeartStone HeartIron HeartGolden HeartDiamond Heart Swords
  • Renamed to "Hearts" and have a heart on the end of the texture.
  • Not damaged when used on mobs.


  • Now burst into poppies when close to the player.
    • The poppies cannot be picked up.
  • Mouth flipped upside down, appearing to be a smile.
  • Can now be ridden, though cannot be controlled.
  • Elder guardians will give the player Mining Fatigue like usual, but the ghostly image does not appear.
  • Can no longer be ridden, instead they ride on the player's shoulders.
    • Will only dismount if killed, or if the player is submerged in water (at least 3 blocks deep).
Iron Golem
  • Can appear as a manifestation of the villager's love.
Magma Cubes
  • Now known as "Cheese Cubes".
  • Similarly to slimes, they will also give the player Happiness upon attacking or pressing use on them.
  • Can now climb walls.
    • Because of this, it may sometimes cause a glitch where pigs "dance" at one place.
  • Can shear their wool without shears now by using the use key on them.
  • Now randomly drop bone meal, similar to chickens dropping eggs.
  • No longer burn under sunlight.
  • Now give the player Happiness when attacked.
    • Happiness was called Jump Boost before this update.
    • Can also get the Happiness effect by clicking the use button on them.
  • Can now fly.
  • Rather than trading, they will take the player's items in exchange for a piece of paper saying "Thanks for your donation".
    • This also occurs when the player takes their items back instead of trading.
  • Villagers will offer the player help in picking up items or blocks, in exchange for a small fee (of the item they pick up) for their services.
  • Now throw random beneficial potions at players.
  • Recolored to pink with smiles on its faces.
  • Skulls now explode with bone meal.
  • The explosion upon creation still damages blocks.
  • About the same as the pink wither from Java Edition 2.0.
    • Spawns with all 3 heads instead of 1
    • Is summoned with the normal wither spawn instead of pink wool with a flower pot
  • No longer burn under sunlight.
  • Now have a fluffy pink interior.

Other "changes"[]

Some changes were on the official changelog, but were not included in the actual version. Those are:

  • Bats are now 20% cuter.
  • Chickens can now be ridden by any player less than two blocks tall.
  • Monsters are now known as Inhabitants.
  • Fixed resource packs "being prettier than others".
  • Cliff edges have been lined with fences to avoid accidental falls.
  • Cows will now alert a player to important events using an audible notification.
  • Blazes will now defend players from harm.
  • Falling snow has a chance to make exposed chests mysteriously full of goodies at midnight.
  • Removed rain as it upset a lot of players.
  • Added rain back as it soothed a lot of players.
  • Added dirt bikes.
  • All caves in the player's world are checked for safety.


  • 15w14a is not supported due to being an April Fools' joke, and therefore issues affecting it will be closed as "Invalid" in the issue tracker.[3]


  • 15w14a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.



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