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July 24, 2014[1]

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14w30c is the fortieth snapshot for Java Edition 1.8, and was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in the 14w30a and 14w30b snapshots.



  • Now have some new patterns.
    • 'Cross' which puts a cross on the banner (slightly thinner than when using stripes).
    • 'Border' which adds a border to the banner (again thinner than when using stripes).
    • 'Curly border' which adds a more decorative border.
    • 'Mojang logo' which adds the Mojang logo.


  • Some black spots will now occur.
  • The black spots bug-fix was responsible for MC-62993, which was causing trees in certain biomes to not generate.[2]



Distance effects


59 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-4008 – Pick block item duplication.
  • MC-9097/testfor producing true comparator signal with invalid parameters.
  • MC-13771 – Carpet and layered snow blocks not properly visible in hand.
  • MC-29518 – "stat.damageTaken" and "stat.damageDealt" track # of hits vs # of hp damage.
  • MC-31572/setblock ladder creates transparent block instead.
  • MC-32930 – Thunderstorms light level is still as bright as normal rainstorms.
  • MC-37818 – One block has no backface culling whilst others do.
  • MC-38127 – Wrong texture of a bottle.
  • MC-44801 – Excessive client-side chunk ticking 1.7.4+.
  • MC-45222 – Trapdoor locks in position.
  • MC-47974 – Villagers walk normally when farming, but speed around when not.
  • MC-48904 – Words in chat do not wrap correctly and do not make a new line.
  • MC-53206 – Realms join from other location - bug.
  • MC-60665 – Creeper vs potato crop.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-45882 – Villagers don't farm crops [Multiplayer].
  • MC-46365 – Server crash when pushing villager through Nether portal.
  • MC-46632 – Ice Spikes: floating towers.
  • MC-47689CanPlaceOn with items such as wheat seeds.
  • MC-47974 – Villagers walk normally when farming, but speed around when not.
  • MC-50306 – Player skulls with SkullOwner do not use UUIDs; can break after name-changes.
  • MC-50376 – Given Item (/give) adding to stat.drop.
  • MC-50517 – Certain Items are rotated 90°/180° in hand and in hotbar/inventory/item frames.
  • MC-51239 – The beacon light/laser is bugged.
  • MC-52084 – Performance drop after about 20-30min gameplay.
  • MC-52547 – Selectors on commands run by /execute are not run as if by /execute's target.
  • MC-53500 – Sea level problems, customized world.
  • MC-55253 – The new {selector:"@..."} /tellraw feature fails on failing selectors.
  • MC-56041 – Wheat sprouts revert to seed at low light block levels at night.
  • MC-56917 – Any block in any empty chunk section (16x16x16) is invisible on some graphics cards.
  • MC-57992 – Broken sunflower model (upper block part of stem missing).
  • MC-58512 – Multiplayer: entity rendering weird while using player heads/spawned mobs with player heads.
  • MC-59704 – In F3 mode the variant of Dark Oak planks says big_oak.
  • MC-60529 – Horrendous GC activity.
  • MC-61603 – When you look down, the textures glitch out.
  • MC-61824 – Glass pane texture.
  • MC-62017 – Texture of dark acacia and dark oak leaves are missing when you break them with a tool with silk touch.
  • MC-62184 – Water rendering oddly.
  • MC-62331 – Debug start, crashes the server.
  • MC-62514 – 4x4 resourcepacks cause screen flicker.
  • MC-62981 – Sun/moon/stars disappear when looking at them with render distance < 7.
  • MC-62984 – Crash "Tesselating block model" (java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException @ java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck).
  • MC-62989 – Skin on player head doesn't show unless put in the helmet slot or placed down.
  • MC-62993 – Some trees are not / rarely / improperly generating in certain biomes.
  • MC-63008 – When having a mob head in the hot bar/inventory/UI, transparent blocks change texture in the hot bar/inventory/UI.
  • MC-63012 – Crash when press F3+A (java.lang.NullPointerException: Batching chunks).
  • MC-63107 – Player head bugs (2.0).
  • MC-63288 – Launcher treats crash report as modded/bottom part of crash report missing.
  • MC-63333 – Terrain behaves very strangely near world edge.
From the previous development version
  • MC-63072Hopper: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException.
  • MC-63148LightningBolt not listed when using Tab ↹ on /summon.
  • MC-63188 – Another crash in 14w30b.
  • MC-63197 – Crash "Tesselating block model" (java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException @ at java.nio.Buffer.checkIndex).
  • MC-63246 – Throwing an eye of ender outside of the world border crashes the game.
  • MC-63290 – Texture flickering.
  • MC-63305 – When rendering chunks, game crashes when loading ocean.
  • MC-63345 – Minecraft started crashing every 15 minutes or so repeatedly.
  • MC-63369 – Lightning tesselating block model crash.
  • MC-63376 – Client crashing every 1-2 minutes.
  • MC-63395 – Game crashes randomly on launcher.


  • 14w30c was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.