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July 16, 2014

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14w29a is the thirty-sixth snapshot for Java Edition 1.8.[1] This snapshot contains a lot of optimizations specifically targeting render performance.


Command format[]

  • reducedDebugInfo
    • Gamerule to enable/disable reduced information on the F3 debug screen.
    • Op-only unlike the 'Reduced debug info' toggle in multiplayer settings.
    • Overrides 'reduced debug info' settings in clients.
  • The ability to create gamerule variables.[2]
    • These are fake gamerules which don't actually affect your world, but can be used with /stats with the new QueryResults argument to update a scoreboard objective based on the value of that gamerule.
    • Declare using /gamerule <newRuleName> <value>.
    • Access using /gamerule <newRuleName>.


  • Multiplayer settings
    • 'Reduced debug info' toggle to enable/disable reduced information on the F3 debug screen.
  • Video settings
    • 'Use VBOs' toggle to enable/disable vertex buffer objects.
    • Offers a ~10% performance increase when set to ON.



Beacons, beds, chests, ender chests, heads, signs
  • Now display the cracking animation.
    • Beds did display the cracking animation previously, but not on their top and bottom.
  • Flipped inventory texture back to original orientation.

World generation[]

Ore generation
  • Ore generation is more than twice as fast.[3]

Command format[]

  • Additionally has a force argument after the count which can be set to normal or force.
  • This forces particles to show even if the player's 'Particle' toggle is set to minimal or decreased.
  • /time query <value> argument to check the time.
    • Has an another argument after that which can be daytime or gametime to check either the number of ticks since the start of the day or the number of ticks since the world was created, respectively.
  • /worldborder get argument to see the current size of the border.
  • The scoreboard sidebar is now also secondarily sorted by alphabetical order on the name.


36 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-71 – Mobs don't spawn next to water streams if the x and z coordinates are negative.
  • MC-393 – Starvation prevents sleeping in bed on peaceful.
  • MC-404 – Viewing a map while invisible still shows both hands holding it.
  • MC-455 – Standing on exact x = 0, z = 0 coordinates prevents breaking / placing block in northwest.
  • MC-486 – Zombies and skeletons don't burn on slabs.
  • MC-506 – You can make smooth sandstone into smooth sandstone.
  • MC-665 – Minecarts and TNT are not moved by water currents.
  • MC-676 – Signs and chests do not display cracking animation.
  • MC-1677 – Retracting piston shows ghost hitbox of technical block.
  • MC-14800 – Sociable zombies spawn in the nether upon pigman damage.
  • MC-61586 – Client freezes for ~1 second in multiplayer when opacity of a block changes next to unloaded chunk.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-46531 – Weird texture overlay while spectating squid underwater.
  • MC-48106 – Entity teleportation bug.
  • MC-53033 – Unable to disable nameTagVisilibity for someone in spectator mode.
  • MC-54012 – Piston arm is visible sticking through the back of the piston.
  • MC-57516CanPickUpLoot and CustomNameVisible not working.
  • MC-57876 – Furnaces don't get placed correctly when a village is generated on server.
  • MC-57939 – Wrong orientation for fire created on nonflammable block's side.
  • MC-58037 – Items being held improperly.
  • MC-59052 – Cannot add fake players or named entities to scoreboard teams.
  • MC-59634 – Players get the message "Your game mode has been updated" even when sendCommandFeedback =false.
  • MC-59923 – Trapdoors are open when a player places them.
  • MC-59946 – Iron trapdoors appear on the opposite side of where they are placed when open (east-west orientation).
  • MC-60279 – Detector rails render as unpowered, even when powered.
  • MC-61033/particle command doesn't work.
  • MC-61449 – Piston hitbox.
  • MC-61454 – Ping indicator extends over the right side of the tab list.
  • MC-62024 – Block on Zombie Villager's head is rendered in relation to the body.
From the previous development version
  • MC-61451 – Frame-rate drop in 14w28b.
  • MC-61453/title command writing errors on the server log.
  • MC-61505 – Mob spawners count min/max spawn delay with a rate of 10 instead of 1.
  • MC-61519 – Chests that should be oriented east/west are oriented north in desert temples.
  • MC-61577CommandStats are not used when a command sign is right-clicked by non-OPs.
  • MC-61666 – Cannot /setblock or fill ender chests.
  • MC-61711 – Sidebar scoreboard shows the lowest scores and not the best when hitting the limit of the sidebar.
  • MC-61795 – Rails (any) crash nearby clients when pushed by sticky pistons repeatedly / pushed into entities.


  • 14w29a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.