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Java Edition



Release date

June 19, 2014

Snapshot for



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14w25b is the twenty-eighth snapshot for Java Edition 1.8, and was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in the 14w25a snapshot.



Wet Sponges
  • Wet sponges, when smelted, will fill empty buckets in the 'fuel' slot with water if possible.

Command format[]

  • Added new filtered mode.
    • Filters out unnecessary blocks.
  • Added new normal mode.


Debug screen
  • Removed the line on the right-hand side which had displayed the name of the block model the player was looking at.


52 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-44649 – Minecraft on Mac is called java.
  • MC-58557Hopper: fs: Invalid index 0 requested for TranslatableComponent{key='multiplayer.player.left', args=[], siblings=[], style=Style{hasParent=true, color=null, b.
From the 1.8 development versions
From the previous development version
  • MC-56852 – Placeholder texture showing for burning player instead of fire.
  • MC-56853 – F3 hovering over grass and log model: IDUNNOMYNAME:*C.
  • MC-56858 – Water and Lava textures messed up after changing resource pack.
  • MC-56865 – Stairs place the wrong way.
  • MC-56868 – Missing map texture.
  • MC-56880 – Thrown splash potions have missing texture.
  • MC-56887 – Jungle leaves have oak leaves texture.
  • MC-56893 – Crash when placing log.
  • MC-56898 – Missing texture for Enderman-handled block.
  • MC-56899 – Chickens constantly flap their wings.
  • MC-56905 – When placing a pumpkin, its face does not face the player.
  • MC-56914 – Fast Graphics leaves texture.
  • MC-56921 – Repeater not rendering delay length correctly.
  • MC-56922 – Bed doesn't drop when broken.
  • MC-56947 – Dragon egg item rendering incorrectly.
  • MC-56951 – Repeaters and comparators are placed in the wrong orientation.
  • MC-56952 – Trapdoor duplication glitch.
  • MC-56957 – Dispenser and dropper direction issue.
  • MC-56981 – Acacia/dark oak wood log being dropped as oak wood with missing texture.
  • MC-56982 – Rendering bug with pistons.
  • MC-56984 – Floating items dropped on floor.
  • MC-56990 – Chiseled quartz block turns into regular quartz.
  • MC-57020 – Burning furnaces change orientation.
  • MC-57023 – Wrong animation while breaking blocks in Survival.
  • MC-57041 – Missing barrier texture.
  • MC-57045 – Comparators appear as powered when put into subtraction mode.
  • MC-57075 – Customitemnames don't get displayed in item frames.
  • MC-57079 – Elder guardian able to apply mining fatigue to someone in spectator mode.
  • MC-57102 – Grass all neatly lined up.
  • MC-57112 – Use damage splash potion to kill guardian crash the game.
  • MC-57121 – Superflat world customization visually replaces water ID with air ID.
  • MC-57134 – Items in item frames facing wrong way.
  • MC-57178 – Vines are placed on opposite side.
  • MC-57234 – placing ladders causes a crash.
  • MC-57312 – Minecraft default world generator crashes.
  • MC-57374 – Stacked "Enchanted" items render incorrectly.
  • MC-57378 – Slimes have no particles, even if all particles are on.
  • MC-57385 – End portal frames must be placed in reverse to work correctly.
  • MC-57415 – Scoreboard setdisplay won't show up in tab menu.
  • MC-57429 – Magma cubes rendering wrong.
  • MC-57555 – Blocks are held wrong.
  • MC-57570 – Powered rail now in powered state in creative inventory.
  • MC-57574 – Mipmapping does not work in inventory.
  • MC-57689 – Map #1 looks like purple/black cube in inventory.
  • MC-57728 – Blazes missing their black smoke texture.


  • Between snapshot 14w21b and 14w25b in total 2651 files changed, 41995 insertions, 43425 deletions for a grand total of 285408 lines of diffs.[1]
  • 14w25a had a notably high incidence of new bugs, which Michael Stoyke (@SeargeDP) attributed to the fact that each developer was contributing a substantial amount of work that had not yet been combined in a snapshot.[2][3]
  • 14w25b was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.
  • This snapshot was released on Juneteenth.