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Java Edition



Release date

May 8, 2014

Snapshot for



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14w19a is the twenty-second snapshot released for Java Edition 1.8.



Pistons & slime blocks
  • Slime blocks can now push entities sideways and downwards when attached to a piston.
    • When they are on the ground, entities are pushed less.

World generation[]

World border
  • The warning, a red-colored aura seen when within a certain distance of the world border.
    • Only visible on Fancy graphics.
    • Outside the border, the warning is at full strength.
    • Inside the border, the warning gradually gets stronger as the player approaches the border.
    • If the border is stationary, the warning is first seen as the player passes the warning distance, default 5 blocks from the player's location.
    • If the border is shrinking quickly enough, the warning will be first visible at the warning time, default 15 seconds from the player's location.
  • New options
    • /worldborder
      • buffer (default 5) is the distance (in blocks) into the barrier before a player starts to become damaged.
      • amount (default 0.2) is the amount (per block) of damage a player will take, for each block-distance the player is past the barrier's buffer.
    • /worldborder
      • time (default 15) is the advance notice given (in seconds) to a player, using the red warning, that a shrinking world border is approaching their location.
      • distance (default 5) is the distance (in blocks) at which the red warning will start to appear, as a player approaches the barrier.
  • The border in the Nether is now the same size as that of the Overworld.
  • Portals
    • Traveling to the Nether will now not create new portals outside the boundary.
    • It is still possible to emerge at an existing portal outside the boundary.


Spectator mode
  • Spectators now have a UI to teleport to other players.
    • Activated by mouse middle-click, or pressing a number key.
  • When more than 8 players are available to choose, the sides will be replaced by arrows.
  • When teams are set up, teams can be selected individually to only display that team's players.
  • Both number keys and the 'pick block'-button together with the scroll wheel can be used to control the interface.
  • Teleportation works across dimensions.
    • "Far from complete".


5 issues fixed
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-51109mob_spawner.json is missing.
  • MC-53555 – Portal in Nether was set outside the border.
  • MC-53557 – World border stops growing/shrinking when you exit and re-enter a world.
  • MC-54125/worldborder set 100 10 says "10000 seconds" instead of 10.
  • MC-54358 – Sticky piston break unmovable blocks, such as saplings, crops, leaves, liquids, melons, and pumpkins when pulled.


  • 14w19a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.