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February 14, 2014

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14w07a is the twelfth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.8.



Iron trapdoor
  • Can only be opened and closed using redstone, similar to an iron door.
  • Crafted by placing iron ingots in a 2×2 pattern, yields 1 iron trapdoor.

Command format[]

  • Allows commands to be run from the position of specified entities using.
    • Example: /execute @e[type=Chicken] ~ ~ ~ fill ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 ~1 ~1 ~1 minecraft:glass.
  • Compares two areas of a world.
  • Scoreboard objectives for fake players with a name starting with # will never show up on the sidebar.
  • New /scoreboard subcommands: /scoreboard operation and /scoreboard test.
    • The operation subcommand can apply arithmetic operation to scores (+ – * / %) and accumulate player scores.
      • Example: /scoreboard players operation #teamscores redScore += @a[team=red] blueKills adds every red player's count of kills on blue to the red team's score of kills.
    • The test subcommand can be used to test if a scoreboard value is between a min and a max value.
      • Example: /scoreboard players test #global anObjective 12 19 checks whether the global score of the given objective is between 12 and 19, inclusive.
  • Different teams can now have different objectives displayed in the sidebar.
    • Example: /scoreboard objectives set display sidebar.team.yellow objectiveName (referring to team color, not team name).
  • Teams can now have settings on how the nametags are to be shown - /scoreboard teams option red nametagVisibility hideForOtherTeam. Also possible: hideForOwnTeam, never, always (default).
Target selectors
  • New selector parameters for entity selectors to detect entity rotations with rxm – x rot min, rx – x rot max, rym – y rot min, ry . y rot max.
    • Example: @a[rxm=-15,rx=15,rym=-45,ry=45], /say @a[rxm=30,rx=90] , don't look down!.



  • Updated the block model format.
    • Now less exploitable.
    • UV has to be [0,1] (Textures can no longer be "borrowed" from neighboring block textures).
    • Planes need to have 1 axis 'identical' (so aligned to either x, y, or z).
    • Plane rotation can only be -45/45 on a single axis.
    • From/to and uv coordinates are now in 'pixelspace' (multiples of 1/16th of a block).
Command blocks
  • Now show the entity (@e) parameter.
  • Can now place command blocks with pre-configured commands, rather than dispensing it
Redstone torches, torches
  • Now have an angled top side when placed on walls.


Blaze rods
  • Are now held similarly to tools.
  • Ladders facing in no direction obtained with commands now appear as the missing texture cube.

Command format[]

/testfor, /testforblock, /clear
  • Can now test for partial matches of NBT lists.
    • Example: /testfor @p {Inventory:[{Slot:6b,id:"minecraft:diamond_sword"}],SelectedItemSlot:6}.
  • Can now insert values from scoreboards into messages.
    • Example: /tellraw @p {text:"Have ",extra:[{score:{name:"Searge",objective:"reward"}},{text:" diamonds"}]}.


Creative mode
  • Players can create a copy of a block entity in their hotbar, including all NBT data, with ctrl+Pick Block key (ctrl+middle mouse button by default).
Spectator mode
  • Players can now share LAN.


Debug screen
  • Looking at a block in the world will show the coordinates of that block on the debug screen.
  • BlockItem instances can now hold a custom NBT tag that is merged into a block entity when it's placed.
    • Example: /give @p command_block 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Command:"setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:diamond_block"}}.
Inventory system
  • Rewrote the inventory system.
  • Fixes some bugs, improves performance and allows easier improvements.
  • Allows custom NBT that isn't handled by the game to be added onto items.
    • Custom tags will remain even if the items NBT is changed in-game. (i.e. by renaming).
Resource packs
  • Resource packs can now be bundled with a world, put it in the map save directory and name it "resources.zip".
    • Example: .minecraft/saves/TheMapWithTheThing/resources.zip.


33 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-1818 – Skullowner is lost when "picking" the skull in Creative.
  • MC-4837 – Zombie/player held beacon experience Z-fighting.
  • MC-7133 – Texture of burning furnace (ID62) shows no face in Inventory.
  • MC-11270 – Scoreboard don't work with offline / non-existant players.
  • MC-36947/weather clear <time in seconds> doesn't clear weather for anywhere near the amount given.
  • MC-41594 – Game crashes when Ender crystal is stacked on top of horse.
  • MC-44829 – Unable to load Twitch libraries.
  • MC-46431 – Iron golem breaks lead.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-46696 – Too many flowers near lake .
From the previous development version
  • MC-44489/kill @e doesn't kill ender dragons.
  • MC-45106 – Mipmapping strength is not applied to non-standard blocks.
  • MC-45571 – Farmer type villagers don't generate on superflat without grass.
  • MC-45773 – Chest not spawning in monster dungeons.
  • MC-46400 – Player arm invisible after using F5 in spectator mode and switching to creative.
  • MC-46559 – Spectating a mob leaves the player at two blocks tall view.
  • MC-46838/testfor NBT parsing error.
  • MC-47212/testfor + inventory bug.
  • MC-47520 – Standing under block with water/lava on top will apply blue/red filter.
  • MC-47543 – Items stacked with items that have PickupDelay set to 32767 can no longer be picked up.
  • MC-47545CanPlaceOn does not work with wooden doors.
  • MC-47555 – Cannot place boats.
  • MC-47596 – Items of the same type (IE, stone, and stone) ignore data values and stack anyway.
  • MC-47598 – The color of sugar canes doesn't change depending on the biome.
  • MC-47642Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4.
  • MC-47653 – Torches causing missing texture when placed on bottom side of block.
  • MC-47685Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3.
  • MC-47796 – Leaves, grass, and tall grass all have a more brightly colored tint.
  • MC-47817 – Baby zombie pigman running with strange speed.
  • MC-47821 – Ghasts do not despawn in Peaceful mode
  • MC-48043 – Held blaze rod not in hand.
  • MC-48341 – Locking chests, furnaces, etc.
  • MC-48357 – Cubic selectors return out-of-order (per-chunk?) results. (/kill).
  • MC-48784 – Duplication of items using gravity.


  • 14w07a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.